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Cuba to stand by its communist principles, Castro says
Cuban leader Raul Castro said the country would not give up its political values for which it has fought. Calling for mutual respect in the new development of relations with the US, Castro stated Cuba would continue its socialist route.

20.12.2014 19:33

Dick Cheney should be in prison, not on ‘Meet the Press’ - Greenwald
Journalist Glenn Greenwald said Dick Cheney is able to brag about the success of torture on weekend news shows because the Obama administration has decided to shield torturers rather than prosecute them.

20.12.2014 02:21

Obama stops Social Security payments to Nazi war criminals
President Barack Obama signed Thursday a new law that bars suspected Nazi war criminals from receiving US Social Security benefits. The legislation came in response to reports that suspects continued to receive benefits long after losing citizenship.

19.12.2014 15:02

Women could join British Army’s close combat infantry by 2016
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced plans to open up ground combat roles to women in 2016 after a review earlier this year found that allowing women to join infantry units would not have an adverse effect on troop cohesion.

19.12.2014 09:44

US prisoner executions drop but are more painful, brutal
The numbers of executions in the United States may have declined in 2014, but a new survey says that changes in European law have contributed to a series of botched executions, one lasting as long as two hours and used 15 drug doses.

19.12.2014 03:21

‘Cursed by God’: Far-right activist claims Liverpool FC punished for backing gay rights
A far-right English Democrats activist has claimed Premier League football team Liverpool FC had performed less well last season because they openly ‘promoted’ homosexuality.

18.12.2014 14:59

Police investigate 3 murders in alleged Westminster pedophile inquiry
The Metropolitan Police are investigating the suspected murder of three boys in relation to the so-called Westminster pedophile ring, which allegedly serially abused boys during the 1970s and 80s.

18.12.2014 13:19

‘UK govt betrayed us,’ say Al-Sweady soldiers cleared of Iraqi murder, torture
British soldiers recently cleared of accusations including torture, murder and mutilation of Iraqi detainees say they were “betrayed” by the government for having to endure “five years of hell.”

18.12.2014 11:29

Obama announces US will establish embassy in Cuba, lift sanctions
United States President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the US is initiating plans to rebuild its relationship with Cuba following decades of disputes between the two nations.

17.12.2014 16:39

Million mummy mystery: Egyptian cemetery with 1mn bodies stumps scientists
An ancient cemetery in Egypt contains 1 million bodies, according to a team of archeologists who discovered the burial ground. What the site represents remains a mystery, as the scientists are still puzzled about where exactly all the people came from.

17.12.2014 07:37

Family of John Crawford files wrongful death suit against police, Walmart
The family of John Crawford filed a federal lawsuit claiming Ohio police officers and Walmart were negligent in his death. A grand jury failed to indict the officers involved, but video footage appeared to contradict the police’s version of events.

17.12.2014 01:55

Slave ring factory raided, 3 arrested for exploiting migrants
Three suspected slave-ring owners have been arrested following a raid on a factory where 20 Eastern European migrants were found to be working over 80 hour weeks for less than £2 per hour.

16.12.2014 11:38