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Party branding? Miliband spotted on late night visit to Russell Brand’s house
Labour leader Ed Miliband was seen leaving Russell Brand’s house late on Monday night amid speculation the comedian and activist may come out in favor of the party in the final week of the general election campaign.

28.04.2015 08:04

‘Mother of the year:’ Baltimore woman slaps, scolds rioter (VIDEO)
After apparently finding her son dressed in black riot gear, a Baltimore woman was captured on camera slapping the young man and marching him away from the police. The scene quickly went viral online, with the woman being dubbed “Mother of the Year.”

28.04.2015 03:30

First HIV self-testing kits go on sale in UK
The UK’s first HIV testing kits, which can be ordered online and used at home, have gone on sale, meaning individuals will be able to check whether they have been infected without having to visit a healthcare professional.

27.04.2015 08:37

Dino tracks: 100mn-year-old dinosaur footprints discovered in Canada
Hundreds of prints from extinct carnivores and herbivores likely to be 100 million years old have been unearthed in northeastern British Columbia, pressed into a surface spanning an area the size of three Canadian football fields, local media reported.

27.04.2015 08:35

‘Behavior of world leaders’ darn close to that of Cold War’
Even though the world survived the Cold War, attitudes today resemble those of the past. The challenge is keeping an honest dialogue going and finding common issues to work on, retired US general officer and former military attache Peter Zwack told RT.

26.04.2015 22:25

'Before' & 'After' images of Nepal's key landmarks show scale of devastation (PHOTOS)
A number of Nepal's iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and landmarks, including the Dharahara Tower built for a queen, have been destroyed following the earthquake that hit the country Saturday morning, killing over 3,300 people.

26.04.2015 09:03

US toymaker Mattel apologizes over ‘Nazi Poland’ blunder
Major American toy company, Mattel, known for producing Barbie dolls and its cooperation with Disney, had to apologize before the Polish people and their government after a phrase ‘Nazi Poland’ slipped into one of their card games.

25.04.2015 19:03

Quicksilver trail: Liquid mercury could lead to king’s tomb in mysterious pre-Aztec city
An archaeologist has made the startling discovery of liquid mercury beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico, which predates the Aztecs. This could mean the presence of a royal tomb right below one of the most cryptic cities in the Americas.

25.04.2015 08:03

Turkey, Western leaders remember centenary of Gallipoli landings (PHOTOS)
Turkish officials and world leaders marked the World War I Allied Gallipoli campaign, a bloody battle won by the Ottoman Empire. Armenia has accused Ankara of deliberately bringing the remembrance forward to overshadow Armenian genocide commemorations.

24.04.2015 23:30

Armenian genocide: 130K march in LA to mark 100th anniversary (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Los Angeles on Friday, marching through the city and onto the Turkish consulate. They were demanding that the killing of around 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 be recognized as genocide.

25.04.2015 01:44

Russian, US diplomats honor WWII victory together
US and Russian tensions were briefly forgotten as diplomats from both countries honored World War II veterans. They took part in a joint wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, marking the anniversary of the “Meeting at the Elbe.”

24.04.2015 19:27

Millions worldwide mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Armenians from around the world have been taking part in public memorial services, to commemorate the 1915 massacre of up to 1.5 million of their ancestors at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

24.04.2015 20:51