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Medieval tomb: 1,300 bodies discovered under Cambridge college
​One of the largest medieval hospital cemeteries ever discovered in Britain, filled with the remains of more than 1,000 people, has been discovered beneath a Cambridge University college.

01.04.2015 12:25

Spring break for ISIS? Senior prosecutor warns students could flee during holidays
A senior prosecutor has warned school children could use the Easter Holidays to flee the UK and join the Islamic State because head teachers have failed to report at-risk youngsters to authorities for fear their schools would be investigated.

01.04.2015 10:24

‘Iran could constrain reckless impulses of US Mideast allies’
A deal with Iran over its nuclear program would benefit the US as it needs to change its policy in the Middle East, and even build a constructive relationship with critical regional powers, said Hillary Mann Leverett, a former US negotiator with Iran.

01.04.2015 10:53

Indiana gov. backtracks, seeks to clarify anti-gay law amid national backlash
National backlash against Indiana’s new religious freedom law has forced the governor to agree to clarify the text to ensure better protections for gays and lesbians. Two states have begun boycotting the state, while some companies threatened boycotts.

31.03.2015 22:49

Legislators call for US Treasury sanctions against dealers of looted Syrian antiquities
In an effort to curb a source of income for the jihadist Islamic State group, top US lawmakers have urged the US Treasury Department to craft sanctions against any illegal importation of cultural and historical artifacts stolen from Syria.

31.03.2015 15:54

Fear, hunger and heroism: RT interviews 70 War Witnesses for 70th V-Day anniversary
Their tales are tense, harrowing and touching by turn – every day until Victory Day on May 9, RT will upload a mini-documentary highlighting a memorable wartime story retold by those who witnessed World War II at close quarters.

30.03.2015 20:55

Will Yemen kick-off the 'War of the two Blocs?'
There is media confusion about what is going on in Yemen and the broader Middle East. Pundits are pointing out that the US is looking schizophrenic with policies that back opposite sides of the fight against al-Qaeda-style extremism in Iraq and in Yemen.

31.03.2015 11:41

Activists decry Russians' increasing sympathy for Stalin
The head of the Russian NGO that specializes in the investigation of Stalinist purges has voiced concern over the growing popularity of the late Soviet dictator, as demonstrated by public opinion polls.

31.03.2015 11:36

Spy services in ‘tech arms race’ against ‘dark side of globalization’ – MI6 chief
Britain’s security and intelligence agencies are locked in a “technological arms race” with “malicious actors” including terrorists and cybercriminals, the newly appointed head of MI6 has warned.

31.03.2015 08:26

Kiev's new plan to avoid collapse? Ban Russian cartoons!
Ukraine’s economy is close to collapse as its banking system falls apart. Rather than facing fiscal reality, its hyper-nationalist government has prioritized banning Russian cartoons.

30.03.2015 16:14

​‘To dig or not to dig?’ Defy Shakespeare’s curse and exhume his bones, says scientist
An academic is calling for Shakespeare’s remains to be dug up for scientific testing so more can be learned about the legendary English playwright, poet and actor’s life.

30.03.2015 14:54

Investigative Committee launches probe into desecration of WWII monuments in Ukraine
Russia’s top law enforcement body has announced that it has started a criminal probe into attacks on WWII monuments and graves that allegedly took place in Ukraine.

30.03.2015 13:14