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En-suite bear: French zoo offers tourists a room next to polar bear enclosure
In an attempt to attract more visitors to animal parks, a zoo in France has launched a service, offering guests to stay in a lodge next to the park's furry inhabitants. At quite a bearable price, the project aims to help renovate animals' living spaces.

19.12.2014 14:05

Ebola stymies Xmas: Sierra Leone bans festive celebrations
Sierra Leone has banned any public celebrations of Christmas and the New Year over the spread of the Ebola virus that has affected thousands of the population. The military will strictly monitor the ban.

12.12.2014 17:43

250 years of splendor: Dazzling 3D show kicks off Hermitage celebrations
Russia’s grandest museum - the Hermitage - is celebrating its 250th anniversary. The festivities kicked off with a unique exhibition of a Parthenon sculpture, which left the British Museum for the first time, and a dazzling 3D-mapping projection.

07.12.2014 12:57

Is Dutch Santa racist? Or a joke others just don't get...
December 6 is Sinterklaas - the day Holland’s Santa arrives from Spain to deliver presents. He’s helped by the loyal, blacked-up throwback “Black Pete.” But these days the Dutch are divided over whether the tradition is quaint or embarrassing.

05.12.2014 16:01

Christmas blessings from Russia: Moscow helps Paris fund Notre Dame X-mas tree
Christmas cheer has come to the French capital, as Notre Dame de Paris was graced with its Christmas tree, funded and set up with Russian help. This year the local parish could not reach its financial goals, so Moscow stepped in.

23.11.2014 14:02

Ruth Baby Ginsberg, dragon cat, 7ft battle robot: Crazy Halloween costumes you should see (VIDEO)
If Halloween is good for anything, it is to witness the beautiful, creative, and sometimes insane lengths people will go to in order to throw on a good costume – or potentially embarrass their children and pets.

01.11.2014 03:16

Bardarbunga volcano fly-over for sale (AMAZING AERIAL VIEWS)
An erupting volcano in Iceland has been providing the world with some stunning views, and now a travel company is cashing in on its popularity. The firm is offering the public the chance to fly over the site and get a bird’s eye view of the scenery.

06.09.2014 16:41

‘Christ is Risen’: Christians celebrate Easter worldwide (PHOTOS)
Christians worldwide are celebrating Easter this Sunday, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year, the joyous day falls on the same date for both Eastern and Western churches.

19.04.2014 23:08

​Hot to trot: China and the world in the Year of the Horse
In China, what is known as the Spring Festival is the scene of the largest internal migration on earth, year after year. In 2014, no less than 3.6 billion trips will be made on public transport.

31.01.2014 09:16

Russians take the Epiphany plunge as temperatures drop to -45C in Far East
Almost 94,000 people across Russia bathed in the ice-cold rivers and ponds over the night of January 18-19, braving the freezing winter temperatures to celebrate the Orthodox Christian holiday of Epiphany, the baptism of Jesus.

19.01.2014 10:48

Dubai sets world fireworks record, as millions across globe usher in 2014 (VIDEO)
The record-breaking 400,000-firework display in Dubai crowned extravagant New Year’s celebrations around the world, which elsewhere included edible snowfall, greetings from space and billions of euros in lottery prizes.

01.01.2014 09:01

President Vladimir Putin's New Year address
Traditionally, several minutes before the end of the year, the Russian president makes his final speech addressing the nation, remembering the main events of the year and talking of prospects for the coming year.

31.12.2013 11:48