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Mankini ban credited for Cornish town’s falling crime rate
A popular British seaside resort town has credited a blanket ban on mankinis for significantly lowering the prevalence of antisocial behavior and for a boom in the local tourist economy.

28.05.2015 12:34

Chinese boss pays for 6,400 employees to go on luxury French vacation
A Chinese billionaire paid for a massive four-day corporate trip to France, covering the costs for over half of his 12,000 employees, to celebrate the firm’s 20-year anniversary. The gesture cost the tycoon about $15 million.

11.05.2015 00:58

New Russian T-14 Armata tank grinds to a halt on Red Square
Russia’s military will be glad it was only a dress rehearsal, as its new state-of-the-art tank broke down in the Red Square. One of the T-14 Armata tanks ground to a halt, before finally rumbling away after the Victory Day parade rehearsal was over.

07.05.2015 09:40

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter after Holy Fire lights up in Jerusalem
Orthodox Christians are celebrating Easter, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It started with the centuries old tradition of lighting the Holy Fire in Jerusalem, before the flame was transported around the globe.

11.04.2015 18:49

Enjoy your stay, sir? UK hotels have ‘worst service’ in Europe, report finds
British hotels have been rated among the worst in Europe when it comes to service and politeness of staff, a new report has found.

20.03.2015 13:35

​Great Scot! Irish holiday destination advertised with… a Scottish castle?
A competition advertising a luxury break in Ireland attracted the mirth of online viewers, who realized the holiday was being publicized with a picture of one of Scotland’s most famous castles.

20.03.2015 11:06

St. Patronizing Day: Aussie PM Abbott under fire over Irish video message
Australian PM Tony Abbott has been criticized after recording a well-wishing St. Patrick’s Day video message. In the address, condemned by his Irish counterpart, he was accused of promoting the perception that Ireland is synonymous with alcohol.

17.03.2015 08:38

One year on: How the Western media finally changed its tune on Sochi
Almost a year after the Sochi Olympics wowed winter sports enthusiasts worldwide, it’s possible to review the initial impact of their legacy. The former Soviet resort city has been transformed into a luxury destination the equal of anything in Europe.

23.01.2015 15:08

Patriarch’s Christmas address: Orthodox Church prays for peace in Ukraine
As Russia celebrates Orthodox Christmas, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, has delivered his traditional address to believers. He said he prays for peace in Ukraine above all.

06.01.2015 20:49

Orthodox Christians prepare to celebrate Xmas as bitter cold strikes Russia
Teeth-chattering weather descended on Russia on Christmas Eve, with temperatures falling to -25C in Moscow and -35C in the remote region of Yakutia, as hundreds of thousands of believers are expected to attend Midnight Mass in the capital and elsewhere.

06.01.2015 13:50

Magnificent New Year's fireworks welcome 2015 across the globe (VIDEOS)
​From Sydney to Rio De Janeiro, millions of people have kicked off their New Year 2015 celebrations under the night skies brightly lit with firework displays. Full of joy and hopes people wished each other the best of luck in 2015.

01.01.2015 02:11

Only in Russia: Divers drink champagne, dance around New Year tree underwater
A group of divers in Russia's Far East decided to be the first to celebrate the coming of 2015 – by drinking champagne and swimming in circles around a New Year tree at the bottom of a nearly frozen bay.

27.12.2014 21:33