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Human rights

US military rape victims face revenge, regret reporting crimes – lawyer
The US military’s system of prosecution has to change, as rape victims are often put in positions where they even regret coming forward, Maribel Jarzabek, ex-Air Force lawyer, said on a recent HRW survey of sexual assault survivors.

24.05.2015 20:03

ISIS kills 400, mostly women & children, in Palmyra – Syrian state TV
Islamic State militants have killed at least 400 people in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra, mostly women and children, Syrian state television said Sunday, citing residents.

24.05.2015 10:56

‘We Are Always Listening’: Pranksters plant hacking devices across NYC in anti-NSA move
A group of anti-NSA pranksters have planted recording devices in public places across New York, saying that they are “gathering information to help win the war on terror.”

24.05.2015 07:19

Ireland becomes first country to approve gay marriage in referendum
With all the votes now counted, Ireland has become the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriages by popular vote.

23.05.2015 08:45

US ‘cuts’ spying cooperation with Germany over data leak
The US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ordered a review of cooperation between the National Security Agency (NSA) and the German intelligence agency BND, Bild newspaper reports.

23.05.2015 15:54

​Dutch govt approves partial ban on face-covering veil in public places
The Dutch cabinet has approved plans for a partial ban on face-covering veils in public areas, including schools, hospitals and public transport. The government says the proposal does not target religious groups.

23.05.2015 13:26

​West's death squad strategy: How and why ISIS & Al-Qaeda became ‘shock troops’ of global powers
Friday’s ISIS suicide bombings in Yemen and Saudi Arabia – killing a total of at least 43 people – is yet more bitter fruit of the policy pursued by Britain, the US and France and their Gulf allies for the past eight years.

23.05.2015 10:39

US-led wars and arms sales in Middle East ‘very big business’
Washington says it provides arms to the Middle East in the name of defense, but this activity has fomented wars while fragmenting the region, says Brian Becker from the anti-war Answer Coalition.

22.05.2015 14:46

‘US hunts for Russians’: Moscow warns citizens traveling abroad
Russia has urged its citizens to weigh all the risks before traveling abroad, warning that the US is on a global “hunt” for Russian nationals, according to the latest statement published by the Foreign Ministry.

23.05.2015 00:31

Kiev bars Ukrainian-born RT journalist at border, bans her entry for 3 yrs
An RT Deutsch correspondent, who has recently covered stories on the Ukrainian crisis, including the Odessa massacre, has been turned back at the border by Ukraine’s Security Service, and banned from entering the country for three years.

23.05.2015 01:20

Crying and shackled, mother consents to son’s circumcision after being jailed
Heather Hironimus, a mom from Florida, agreed to her son’s circumcision after spending a week in custody, putting an end to a yearlong battle she led against the 4-year-old’s father, who insisted the procedure be performed.

22.05.2015 19:57

Kiev’s limitations on human rights in Donbass ‘not a carte blanche’
Ukraine’s derogation from certain human rights obligations in east Ukraine does not give it carte blanche; all restrictions must be proportionate or necessary, and monitored by international bodies, Rachel Denber of Human Rights Watch, told RT.

22.05.2015 09:58