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Ukraine imposes severe entrance restrictions on adult Russian males
Russian men aged 16 to 60 entering Ukraine without their families will only be allowed in if they have close relatives or an invitation, according to Ukrainian officials. Previously, all Russians could travel to Ukraine with just their internal IDs.

17.04.2014 13:13

Philadelphia cuts cooperation with ICE deportation police
Philadelphia law enforcement officials will stop taking immigrants into custody on behalf of the federal government unless provided with a warrant. The news comes after city Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order on Wednesday.

16.04.2014 22:17

UN investigator of violence against women barred from UK detention center
A UN special rapporteur investigating violence against women has been denied access by the UK government to the controversial Yarl’s Wood Detention Center after a recent death. A former inmate said, “It’s not a detention center, it’s a prison.”

16.04.2014 10:10

HIV-infected people may face obligatory fingerprinting in Russia
A new bill prepared by a nationalist MP and approved by federal ministries proposes the introduction of obligatory fingerprinting for all people with dangerous diseases, including HIV, and the creation of a national database.

16.04.2014 07:12

Migrants seek Russian military service to oppose ‘aggressive pressure from West’
A public organization is asking Russian authorities to allow military service for immigrants, saying that only unity and common effort could be an effective defense from foreign threats.

14.04.2014 09:34

Despite Obama’s promise, more deportations follow minor crimes
Although President Obama has declared his deportation policies are targeting criminals and those negatively affecting their communities, new data analyzed by the New York Times suggests a large majority have only committed minor crimes.

07.04.2014 14:39

Hawaii may cut health benefits to Pacific islanders affected by nuclear testing
A US federal court has granted Hawaiian lawmakers permission to slash benefits for residents whose families formerly lived on a string of Pacific islands that the US military used as a nuclear test site in the decades after World War II.

02.04.2014 02:21

Government seeks to abolish migrant worker quotas
The Russian government commission has approved a new scheme for hiring migrant workers, switching from current company quotas to an unlimited "patent" system.

31.03.2014 07:49

​Israel demands free entry of citizens into US, amid standoff over Palestinian settlements
Israel is voicing displeasure about its citizens not being able to enter the US as freely as they would like. While the latter stands firm on Israel’s failure to meet the necessary requirements, the question of Palestinian settlements also looms.

29.03.2014 21:55

​Immigrant detainees resume hunger strike at Washington private prison
Around 70 detainees at a privately-run immigration holding prison in Tacoma, Washington have refused meals, reigniting a hunger strike that hundreds of inmates participated in earlier this month, Reuters reported.

26.03.2014 03:13

First passports handed out to new Russian citizens in Crimea
The first passports have been handed out to the new Russian citizens in Crimea on Wednesday, the head of the Federal Migration Service said.

19.03.2014 15:41

Latinos become the majority in California, but remain political lightweights
US sociologists have long said that the majority of Americans will not be Caucasian past the coming decades. Already in California, Latinos have become the majority demographic, though political representation is another matter.

18.03.2014 03:41

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