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Anti-govt vs. anti-racism: Thousands gather for rival rallies in Rome (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Thousands of supporters of the right-wing Northern League party flooded the streets of Rome on Saturday, slamming the government of Matteo Renzi. A rival rally took place at the same time, with organizers calling the League's views “racist.”

28.02.2015 20:13

Obama signs bill to fund Department of Homeland Security for one week
Minutes before the midnight deadline, President Barack Obama put his signature to a bill that will provide funding to the Department of Homeland Security for one week, the White House said.

27.02.2015 14:41

​‘Pegida not welcome here!’ Newcastle counter-protest to reject ‘twisted prejudice’
Community leaders, politicians, union representatives and ordinary citizens have told organizers of the anti-Islam Pegida UK it is “not welcome in our city,” ahead of the group’s first UK march in Newcastle on Saturday.

27.02.2015 15:00

What a Homeland Security shutdown would mean: Who works & who won’t
Amid a political fight over President Obama’s immigration reform actions, US lawmakers have until Friday night to renew funding for the US Department of Homeland Security. If not, the impacts go beyond the furlough of 13 percent of the agency’s employees.

26.02.2015 15:12

Serco turned ‘blind eye’ to corruption in UK immigration jail, court hears
A whistleblower who worked at a Serco-run immigration detention center alleges the firm turned a blind eye to corruption in the jail, despite evidence staff were smuggling hard drugs into the facility and making a handsome profit in the process.

26.02.2015 12:36

‘To counter extremism US should stop pushing people to the extreme’
To stop terrorism, the US should address the frustration, anger and desperation caused by the West’s policies of supporting repressive regimes and coups in the Middle East , Hussam Ayloush of the Council on American- Islamic Relations told RT.

26.02.2015 12:38

‘Targets in tatters’: Cameron fails to cut net migration into UK
Net migration to the UK has risen by nearly 300,000 in the year ending September 2014. The figures are a source of embarrassment for Prime Minister David Cameron, who had pledged to bring immigration down to “tens of thousands.”

26.02.2015 09:24

​‘Britain is leading the war against human rights’ – Amnesty International
Ramped up surveillance in Britain against a backdrop of dwindling legal protection has contributed to the most rattling assault on human rights in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall, human rights experts warn.

25.02.2015 15:35

​Senate GOP looks for Plan B to avoid Homeland Security shutdown
As the GOP searches for ways to avoid a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Senate Republicans have proposed voting on a bill to fund the agency which does not void President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

25.02.2015 01:54

French Muslim leaders skip key Jewish event over ‘criminals’ accusation
Leaders of the French Muslim community boycotted a major event hosted by the country’s largest Jewish group, CRIF, after its leader said that young Muslims are behind “all violent acts” in France.

24.02.2015 13:45

'Germans favoring revolution are left-wing romantics'
A fifth of Germans are in favor of revolution and they are either left-wing romantics or right-wingers who recall the peaceful revolution of 1989, says Dr. Werner Patzelt, Head of the Institute of Political Science from Dresden University of Technology.

24.02.2015 15:06

​White House will seek emergency order to stay Texas immigration ruling
The White House will seek an emergency stay to fight back against a recent decision by a Texas federal judge who ruled earlier this week against the Obama administration’s immigration plans, a spokesperson for the president said.

20.02.2015 19:02