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EU needs biometrics, fingerprints database to monitor migration – Italian ex-FM
EU member states need to start implementing stronger policies to ensure that “foreign fighters” and refugees remain under observation for the safety of all residents, Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT.

22.10.2014 13:23

‘Europe doesn’t care about worsening migrant problem’ – Calais deputy mayor
The situation with illegal migrants desperate to get to Britain from the French town of Calais is worsening because neither the French government nor European officials care about the problem, Philippe Mignonet, the deputy mayor of the town told RT.

22.10.2014 13:07

‘EU retaliatory migration sanctions will hurt Brits living abroad’
UK will hurt its citizens if it imposes migration restrictions on EU nationals because it will be followed by retaliatory sanctions from the EU, Petros Fassoulas, Chairman of European Movement UK, told RT.

22.10.2014 06:57

Immigration surge? Obama administration to order millions of blank IDs, ‘green cards’
In a move that may hint at future executive action on American immigration policy, a federal agency stated that it will look for a company to supply millions of blank work authorization and residency permits.

21.10.2014 02:32

Pros and cons: Milan protesters confront anti-immigration rally
Thousands of people took to the streets of Milan on Saturday as anti-immigration demonstrators from the right-wing Lega Nord party were confronted by an anti-racism rally.

18.10.2014 19:00

Right-wingers in Italy protest Muslim women’s swimming course
A swimming pool in northern Italy has supported an initiative by the local Islamic center and announced courses, specially designed for Muslim women. The effort, planned as way of social integration, is not welcomed by Italian right-wingers.

16.10.2014 13:15

‘New level of ignorance’: UK charity blasts Farage’s call to ban HIV-positive migrants
One moment Nigel Farage was enjoying his party’s first UK election win, and the next he came under fire for “a new level of ignorance.” The UKIP leader’s latest gaffe came when he called for HIV positive people to be banned from migrating to Britain.

10.10.2014 12:10

Not welcome in Denmark? Right-wing parties call for deportation of refugees
The right-wing Danish People’s Party (DF) and the libertarian party Liberal Alliance (LA) have called on Danish authorities to stop welcoming refugees – and instead put them back on the plane to their country of origin.

10.10.2014 07:38

Eurosceptic UKIP wins first British parliament seat in landslide victory
The anti-EU UK Independence Party has secured its first seat in parliament, with former Tory MP Douglas Carswell taking the by-election seat of Clacton. He won 59.75 percent of the vote, far ahead of the ruling Tories with 24.64 percent.

10.10.2014 05:22

California, New Mexico hold major political debates in Spanish
Ahead of November elections, two heavily-Spanish-speaking areas of the United States are holding political debates between candidates in Spanish language.

07.10.2014 15:39

‘Good timing for EU to close its borders covered by the IS threat’
The UK, French and German governments are faced with critics from the right-wing anti-immigrant parties, so it’s a good time for them to demand stricter border controls to stop possible jihadi militants from coming,political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

07.10.2014 08:51

Record 61.8 mn US residents don’t speak English at home
English is not the spoken language in a record 20 percent of American homes, a study has found. Arabic and Urdu ‒ Pakistan’s national language ‒ are the fastest-growing languages spoken in US houses, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

07.10.2014 01:40

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