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‘Britain’s no El Dorado’: Calais mayor urges UK cooperate with migrant-swept city
Some 2,500 migrants in Calais have moved to the city not because they want to remain in France, but because they want to move to Britain, whose laws, according to the mayor of the French city, are more lenient to asylum seekers.

29.10.2014 19:51

​Govt immigration policy slammed by MPs, thousands of migrants camp at French border
MPs have called Britain’s immigration system ‘a mess’ and have urged Prime Minister David Cameron to take a ‘tougher line’ on the issue before the next general election in a new report published on Wednesday.

29.10.2014 10:31

Moscow would be world’s safest city without illegal immigration - mayor
To become the safest city in the world Moscow needs to solve the illegal alien problem, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said as he presented the latest “patent” system for the registration of migrant workers.

29.10.2014 12:43

Nigel Farage says blacking-up “just a bit of fun”
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has claimed he believes white people who “black-up” are not causing offence. Despite a prevalent view that the act is racist, he said it is the business of political correctness which has “gone too far.”

28.10.2014 16:39

‘Shameful’: Rights groups slam UK scrapping of Mediterranean migrant rescues
The UK will end its support for search and rescue operations of migrants encountering difficulty while illegally crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Foreign Office has announced. Migrant rights groups have called the move ‘shameful.’

28.10.2014 11:33

EU funding row sparks huge surge in UKIP support – poll
Support for Britain’s anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) has reached a record high following Brussels’ recent effort to levy a mammoth £1.7 billion extra charge on Britain, a new poll reveals.

28.10.2014 09:48

US Marine will face Philippine court for killing transgendered woman
The US Marine accused of killing a transgender Filipino woman in that country will face trial for her death, but prosecutors have not decided on a charge yet. The defense team did not respond to the government’s preliminary probe.

27.10.2014 17:39

​In Europe refugees are guilty until proven innocent
Between October 13 and this Sunday October 26, more than 18,000 police officers were deployed all across Europe in an operation cryptically labeled “Mos Maiorum” which translates into “according to our forefathers’ custom.”

27.10.2014 11:28

'Desperate' Tories under siege after MP migrant gaffe
A Conservative minister who claimed Britain’s towns were “under siege” from migrants has been criticized by Labour figures who say the language has revealed the “desperation” of Tories hoping to stop voters defecting to UKIP.

27.10.2014 11:01

Germany could be home to 7,000 Muslim extremists by Christmas
German authorities fear there could be as many as 7,000 Muslim extremists in the country by the end of the year. Disenfranchised youths are particularly vulnerable to being recruited, while there are around 450 German extremists in Syria and Iraq.

25.10.2014 16:45

More French police to contain UK-bound Calais migrants
Amid escalating unrest among migrants trying to enter Britain from the port of Calais, the French government will send an additional 100 police officers to bring an end the clashes, the Interior Minister announced.

24.10.2014 10:54

​‘UK should leave EU to control immigration within country”
The only way Britain can have its own migration policy and control immigration from the EU is to exit the bloc, Robert Oulds, Chair of the Bruges Group think tank, told RT.

24.10.2014 11:54

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