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Colorado to limit proxy weddings to service members, gov’t contractors
Colorado is set to restrict proxy marriages to members of the military and government contractors, claiming the change closes a loophole that endangers national security. Critics say the current law isn’t being exploited.

05.05.2015 19:53

Culture Secretary attacked over detention of asylum seekers
A Conservative cabinet minister was confronted at a pre-election rally after he refused to commit to ending indefinite detention of asylum seekers.

05.05.2015 11:03

‘Nigel who?’ RT visits South Thanet where UKIP chief Farage pins his election hopes (VIDEO)
With less than a week to go before the UK general election, RT visits Nigel Farage’s target constituency in Kent to ask what locals think of the insurgent UKIP leader.

01.05.2015 15:01

​Muslims voters will decide 25% of election seats, claims neocon think-tank
Muslim votes could determine the outcome in up to a quarter of electoral seats as their numbers have increased substantially since the 2010 general election, according to the right-wing Henry Jackson Society (HJS).

30.04.2015 08:24

​‘EU migrant crisis proposals will open Britain’s doors to jihadists,’ says Nigel Farage
UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage will tell EU leaders on Wednesday that Europe’s proposed policy response to the heightening Mediterranean migrant crisis poses a “direct threat” to civilization.

29.04.2015 11:45

‘Don’t let them drown’: London protestors demand EU immigration policy change
Dozens of protestors gathered outside the European Commission’s office in London on Saturday to condemn the EU’s policies towards non-European migrants, which are blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean last week.

25.04.2015 15:54

Face-save or life-save? EU triples funding for migrant boat rescues
EU leaders agreed to triple the funding of naval search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean. However critics are displeased, believing it’s a face-saving measure, especially as some EU leaders still advocate blowing ‘illegals’ out of the water.

24.04.2015 03:07

Migrants take risky journeys to escape ‘poverty, hunger, insecurity’
People are desperate to escape from the warzones in Syria or Libya where they are facing a profound hunger, Zina Aga, Iraqi Palestinian writer who lost a cousin as he attempted to flee Syria by boat told RT.

24.04.2015 13:28

Food waste campaigners set up kitchen in Calais migrant camps
A Bristol-based charity that serves unwanted and waste food to the community will set up a mobile kitchen in Calais to provide for migrants living in makeshift camps.

24.04.2015 13:48

​UN human rights chief compares UK tabloids to ‘Nazi’ propaganda
UK tabloids like the Murdoch-owned Sun that compared immigrants to ‘cockroaches’ recall the dark days of the Nazi media attacking those they sought to eliminate, according to the UN’s human rights chief.

24.04.2015 11:45

Miliband riles Tories with ‘bombing Libya led to migrant crisis’ claim
Ed Miliband’s claims that David Cameron and other European leaders failed Libya and in part contributed to the migrant boat catastrophe in which 800 people drowned were branded “shameful and absolutely unacceptable” by Number 10.

24.04.2015 08:07

Immigrants to account for 82% of US population growth by 2060 – report
If current trends and policies continue, immigrants will account for the largest share of US population ever by 2023, and white Americans will become a minority by 2044, conservative groups are claiming, citing US Census Bureau data.

24.04.2015 00:26