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‘Western policy of destroying ISIS completely unsuccessful’
The US anti-ISIS policy only helps them recruit more people, while the only way to fight ISIS is to secure borders and re-examine immigration policies both in America and Europe, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor told RT.

21.11.2014 10:57

Woman with 9mm handgun arrested near White House
A woman with a 9mm handgun has been detained by Secret Service agents near the White House in the latest incident involving presidential security.

21.11.2014 08:18

Obama extends deportation reprieve to 5 million undocumented immigrants
President Barack Obama announced an executive order on immigration reform Thursday, which he will sign on Friday. The actions will affect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants in the US, many of whom are the parents or spouses of legal residents.

20.11.2014 21:22

All major TV networks snub Obama's immigration address
The White House is upset that the nation's major broadcast television networks will not air President Barack Obama’s primetime announcement Thursday evening of executive actions on immigration policy.

20.11.2014 18:02

French ISIS fighters burn passports, call for attacks on home soil in video
Islamic State has released a film showing the terrorist group’s French-speaking fighters burning French passports and urging others to join in the fight - in the streets of France.

20.11.2014 12:28

Calais migrants could target tourists’ vehicles – Eurotunnel boss
Illegal migrants trying to enter the UK from Calais could begin targeting tourist traffic, Eurotunnel boss John Keefe has warned.

20.11.2014 09:23

Obama to announce immigration action on Thursday defying GOP
US President Barack Obama will announce an executive order on immigration reform Thursday, according to the White House.

19.11.2014 15:05

UK offers most citizenships, UKIP vows to send migrants home if Britain quits EU
Tory defector Mark Reckless says migrants could be forced to leave the UK if it leaves the EU, as news emerges that Britain granted more citizenships in 2012 than any other EU member. Reckless is the UKIP candidate in Thursday’s by-election.

19.11.2014 09:18

US to open detention facility for women, kids illegally entering country
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it will open a detention facility for illegal female immigrants with children in Texas. It will open its doors in December, but has drawn criticism from rights groups who label it ‘inhumane’.

19.11.2014 09:31

‘Catastrophic’ if Britain leaves EU, curbing migrants' benefits possible – German minister
The EU will “find ways” to keep Britain in the European Union, including curbing migrants claiming benefits, Germany's deputy finance minister, Steffen Kampeter, has said. He warned it would be “catastrophic” if Britain leaves the 28-nation bloc.

18.11.2014 11:46

‘Stateless extremist’ Muslim stripped of UK citizenship, appeals to Supreme Court
A Muslim convert stripped of his British citizenship by Home Secretary Theresa May for alleged extremism has launched an appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn her decision on the grounds it would render him stateless.

18.11.2014 12:03

‘Big business': Modern slavery sees up to 36mn people subjugated worldwide
Nearly 36 million people across the world are involved in some form of slavery, from forced labor to forced marriage, a survey by a global human rights organization has revealed, describing modern slavery as a "hidden crime" and "big business."

18.11.2014 08:28