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​High Court: 100s of asylum seekers, torture victims CAN sue UK govt for illegal detention
A landmark High Court ruling has paved the way for hundreds of torture victims who were illegally detained by the British government to sue the state for damages.

03.07.2015 15:22

‘Rent a Jew’: German group launches program to stave off anti-Semitism
A Munich-based group has launched a program offering “to rent a Jew” for socializing and “breaking down any prejudices.” The group said that few Germans know Jews personally and the program aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level.”

03.07.2015 13:59

​‘Forced measure’: Hungary to build fence along Serbia border to stop migrants
The construction of a four-meter-high, 175-km-long fence is to start along the Hungarian border with Serbia “within weeks” to limit the flow of illegal migrants into the EU, according to Hungarian Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

02.07.2015 20:31

‘Not ethically justifiable’: Australian PM challenged over law gagging immigration center workers
Australian health workers have spoken out against a law that makes it illegal for employees to disclose information about immigration detention centers. The group challenged the government to prosecute them for speaking out, citing human rights issues.

01.07.2015 17:15

United we stand: Unexpected solidarity in face of religious hate crimes
While recent terror attacks in Tunisia are a sobering reminder of the power of blowback – I am heartened to learn of some acts of violence that have had rather unexpected happy endings of late.

30.06.2015 16:13

‘Investigation lacks objectivity’: Lawyers slam report into Zambrano-Montes killing, shot 17-times by police
Lawyers representing Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was shot by police in February, in Washington state, say a police investigation into his death was “disappointing,” while they have doubts whether it was carried out “impartially.”

01.07.2015 08:21

Track fire closes Eurostar tunnel at Calais
Eurostar services have been suspended after striking workers in Calais allegedly started a fire on the tracks. It is not clear when they will re-open.

30.06.2015 12:26

France to Italy: Schengen border controls legal, migrants will be checked
France’s leading administrative court says that border controls on the boundary with Italy are legal and do not violate the Schengen agreement. Rights groups had filed a complaint supporting hundreds of migrants who were looking to cross into France.

30.06.2015 09:24

US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – research
The United States now the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking community, after Mexico, according to the latest study by the Instituto Cervantes.

30.06.2015 11:18

NBC severs business ties to Donald Trump after insulting Mexicans
NBC has ended its relationship with real estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump, because of his “derogatory statements…regarding immigrants.” During campaign announcement Trump called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists

29.06.2015 22:41

Hungarian police fire tear gas to 'pacify' overcrowded migrant camp
Police in the Hungarian town of Debrecen have used tear gas against unruly migrants in a local camp. The riot broke out as Hungary is overwhelmed by an influx of migrants it says it cannot contain.

29.06.2015 15:37

​Calais migrant crisis: UK to beef up border security with 9ft high, 2.5 mile fence
Britain will deploy two-and-a-half miles (4km) of high-security fencing to the UK border in France in a bid to prevent illegal migrants from entering the Channel Tunnel, it has emerged.

29.06.2015 08:25