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India-Pakistan-Afghanistan: Will the triangle give peace a chance?
William Dalrymple’s so-called deadly triangle comprising India-Pakistan-Afghanistan is now locked in another series of events that experts feel might give regional peace and stability some trying times ahead.

02.09.2014 12:45

​There’s another region Russia needs to focus on – and it’s the world’s 6th largest economy
Russia is sorely lagging behind in ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations. It’s a pity.

30.08.2014 09:38

​Decoding Myanmar’s intricate ties with major foreign powers
Myanmar is fast emerging as the hottest chess board of global power politics. Vietnam is another key country of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) to which major international powers are flocking.

27.08.2014 09:00

India, Russia need to reboot their ties in double quick time
The India-Russia relationship seems to have reached a plateau over the past few months, but now it is time for India to spare a thought for its tried, tested and trusted old friend Russia.

26.08.2014 14:14

#RiceBucketChallenge! People donate food, raise drought awareness in ALS-inspired campaigns
The outpouring of enthusiasm over the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has sparked a global reaction with some unexpected twists involving buckets of rice or rubble, diggers tossing manure, and even waterless counter-protests against drought.

26.08.2014 09:46

Napping & Tableting: Indian plane ‘drops 5,000 feet’ as pilots asleep, distracted
India’s aviation watchdog has launched an inquiry after reports that a Jet Airways Boing 777 suddenly lost 5,000 feet over Turkey’s crowded skies. The pilot was said to be taking a “controlled nap” while his co-pilot was looking at her tablet computer.

14.08.2014 18:11

Odessa slaughter survivors reveal their side of story in intl photo exhibit
Survivors of the bloody Odessa May 2 clashes and subsequent tragedy at Trade Union House, where nearly 50 people were burnt alive, have organized international photo exhibits in order to convey the events with a new clarity denied to viewers by Kiev.

12.08.2014 05:37

Russia need not worry as India-US ties poised for higher trajectory
India is getting spoilt for choice and faces a problem of plenty, as major world powers woo the new Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi; but Russia need not worry.

August 11, 2014 15:12

India warms up to Nepal – is China feeling the heat?
As the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi concludes the next leg of his neighborhood bonhomie with a visit to Nepal, the world busies itself scrutinizing the possible bilateral implications – not between India and Nepal but between India and China.

08.08.2014 09:16

‘Glamourizing gang rape’: Indian fashion shoot causes wave of outrage
​An Indian fashion photo shoot depicting a woman being physically assaulted on a bus has triggered widespread outrage as it mirrors a 2012 fatal gang rape. Officials call for legal action over “glorifying violence.”

07.08.2014 09:20

India slams door on $1tn WTO deal over customs rules
​The World Trade Organization got a surprise setback on Thursday when India, pushing for concessions on agricultural stockpiling, vetoed plans for universal customs rules. The deal could have added $1 trillion and 21 million jobs to the world economy.

01.08.2014 12:47

India voting for Palestine at UNHRC: Human consideration over material realism
As Benjamin Netanyahu talks of “prolonged war”, Gaza burns and the death toll rises every day, its only power plant razed to the ground, and helpless Egyptian mediators who keep revising their ceasefire proposals.

31.07.2014 12:05

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