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BRICS: A new way of global partnership
BRICS is a product of the dynamic development of globalization and new centers of economic growth and political influence, aligning the interests of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

04.07.2015 08:48

China ratifies the creation of BRICS bank
The Chinese Parliament has ratified the creation of the BRICS Development Bank. The New Development Bank was conceived as a counterbalance to such Western-led financial institutions as the World Bank and the IMF.

01.07.2015 04:33

5.6 quake rocks India's Assam, felt in Bangladesh, Nepal
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck some 23km from the Indian city of Basugaon in the northeastern state of Assam. The moderate, shallow earthquake was also reportedly felt in neighboring Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

28.06.2015 01:41

India to sign free trade deal with Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union
The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and India have started negotiations over the free trade zone agreement and signed a framework agreement at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

18.06.2015 12:06

Red-faced Google apologizes for Indian PM being on ‘top 10 criminals’ search
Google had to apologize their image search listing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in search results for “top 10 criminals” with the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Al Capone.

04.06.2015 18:01

Crystal meth cheaper than Burger King in Asia, seizures quadruple in 5 years
Worrying statistics have emerged, placing meth – the Asia-Pacific’s most popular drug – at the top of its grocery list. Police seizures have quadrupled in five years, as production skyrockets in tandem with increasing economic integration into the world.

02.06.2015 05:28

'Threats faced by US citizens in Yemen are real'
The US government needs to realize there are still US citizens trapped in Yemen, who might be kidnapped, injured and even killed. It needs to find a way to get these people out, says Abed Ayoub from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

01.06.2015 08:34

India warns ISIS could get nukes from Pakistan
India is concerned that Islamic State militants (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could get their hands on a nuclear weapon from its regional foe and fellow nuclear power Pakistan.

31.05.2015 15:25

Pakistani pigeon arrested for espionage in India (VIDEO)
While intelligence agencies across the globe are busy boosting their communication interception capabilities, Indian authorities have not forgotten the centuries-old methods adversaries might use, literally intercepting a spy pigeon from Pakistan.

30.05.2015 22:07

China: Silk roads and open seas
Beijing’s disclosure earlier this week of its latest military white paper, outlining a new doctrine moving beyond offshore defense to “open seas” defense, predictably rattled every exceptionalist’s skull and bone.

29.05.2015 14:57

Radioactive leak detected at Delhi's IGI Airport - local media
A radioactive leak has been detected at India’s capital IGI Airport, Press Trust of India reported. Radioactive material was spotted onboard a flight from Turkey.

29.05.2015 06:53

Asphalt melting: India heat wave kills over 1,400 people (PHOTOS)
With roads melting right before your eyes, the heat has become lethal in India, killing at least 1,412 people in May. After temperatures reached new benchmarks, rising to 47C, doctors were forced to postpone vacations to cope with sufferers.

28.05.2015 07:59