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Information Technology

Tiny $9 computer CHIP rocks Kickstarter, promising tons of free apps
A $9 computer created in California, does everything any average family PC is supposed to do including surfing, programming and entertainment. The tiny gadget has raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter – 30 times more than its developers asked for.

23.05.2015 12:40

Google closes N-word detour to White House
Google has announced it is working to fix algorithms employed by its Google Maps program to end instances in which offensive, racially-charged search terms involving the N-word do not direct a user to the White House.

22.05.2015 17:43

Voice of America falling behind RT on Facebook & YouTube – BBG Watch
The US taxpayer-funded Voice of America is losing out to Russian multimedia broadcaster RT in popularity on social networks and services, according to analysis by BBG Watch, an independent watchdog blog that follows American media outreach abroad.

22.05.2015 09:51

Snowden talks NSA surveillance reform, reveals Papa John’s exists in Russia
National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Reddit Thursday, once again answering questions about surveillance reform, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s 10-hour filibuster, and whether or not he misses pizza in Russia.

22.05.2015 02:01

6 Chinese nationals, including USC alumni, charged with economic espionage
The US Justice Department has charged six Chinese nationals, including three who studied at the University of Southern California, with stealing trade secrets from US companies and using them to start a new venture with help from the Chinese government.

20.05.2015 00:21

Swedish court orders Pirate Bay key domains seized
In a unique case for Sweden, the Stockholm District Court has ruled for the two key domains owned by file-sharing service The Pirate Bay to be seized by the state and thus put out of action over copyright violations.

19.05.2015 18:10

Apple, Google and 140+ tech firms urge Obama not to give police 'backdoor' access to encrypted phone data
Apple, Google, and a host of other tech companies and cryptology experts have signed a letter sent to President Obama calling on his administration to stem any proposal that seeks to weaken encryption security to benefit policing agencies.

19.05.2015 16:30

Amtrak seeks fast-track approval for speed-control system at site of May 12 crash
Amtrak has asked for special authority to install an automated braking feature at the site of last week's derailment in Philadelphia. The "positive train control" system has long been discussed, but implementation has stalled.

19.05.2015 14:46

Google uses public images to create stunning time-lapses of iconic landmarks
Every day, hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded online, eventually settling into their own little corner of the web. But Google has now awakened millions of those images, using them to stitch together incredible time-lapses of famous landmarks.

19.05.2015 11:58

6,000 miles of solitude: Woman to attempt solo row from Japan to California
She has already beaten back a devastating car injury and rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with others, but brave traveler Sonya Baumstein from Florida is now taking on her biggest challenge yet: rowing from Japan to California alone.

19.05.2015 03:20

Robot revolution by 2020? Japan launches pro-robot campaign
Even in an age when serious talk of killer robots is reaching as high as the United Nations, there are counter arguments and enthusiasts: Japan has just set up an organization promoting robots, and it promises to transform the world.

17.05.2015 07:40

Security expert allegedly told FBI he hacked & steered airliner mid-flight
A computer security expert, who was recently detained and questioned by the FBI over his hack-a-plane joke on Twitter, had earlier revealed to the agency that he accessed aircraft control systems on up to 20 occasions, according to a search warrant.

17.05.2015 00:37