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US Navy cancels charity projects in Crimea
The US Navy has discontinued charity programs in Crimea, canceling the renovation of a public school and children’s hospital. Russian media and bloggers suspect the programs were meant to butter up locals for a possible US settlement there.

23.04.2014 05:00

​Sochi Olympics made $22 mn profit
The Sochi Games became the first profitable Olympic Games in a decade, surpassing spending by $22 million, says Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

16.04.2014 12:33

Britain among worst hospital bed supply in EU
Patient capacity at British hospitals has dropped to the second-worst level in Europe, maintains an international report. The maximum occupancy rate was exceeded last year, and waiting for a bed seems to have become commonplace.

16.04.2014 05:23

Crimea economy to grow 7% per year in next 3 years
The economy of Crimea could expand by 6-7 percent annually through 2017, says Russia’s business advocate Boris Titov. Most of the growth is expected to come from tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.

16.04.2014 07:04

Arctic Resources: The fight for the coldest place on Earth heats up
The discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic has sparked international competition over resources in frozen waters. Regional powers are quickly filing claims for the sea shelf, with Russia preparing to bring in the biggest bid to the UN.

15.04.2014 04:59

Russia-Crimea underwater telecom cable ready, as Ukraine crisis intensifies
The underwater telecommunication cables between the Crimean peninsula and Russia bypassing Ukraine are almost ready for use. The multi-million dollar project will provide for safer communication as tension between Russia and Ukraine intensifies.

14.04.2014 12:00

Heathrow continues to axe jobs despite business recovery
Heathrow Airport has earned a profit for the first time since it was taken over by a consortium led by a Spanish infrastructure group in 2006. However, it still plans to cut the jobs of one-fifth of its core personnel as part of a restructuring plan.

24.02.2014 14:26

China revives plans to build world’s longest underwater tunnel in earthquake-prone area
In its latest display of engineering ambition, China may build a 123 km underwater high-speed rail tunnel that is more than twice as long as any in existence today, though the project is loaded with financial and seismic risks.

15.02.2014 19:44

China pushes mobile payments system, seeks to overtake cash and plastic
China is developing its first national single mobile payment platform. It's been created to lift domestic information consumption and boost economic growth, and could replace cash, credit and debit cards.

12.02.2014 12:05

Megatons to Megawatts 2.0: Russia eyes new nuclear project with US energy industry
Russia's state nuclear energy monopoly has delivered the last portion of uranium fuel made from Soviet nuclear warheads to the US. Rosatom is now looking forward to mutually profitable cooperation with America’s nuclear energy industry.

11.12.2013 07:14

Russia pivots towards industry, not reliant on oil - Medvedev
​There is more to the Russian economy besides oil and mineral exports, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday. He also promised productivity will grow 50 percent in the next five years, which followed a severe bout of stagnation in industrial output.

10.12.2013 11:10

Ukraine U-turn: Gazprom kicks off Bulgarian part of South Stream
Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned natural gas giant has broken ground on the €3.5 billion Bulgarian onshore section of the South Stream pipeline. Disputes between Moscow and Kiev are resurfacing and Russia wants to speedily complete the pipeline.

01.11.2013 07:03

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