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​Fighting blind: British forces could buy substandard kit thanks to poor procurement data
The next UK government could be taking on huge risks when equipping the British military because accurate data simply is not available, according to a report by King’s College London.

27.04.2015 13:19

​‘World Bank projects serve for industrial ambitions, not alleviate poverty’
World Bank projects in developing countries have had a dramatic impact, forced displacement and the impoverishment of local communities and indigenous people, political analyst Josh Klemm from International Rivers told RT.

17.04.2015 08:40

Britain crippled by £222bn debt from backroom PFI deals – report
Each UK citizen has amassed a debt of £3,400 ($4,976) without even knowing about it. This is due to a UK government scheme that signed controversial deals with private companies to borrow money on behalf of the public and pledging to pay it back later.

12.04.2015 20:03

Bomb Iran? Not now: bomb Yemen
‘Operation Decisive Storm’ – the Pentagon-style House of Saud glorifying of its ghastly ‘Bomb Yemen’ show - could be summed up in a single paragraph.

08.04.2015 14:29

The Arctic: Territory for non-politicized dialogue for the benefit of mankind
The Arctic region has always been very important to Russia. At present, our country is implementing a strategy for full-scale, balanced and complex development of the Arctic, including research, technology and the protection of the environment.

08.04.2015 12:46

Will ISIS’s foothold in Libya stay a ‘transit station’ or expand?
As the Islamic State is using the chaos in Libya to set up local bases and hit the country’s crucial oil revenue since the takeover of Sirte, it is yet unclear whether that may help the group to extend its foothold.

01.04.2015 14:42

Gazprom pays $1bn for EU partner shares in South Stream
Russia’s Gazprom has paid $1billion to the consortium of Germany’s Wintershall, Italy’s ENI, and France’s EDF for their stakes in South Stream Transport.

31.03.2015 13:49

Switzerland, Luxembourg apply for China-led infrastructure bank
Despite negative noises from the US, Switzerland and Luxembourg have become the latest European nations to apply to join the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Chinese Finance Ministry announced.

21.03.2015 14:49

The Middle East oil/nuclear puzzle
US Secretary of State John Kerry may be starting to enjoy the brinkmanship, as he says it’s “unclear” whether the US and Iran would reach a political framework nuclear deal before the end of this month.

17.03.2015 14:45

Havana calling: US, Cuba re-establish direct undersea telephone cable
The US and Cuba have restored a direct telecommunication connection between the two countries as they re-establish diplomatic relations. The cable currently only carries phone calls, but could be expanded to other services, Cuba’s telecom company said.

11.03.2015 19:39

​Brooklyn Bridge repairs $100 million over budget
A costly five-year renovation of the US’ oldest suspension bridge is running almost $100 million over budget after engineers discovered 3,000 new structural problems.

03.03.2015 00:22

House in Parliament? Activists want Westminster for social housing
Britain’s Houses of Parliament should be converted into affordable flats to save taxpayer money and provide much needed accommodation, claims social housing campaign group Generation Rent.

02.03.2015 12:51