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'Looks delicious!' Apple Watch spoofs flood internet on launch day
Not everyone is fortunate enough to own a new Apple Watch, but the Twittersphere has come up with cost-effective options for those who wish to remain on trend. And really, what's better than a watch you can eat when you get hungry? Take that, Apple!

24.04.2015 11:47

Russia and China set up $200mn hi-tech fund
Russia and China have signed a deal to set up a joint $200 million venture fund - a startup incubator for Russian businesses and a new Chinese robotics center.

22.04.2015 07:20

Ed Miliband wants to hurl Britain back to ‘1970s class warfare’ – Business tycoon Lord
Labour chief Ed Miliband is on a mission to plunge Britain back into a regressive form of class warfare common in the 1970s by rejecting Tony Blair’s pro-business stance and stirring up anti-capitalist sentiment, an entrepreneur and peer claims.

20.04.2015 15:05

Gravity CEO brings million-dollar salary back to Earth to fund $70k minimum wage for staff
A CEO in Washington wants his employees to be happy. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is, slashing his pay by $930,000 so he can give his workers a new minimum wage of $70,000 a year ‒ well above Seattle’s $15 an hour requirement.

15.04.2015 17:59

Amazon can test drones, but with restrictions – FAA
Federal authorities have finally agreed to allow Amazon to test delivery drones in the US. The e-tail giant hopes to revolutionize local delivery services, but restrictions on drone use, mean it could be a while before it becomes commercially viable.

10.04.2015 21:26

‘Flying gas stations’ could enable super long-haul flights of the future, say scientists
Flying gas stations could enable long haul flights to cover much greater distances and improve energy efficiency, a European research project has suggested.

31.03.2015 15:09

Insects, lizard tongue inspire robots of the future
Seeking inspiration in nature and using 3D printing, one automation company has created ants, flying butterflies and a lizard-inspired gripper arm that may be the future of robotics.

30.03.2015 20:52

​Crimea may become Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ – Upper House chair
An incubator project for hi-tech development could be created in Crimea to turn it into a ‘Silicon Valley’ making it an attractive region for business, said Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko.

25.03.2015 12:33

​Rostec holding joins France’s Microturbo to build helicopter engines
Despite sanctions, Technodinamika, a new subsidiary of the Russian state technology company Rostec has teamed up with the French gas turbine maker Microturbo to produce helicopter engines.

11.03.2015 20:40

​Pollution no more? Electric cars could cut oil imports by 40% – study
A mass uptake of electric car usage could reduce motorists’ fuel costs by £13 billion and drive down the UK’s oil imports by 40 percent by 2030, a new study has suggested.

10.03.2015 11:49

The Sun’s the limit: Solar plane passes third test before round-the-world trip
Solar Impulse 2 – a second generation of jet powered by solar energy – made yet another successful flight from the United Arab Emirates preparing for its main challenge – a journey around the globe.

02.03.2015 17:49

Aiming high: Australia makes world’s first 3D-printed jet engines
Australian researchers have created two jet engines using 3D printing, a breakthrough that proves the technology can create high-quality products from a variety of metals.

26.02.2015 07:54