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UK robot 3D-maps Fukushima radiation
A UK startup company has developed a robot that could map hazardous radiation sources at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. The plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area in March 2011.

19.01.2015 12:21

10 cars that bend the rules at the Detroit Auto Show
From self-driving moonshots and electric vehicles to hydrogen-powered experiments and 3D-printed cars, the North American Auto Show is currently showcasing a wide range of futuristic concepts which automakers claim will be on the road in just a few years.

14.01.2015 03:41

​Tesla rival, 3D-printed car make waves at Detroit Auto Show (VIDEO)
With the 2015 North American International Auto Show well underway in Detroit, automakers are revving engines by taking the all-electric line-up of Tesla head-on and showcasing the very first 3D-printed vehicle.

13.01.2015 02:55

Nissan and NASA to work on self-driving cars
Nissan and NASA will jointly develop cars able to move without a driver. The first tests of autonomous vehicles are expected to be carried out by the end of 2015.

09.01.2015 12:07

Russia’s stealth ‘black hole’ submarine prepares for 4,000km trip, deep water trials
A new Russian advanced stealth submarine, dubbed a “black hole” by NATO for its ability to be undetectable, has begun preparations for deep water tests. However, it must first make a 4,630km journey to the Barents Sea in Russia's north.

08.01.2015 18:10

Turning plastic into food? Incubator with hungry fungi can do just that
Two Austrian designers have teamed up with Utrecht University to develop an incubator dubbed the 'Fungi Mutarium.' It cultivates plastic-digesting fungi, which is edible.

29.12.2014 20:54

Mall Santas an ‘endangered species’ as cyber Santas rise
Forget transporting loud, noisy kids through harsh winter weather and standing in lines for hours in order to see Santa Claus – nowadays, more and more parents are using sleek new electronics to communicate with the jolly old St. Nick.

23.12.2014 02:14

Real-time Skype language translation now reality
Skype has gone all sci-fi on its users: the app has announced an upgrade offering real-time translation for users. No longer will we be “hindered by geography and language,” as Microsoft believes we’ve opened a new page in the future of communication.

16.12.2014 14:12

Forbes names YotaPhone 2 'Most Disruptive Smartphone' of 2014
For once being disruptive is a good thing. Forbes magazine describes the new Russian designed YotaPhone 2 as 2014's Most Disruptive Smartphone. The review calls it exciting and innovative and is “a rare beast” with both a radical and conformist design.

09.12.2014 14:35

Apple’s new patent dreams of laser beams on iPhones
Apple is developing a new laser-based system for future iPhones, enabling the ubiquitous devices to map their surroundings. The newly submitted patent would bring NASA-like technology to the masses.

08.12.2014 21:27

Australia develops world's most efficient solar panels
​Australian researchers have developed a new method of using commercial solar panels that converts more electricity from sunlight than ever before.

08.12.2014 08:38

Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence could spell end of human race
World-famous physicist Stephen Hawking told the BBC he believes future developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to eradicate mankind.

03.12.2014 09:39