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The Sun’s the limit: Solar plane passes third test before round-the-world trip
Solar Impulse 2 – a second generation of jet powered by solar energy – made yet another successful flight from the United Arab Emirates preparing for its main challenge – a journey around the globe.

02.03.2015 17:49

Aiming high: Australia makes world’s first 3D-printed jet engines
Australian researchers have created two jet engines using 3D printing, a breakthrough that proves the technology can create high-quality products from a variety of metals.

26.02.2015 07:54

Snow business: Massachusetts man sells bottled blizzard for $19.99
An American entrepreneur has found a way to turn Boston’s record-breaking snow month into a money-making machine, shipping snow from his yard all across the US for just $19.99 a bottle.

26.02.2015 04:27

‘Colonize planets to save the human race’ – Professor Stephen Hawking
World famous physicist Stephen Hawking says humankind should colonize other planets to ensure the future of the species. He claimed armed aggression could end civilization and that space travel would provide somewhere to go.

20.02.2015 14:27

Tesla batteries to power entire homes out soon – Elon Musk
Tesla Motors says its ambitious plan to produce battery packs strong enough to power houses will be reality within six months. The promise comes as the company revealed lower-than-expected sales figures for Model S vehicles.

13.02.2015 04:24

‘No jobs without experience, no experience without jobs’: Young UK workers face Catch-22
To the frustration of young jobseekers nationwide, most employers say work experience is a critical factor when recruiting, yet 80 percent do not offer work experience programs to school students, a study has shown.

11.02.2015 14:54

Robots rising: Automated workforce rapidly gaining on humans, will push labor costs down – report
Robots will become cheaper and more efficient in the coming years, replacing human workers at a faster clip than expected while driving labor costs down by 16 percent, according to a new report.

10.02.2015 17:02

China fines US tech firm record $975mn over antitrust violations
US chipmaker Qualcomm has received the largest fine in Chinese corporate history from anti-monopoly regulators who claim the company needed to lower its patent fees as they were “stifling innovation.”

10.02.2015 11:12

Alibaba drone deliveries to quench China’s thirst for tea
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba launched the maiden voyage of a drone delivery service that promises to have a cup of tea in subscribers’ hands within an hour.

04.02.2015 11:51

​Revolutionary ‘Da Vinci’ robot performs breakthrough micro-surgical treatment
In a huge breakthrough for medical science, a robot fitted with multiple arms has performed its first operation on a human patient, meaning revolutionary new treatments will be available for the first time.

30.01.2015 14:42

UK robot 3D-maps Fukushima radiation
A UK startup company has developed a robot that could map hazardous radiation sources at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. The plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area in March 2011.

19.01.2015 12:21

10 cars that bend the rules at the Detroit Auto Show
From self-driving moonshots and electric vehicles to hydrogen-powered experiments and 3D-printed cars, the North American Auto Show is currently showcasing a wide range of futuristic concepts which automakers claim will be on the road in just a few years.

14.01.2015 03:41