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Grenoble bans street ads, to replace billboards with trees
The French city of Grenoble will become the first in Europe to remove all commercial advertising from its streets, with the city’s Green mayor promising to replace the signs and billboards with trees and community noticeboards.

24.11.2014 14:12

Scientists work to create fat-burning 'exercise' product
A team of scientists is working to create a product that can mimic or enhance the fat-burning effects of physical exercises. The key to the magic drink is in a special protein the team is trying to extract from fruit.

21.11.2014 14:06

​Dump ‘n’ ride: Poo-powered, eco-friendly bus hits UK streets
Britain’s first poo-powered bus has done the business - making its maiden journey through the west of England. The bus service, which will run between Bristol and Bath, is completely powered by treated sewage and food waste.

20.11.2014 13:51

Toyota unveils game changer hydrogen-powered car
Toyota has unveiled the first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car, which will start selling in Japan next month and in the US and Europe in 2015.

18.11.2014 19:12

Katana-wielding robots battle each other with deadly precision (VIDEO)
A Swiss robotics company has created a viral video of a ballet-like battle between katana-wielding machines. The demonstration shows the precision of the robots at a time the company is investing in artificial intelligence.

18.11.2014 19:34

Argentine student invents 'smart shoe' to replace cane for the blind
An Argentine student has invented shoes with ultrasound sensors which allow people with visual impairments to walk without a cane. The shoes vibrate when the wearer approaches an object.

16.11.2014 16:23

It's magic! Polaroid-like smartphone case to print selfies & turn pics 'alive' (VIDEO)
Printing pictures right from your phone has never been easier. A brand new smartphone case from French developers can do it in less than a minute – and the final version will have a feature that will make your photos move.

15.11.2014 16:58

Russia’s dual-screen YotaPhone eyes China expansion
Russian mobile phone producer Yota Devices has plans to expand to China as soon as the first quarter of 2015, with its notable dual-screen gadget YotaPhone 2.

14.11.2014 04:45

Amazon to test same-day UK delivery drones
Amazon is planning to test a fleet of unmanned delivery drones in Cambridge, as the retail giant develops plans to deliver parcels using UAVs to millions of customers within half-an-hour of orders being placed.

13.11.2014 09:30

Alibaba sets new $9.3bn sales record in 24 hrs on China’s ‘Singles’ Day’
China’s e-commerce giant grossed $9.3 billion (57.1 billion yuan) in just 24 hours during “Singles’ Day,” the world’s largest online shopping holiday. Sales skyrocketed from the $5.75 billion set in 2013.

11.11.2014 20:31

Apple rumored to open Cambridge tech hub
Global tech giant Apple is rumored to be opening an office in Cambridge, England, in the coming weeks. Apple’s residency in the world-famous academic town would consolidate Cambridge’s position as the UK’s tech capital.

11.11.2014 14:39

​Obsolete: 33% of British workers replaced by machines over next 20 yrs?
More than a third of all UK jobs could be replaced by machines in as little as 20 years because of rapid advances in technology, according to a study.

11.11.2014 11:59