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Michigan funeral home now offers drive-thru viewings
A Michigan funeral home has added a drive-up window to view the deceased, offering a more convenient way for elderly or low-mobility mourners to honor a loved one.

16.09.2014 14:38

Russia gains 11 points in Global Competitiveness Report 2014
Russia has jumped to a 53rd position on the Global Competitiveness Report in 2014, gaining 11 points and being named among three states which recorded higher values in all areas since 2010. This is the country’s biggest leap ever.

03.09.2014 08:17

Uber and out: Taxi app temporarily banned in Germany
The popular taxi app Uber has been temporarily banned by a regional court in Germany. The fast-growing company will be fined up to €250,000 every time it provides service without a license anywhere in the country.

02.09.2014 13:43

‘Project Wing’: Google tests drone deliveries in outback Australia
A remote part of the Australian state of Queensland has been chosen by Google’s clandestine research facility for testing the company’s future drone delivery fleet. The system has tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, Google[x] claims.

29.08.2014 04:50

US firm halts 'dual-use' technology exports to Rusnano
Economic bridges continue to burn in the US-Russia sanctions standoff, with the latest casualty being US firm Applied Materials, which can no longer export IT equipment to Russia’s nanotechnology giant Rusnano.

19.08.2014 11:45

Microsoft latest victim in China's spy-spooked probes
The surprise visit of regulators to Microsoft’s offices across China on Monday has marked a dangerous turn for the US tech giant’s operations in China, once the hottest growth market for companies making iPhones, Xboxes, or running search engines.

29.07.2014 12:47

New pot delivery phone app as easy as ordering a pizza
Two enterprising University of Washington students have created a new phone app that lets people order marijuana delivery the same way they would call for a pizza.

20.06.2014 02:41

Supercomputer revolution: Meet HP’s The Machine – an all-in-one, mega-powerful photonic device
HP has unveiled its revolutionary supercomputer, The Machine. The all-in-one device – a server, workstation, PC and phone – uses photonic memory and is portable, potentially opening doors to a more powerful, energy-efficient global computer industry.

18.06.2014 04:35

EU to set limit on food-based biofuels
EU ministers have agreed to 7% cap on the use of food-based biofuels in transport fuel. The agreement comes after a long-standing controversy, with biofuels being criticized for adding to environmental problems.

14.06.2014 19:22

Google seeks to transform century-old US utility industry
Google, already the world’s most popular search engine and dominant player in retail, entertainment, education, and even self-driving cars, now wants to revamp the US energy industry. It is looking to make the delivery of electricity more efficient.

11.06.2014 09:16

​Facebook claims to become 'biggest stadium in the world' for World Cup
Facebook wants to become the biggest media source for the football World Cup in Brazil. The biggest social network says it’ll outperform Twitter, because its 500 million users interested in football is twice the size of Twitter’s monthly user base.

09.06.2014 07:32

Self-exiled former CEO of Russia’s Facebook takes business partners to court in US
Pavel Durov, ex-CEO of Vkontakte (VK), Russian Facebook, has filed a case against former business partners at United Capital Partners (UCP) in a New York court. Durov accused them of conspiring to obtain shares in his new WhatsApp spin-off Telegram.

02.06.2014 07:41

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