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Britain risks ‘sleepwalking into a surveillance state’ – CCTV watchdog
The UK has too many CCTV cameras and the public is ignorant of the true extent of snooping, the government’s surveillance tsar has warned.

27.01.2015 09:23

Justice Dept spying on millions of US drivers - report
The US Justice Department has been covertly gathering and storing hundreds of millions of records about American motorists for a national database, The Wall Street Journal reported. The database can track the movements of vehicles across the country.

27.01.2015 01:34

​Kirchner calls for Argentine intelligence service overhaul
Argentina’s president has announced a plan to dissolve the country’s top intelligence agency and replace it with a new body that will battle international threats from terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and cyber crimes.

26.01.2015 23:54

Mariupol spotter ‘confession’ another fake by Kiev – Russian Defense Ministry
An internet video reportedly showing the confession of a man saying he was a spotter in the deadly shelling of Mariupol is just another low-quality fake created by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the Russian Defense Ministry said.

26.01.2015 20:19

FBI: 3 Russians charged with spying, 1 arrested in New York
Federal prosecutors in the United States have announced charges against three Russian men who allegedly operated an international spy ring based out of New York City.

26.01.2015 19:59

'Attack on journalism': WikiLeaks responds to Google's cooperation with US govt
Google’s willingness to surrender the private emails of WikiLeaks staffers to the United States government amounts to an “attack on journalism,” a representative for the whistleblower group says.

26.01.2015 17:43

​Abuse of procedure’: Lords try to sneak ‘Snooper’s Charter’ into bill
Four peers in the House of Lords have been accused of abusing Parliamentary procedure after they attempted to insert the controversial ‘Snooper’s Charter’ into another piece of legislation.

26.01.2015 13:31

WikiLeaks ‘astonished and disturbed’: Google gave its major staff data to US govt
The whistleblowing website has learned that Google handed over to US authorities the digital correspondence and other data from three of its employees on suspected espionage-related charges related to the Chelsea Manning case.

26.01.2015 07:29

Sweden suspects up to 4 subs violated its waters – report
The Swedish military now believes that not one, but up to four foreign submarines were operating in the Stockholm Archipelago in mid-October last year, a source within the country’s armed forces said.

25.01.2015 16:50

Cyber threats increase, new international net cops needed – Kaspersky to RT
With cyber-attacks on the financial sector and state sponsored attacks on the internet on the up, a new international organization to police cyber space is needed Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, told RT.

24.01.2015 17:04

Terror suspect ‘threatened with sexual abuse’ loses UK citizenship appeal
A terror suspect who claimed to be stateless following the Home Secretary’s decision to strip him of his British citizenship lost an appeal against her decision on Thursday. US court documents allege he was subject to US “illegal interrogation” in Africa.

23.01.2015 15:00

​70% of Brits ‘not optimistic’ about 2015 – poll
British people are becoming more miserable and unhappy as a result of crippling debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and dead-end relationships, a new report suggests.

23.01.2015 16:01