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Holy Trinity of whistleblowers: Statues of Assange, Snowden and Manning go up in Berlin (VIDEO)
One of the German capital’s central squares has become the stage for a provocative art piece, which not only celebrates whistleblowers, but encourages other ordinary citizens to speak out.

02.05.2015 16:31

Bill reforming NSA collection of phone data advances in US House
After falling two votes shy of earning a floor vote in the US Senate last year, lawmakers are once again trying to pass a bill that reforms the way the National Security Agency gathers the phone records of American citizens.

30.04.2015 23:37

Israeli army sex crimes: Social media blamed for dramatic rise
Israel is fearful of the effect social media use is having on its armed forces: incidence of sex crime allegations in the military has doubled since 2012, involving everything from privacy and battlefield security breaches to full-on sexual assault.

30.04.2015 14:47

‘Police and FBI use anti-terror apparatus on domestic activism’
The US police and the FBI use things like monitoring, fusion centers and confidential informants, tracking social media not to counter terrorism but to deal with domestic activism, Adam Johnson, contributor for Alternet, told RT’s In the Now.

30.04.2015 13:58

'You can Google it': Security experts raise alarm over online drone-hacking instructions
Manuals on hacking military drones have been available online for quite some time, apparently. Research spotting weaknesses is alarmingly commonplace, an Israeli defense specialist warns, citing its possible use in the 2011 downing of a CIA drone by Iran.

30.04.2015 06:26

German govt accused of lying to parliament about NSA spying
Angela Merkel’s government has been accused of lying to the country’s parliament after it was alleged that it knew German spies were conducting economic espionage for the NSA. Revelations show that some spooks were even spying on German companies.

29.04.2015 15:06

​GCHQ broke the law, ordered to destroy stolen documents by UK tribunal
In an historic ruling, a British intelligence tribunal has ordered UK spy agency GCHQ to destroy communications it collected unlawfully from Libyan dissident Sami al-Saadi.

29.04.2015 15:40

​Media coalition to challenge UK terror trial secrecy
A ban on reporting a terrorism trial and the confiscation of journalists’ court notes pertaining to the proceedings are set to be challenged in an appeal court by a media coalition.

29.04.2015 12:56

​UK surveillance court to rule on major privacy case
A British intelligence tribunal is due to rule on a major privacy case relating to Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj and alleged government spying on confidential conversations with his lawyers.

29.04.2015 11:39

‘Strong link between US drone strikes and rise of suicide terrorism in Pakistan’
According to official figures the US has attempted to kill 41 militant commanders, and each attempt resulted in the deaths of more than 30 civilians, Dr. Khuram Iqbal, Assistant Professor at the National Defense University, told RT.

28.04.2015 14:56

Finland chases off suspected foreign sub with depth charges
The Finnish military used hand-held underwater depth charges as a warning against what could be an unidentified foreign submarine in waters near the capital Helsinki, amid growing tensions with neighboring Russia.

28.04.2015 13:40

Renewed suspicions US was ‘lobbied’ to leave UK out of CIA torture report
Fresh concerns have been raised that the British government applied diplomatic pressure on the United States to leave its name out of a controversial report into CIA torture published last year.

28.04.2015 13:08