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Der Spiegel: US ousted our source in German govt, chancellery hushed up the spying
In 2011 the US had a top German counterterrorism official sidelined over his contacts with the media, and the German government failed to act in response to illegal surveillance on home turf, Der Spiegel reports.

04.07.2015 07:48

‘Somebody has got to oppose them’: Anti-ISIS hackers to RT
The international war effort against the Islamic State has been bearing little fruit, as the group now threatens to turn Gaza into another one of its strongholds. RT spoke with a representative of hacker groups credited with a monumental anti-ISIS effort.

03.07.2015 08:38

‘Cameron incapable of responding to terrorist threat in real way’
David Cameron wants to leave no safe space for terrorists to communicate, but attacking encryption major tech companies use leaves no safe space for ordinary people, making them more vulnerable, says Loz Kaye, former leader of the Pirate Party in the UK.

03.07.2015 14:11

Russian Navy’s intel ship for monitoring US ABM systems 'to start tests in 2016'
A Russian intelligence military vessel specializing, among other things, in monitoring the US missile shield, is getting ready for seagoing tests, media report. It is one of four ships that will replace outdated intelligence vessels in Russia’s fleets.

02.07.2015 12:44

‘UK spied on Merkel’s Greek bailout plans and told NSA’ – WikiLeaks
British intelligence agencies spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders as they discussed Greek bailout plans for European banks in 2011, WikiLeaks revelations suggest.

02.07.2015 10:21

​‘Culture cleansing’ ISIS could target British Museum artifacts, says outgoing director
Ancient artefact collections at the British Museum are at risk of an Islamic State-inspired attack, according to the institution’s outgoing director. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova has warned extremists are engaging in “culture cleansing.”

02.07.2015 07:58

GCHQ spied on Amnesty International - UK’s surveillance tribunal
Britain’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, spied on Amnesty International, including activities such as intercepting, accessing and storing communications, UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) told the human rights organization in an email.

01.07.2015 22:22

Merkel & Co: NSA also spied on top German ministers – Wikileaks
Chancellor Angela Merkel was not the only NSA target in the German government, as WikiLeaks has released a new tranche of documents containing a list of the phone numbers of German ministers and officials whose privacy was breached by the US spy agency.

01.07.2015 21:07

NSA’s XKEYSCORE spy program is ‘as easy as typing a few words in Google’
The National Security Agency’s infamous XKEYSCORE program, revealed by leaker Edward Snowden, makes searching the world’s private communications as easy to use as Google, according to training documents published by the Intercept.

01.07.2015 21:25

France’s DGSE spy agency also ‘listens to the world’ – report
France’s DGSE spy agency has been intercepting telephone communications across the world via a network of secret cables linking Europe with the rest of the world, an investigation by French daily Le Nouvel Observateur has revealed.

01.07.2015 14:13

Europol launches cyber-unit to tackle jihadists’ propaganda
Europol has launched a cyber-unit consisting of some 15 experts aimed at combatting terrorist propaganda and related violent extremist activities. Officials cited the increasing online terror campaigns “challenging” EU security.

01.07.2015 15:50

NSA data gathering too big to be efficient: ‘Like having to drink ten liters of water at once’
Bulk data collection has a very limited use and the US intelligence agencies’ problem is that they are gathering too much information to be able to use it effective, says former CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson.

01.07.2015 13:31