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Snowden to spend cozy Christmas with friends – lawyer
​Edward Snowden’s lawyer has said the famous whistleblower plans to celebrate Christmas with friends in the Russian capital.

22.12.2014 20:45

Turks working on lie detector designed to dig out 'native lies'
A university in Istanbul has announced plans to develop a new lie detector, designed especially for Turkish people. The usual polygraph test requires alterations, as some statements considered to be false in Western cultures might be not a lie for Turks.

22.12.2014 16:15

MH370 was 'shot down by US military', claims former French airline boss
A former French airline CEO Marc Dugain claims that the US may have shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and then covered it up, adding to a rash of conflicting theories about the missing plane.

22.12.2014 12:44

N. Korea threatens US, demands apology for Obama’s ‘reckless rumors’ of Sony hack
N. Korea has demanded an apology from the US for “recklessly” circulating an unsubstantiated rumor about Pyongyang’s culpability in the recent Sony hack, warning the “proportional” response promised by Obama will be met with the “toughest counteraction.”

22.12.2014 04:29

Leaked CIA docs teach operatives how to infiltrate EU
Wikileaks has released two classified documents instructing CIA operatives how best to circumvent global security systems in international airports, including those of the EU, while on undercover missions.

21.12.2014 18:16

​Cyberattack on German steel mill inflicts serious damage
Unknown hackers have inflicted ‘serious damage’ to a German steel mill this year by breaking into internal networks and accessing the main controls of the factory, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) revealed in its annual report.

21.12.2014 01:50

BlackBerry & Boeing make self-destructing 'black phone'
Boeing has joined forces with BlackBerry to develop a high-security ‘black phone’, running on Android software. Designed for government agencies, it will encrypt calls, as well as destruct all its data if it is tampered with.

20.12.2014 06:04

​New info-sharing tool set to beat Japan’s anti-whistleblower law
A Japanese activist and academic has created a website to facilitate the secure leaking of sensitive information to media by civil servants, challenging Japan’s controversial new state secrets law.

19.12.2014 15:52

FBI knew of secret plan to save US hostage Peter Kassig from ISIS – report
The FBI knew of secret negotiations with two jihadist clerics conducted to try and save American hostage Peter Kassig, The Guardian reports. The discussions lasted for weeks before the aid worker was beheaded by ISIS militants.

19.12.2014 09:52

Secret Service needs more training, staff and outside leadership - report
Weaknesses in the Secret Service mean key reforms are needed to ensure it effectively protects the president and other high ranking officials, a panel of outside experts found, adding that it is stretched beyond its limits and is too insular.

18.12.2014 22:17

​‘US got isolated trying to isolate Cuba’ – Rene Gonzalez of the Cuban Five
A step of reconciliation with Cuba was inevitable, as the US was becoming increasingly isolated in its failed attempts to isolate Cuba while their competitors were building closer ties with the island, Cuban intelligence agent Rene Gonzalez told RT.

18.12.2014 23:20

Privacy advocates split over new limits on foreign data retention
​A bill that’s expected to soon be signed into law by President Barack Obama will codify rules for collecting the communications of Americans, and privacy activists are split over whether it’s a step forward or back for reining in surveillance.

18.12.2014 17:52