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Producer of Russian TV show vanishes in Ukraine as ‘saboteurs posing as journalists’ detained
A producer for a popular program on Russia’s NTV channel has disappeared in eastern Ukraine where he came to film a report unrelated to the country’s political situation.

24.04.2014 12:16

‘Coversnitch’ records & tweets New Yorkers’ public conversations
Americans already paranoid about the NSA monitoring their online communications and Facebook sharing their location will find no comfort with new technology that makes it possible for anyone to install a recording device in any common house lamp.

24.04.2014 00:40

Students’ choice Snowden takes up post as Glasgow University rector
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been inaugurated as the Rector of the University of Glasgow after a sweeping win at a student vote. Over the next three years, Snowden will officially represent the university’s students – presumably via the internet.

23.04.2014 12:54

‘Civil society should be part of discussions on Internet technologies’
The Edward Snowden revelations of mass surveillance make it clear that it is not only the technical or commercial communities that must be at part of the debate but civil society as well, Carolina Rossini from Global Partners Digital Associate told RT.

23.04.2014 13:16

Brazil passes ‘internet constitution’ ahead of global conference on web future
Ahead of a two-day Net Mundial international conference in Sao Paulo on the future of the Internet, Brazil's Senate has unanimously adopted a bill which guarantees online privacy of Brazilian users and enshrines equal access to the global network.

23.04.2014 03:19

​US spy-satellite agency failed to report sex crimes against children to authorities
The agency that controls US intelligence satellites failed to inform law enforcement when some employees and contractors admitted during lie detector tests to child abuse crimes, according to the intelligence inspector general.

23.04.2014 01:00

New leaks: Cuban-US organization leaders helped 'Cuban Twitter'
Leaders of the largest nonprofit for young Cuban-Americans, which explicitly refused to accept US government funds, in fact supported Washington’s secret program aimed at toppling Cuba’s government, a leaked report reveals.

22.04.2014 09:36

​US intel employees face new consequences for speaking to media
Members of the United States intelligence community must now operate within the boundaries of a new media policy, as contact with a journalist without prior approval can now be considered a fireable offense, their boss said on Sunday.

21.04.2014 23:19

Twitter blocks two accounts critical of Turkish govt
Twitter executives have admitted that the company has blocked two Turkish social media accounts which were used to leak secret government documents and accuse authorities of widespread corruption.

21.04.2014 20:26

Espionage fears delaying Israeli visa exemption – report
US politicians and members of their staff have admitted fears that, if Israel enters a specialized program that would admit more Israelis into the US, Israeli espionage against the US would increase, according to a new report.

18.04.2014 21:54

IRS awarded contract to surveillance company that tracks license plates
A California-based surveillance vendor that sells access to license plate databases and the devices that indiscriminately collect that information has been reportedly cashing checks from the Internal Revenue Service and other federal offices.

18.04.2014 14:25

Navy charges fourth official in worst corruption scandal in decades
​Officials have arrested and charged a fourth US Navy officer with leaking classified information to a defense contractor in exchange for cash, gifts, and other personal favors.

18.04.2014 15:00

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