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‘Lack of intelligence’: US airstrikes in Syria, Iraq could lead to high civilian casualties
The risk of civilian deaths from bombs dropped in Syria and Iraq could be much higher than drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, according to US officials. This is due to a lack of intelligence on the ground and a change in bombing policy.

01.10.2014 12:54

Putin: Russia won’t limit access to internet
At a meeting with Russia's Security Council, President Vladimir Putin has said the problem of the country’s 'informational space' security is of top priority, but assured the state has no intentions of limiting access to the web.

01.10.2014 12:51

Dutch ISIS sympathizing schoolboy suspended for wanting to 'decapitate Jews'
A 14 year-old boy has been suspended from school in the Netherlands after posting a video in which he said he belonged to Islamic State and wanted to decapitate Jews. The student is said to be of Balkan decent and was identified only as Ilhan M.

01.10.2014 12:55

Mix-up sees Iraq pilot drop aid, ammo for ISIS instead of govt troops
An Iraqi pilot accidentally dropped aid and ammunition into territory controlled by the Islamic State. They were intended to help government forces in the west of Iraq, but instead the blunder ended up aiding the enemy.

01.10.2014 10:21

‘Free speech clampdown’: New Australian law sees journalists facing 10yrs in prison
Australia’s lower house of parliament has passed the first in a series of counter-terrorism amendments toughening the country’s national security law. The new legislation could see journalists jailed for reporting on related matters.

01.10.2014 04:55

Obama skipped most of his daily intelligence briefings - Govt Accountability Institute
​US President Barack Obama has attended only 42 percent of his daily intelligence briefings since assuming office more than five and a half years ago, according to a new study.

30.09.2014 16:00

‘Join the invisible to make the impossible’: Israel’s Mossad now recruits agents online
Israeli intelligence has given up to modern trends and introduced an online questionnaire for would-be spies. Unlike the businesslike CIA or MI5 web draft campaigns, Israelis are luring volunteers with mystery halo always shrouding Mossad’s activities.

30.09.2014 05:03

US Secret Service chief faces scrutiny after latest security lapse
Under-fire head of the US Secret Service Julia Pierson is to face a hearing to explain how the agency plans to clean-up its act after another White House security breech. On September 19, a man carrying a knife managed to enter the building.

30.09.2014 09:30

Web Magna Carta: WWW inventor calls for ‘online bill of rights’
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken out against world governments and corporations, which he says are seeking to control the web for their own gain.

29.09.2014 12:24

Assange sneaks into US conference... as full-body 3D hologram! (VIDEO)
​Julian Assange has transcended the confinement of his Ecuadorian embassy asylum to attend the 2014 Nantucket Project – as a hologram. In his ghostly entirety Assange was speaking about censorship, control and manipulation of history.

29.09.2014 01:41

‘Sweets and ice cream’: London terror police swoop… on candy shop
Anti-terror police raided a London sweet shop on Thursday morning that they suspected had links with radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary. But instead of bombs and jihadist literature, all they found was “sweets, ice cream and Indian food.”

26.09.2014 13:44

FBI director lashes out at Apple, Google for encrypting smartphones
The companies responsible for powering nearly 95 percent of the smart phones in the United States say they’re embracing encryption for the sake of their customers’ privacy, and that’s concerning to the head of the FBI.

26.09.2014 14:21

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