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Senate kills bill on NSA domestic surveillance reform
The USA Freedom Act has failed in the Senate, stalling an effort to reform certain federal surveillance programs before an end-of-the-month deadline ends the government’s ability to collect the phone records of Americans.

22.05.2015 18:09

‘US hunts for Russians’: Moscow warns citizens traveling abroad
Russia has urged its citizens to weigh all the risks before traveling abroad, warning that the US is on a global “hunt” for Russian nationals, according to the latest statement published by the Foreign Ministry.

23.05.2015 00:31

US & UK Intelligence pow-wow with IT brass in secretive summit
US and UK Intelligence officials discussed the subject of surveillance with representatives from Google, Apple and elsewhere recently during a closed-door summit.

22.05.2015 17:01

‘German intelligence dependent on NSA’ – Berlin’s spy chief
The German Intelligence Agency chief says Berlin is dependent on the NSA, not vice versa, as US presence is vital to protect the country. Gerhard Schindler even laid the blame on his own organization for allowing the NSA to spy on European companies.

22.05.2015 14:40

The Fuller Picture – The invisible war: Civil disobedience and the internet
As the US Senate debates the Patriot Act this week, we are at a crossroads for civil liberties and protest freedoms around the world.

22.05.2015 11:59

Snowden talks NSA surveillance reform, reveals Papa John’s exists in Russia
National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Reddit Thursday, once again answering questions about surveillance reform, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s 10-hour filibuster, and whether or not he misses pizza in Russia.

22.05.2015 02:01

Foreign informants for Israel left scraping, doubt it was worth it
Palestinians and other Arabs who risked their life spying for the Israelis and are now unable to live in their home countries and are forced to scrape a living in Israel, denied either residency or a state pension, RT’s Paula Slier has discovered.

21.05.2015 19:55

'Capture, detain, interrogate': CIA ‘propaganda’ fed to US public examined in documentary
A new PBS documentary examines the alleged propaganda fed to the American public by the CIA, detailing the interrogation methods widely described as torture. It looks at two very different tales of the CIA's tactics, and speaks to its former top dogs.

21.05.2015 17:36

Hilary Clinton’s emails raise concerns over Libya
The US State Department is due to release the first batch of Hilary Clinton’s private emails. The Special House committee is investigating the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, amid concerns about security in Libya well before the attack.

21.05.2015 16:30

​Terror threat: Belfast most dangerous city in Europe – risk analysts
Belfast faces the highest risk of terrorism of all European cities, while London is “low risk” despite being an “attractive target,” a new study claims.

21.05.2015 08:23

​WikiLeaks takes spy contractor database under its wing amid death threats
A searchable database containing employment profiles of government employees and contractors is now being hosted by WikiLeaks after spawning cyberattacks and deaths threats.

20.05.2015 20:18

1 in 3 Germans feel deceived by Merkel over NSA spy scandal - poll
One-third of Germans feel deceived by Angela Merkel regarding allegations Germany’s intelligence agency BND assisted in NSA spying, but more than half are still willing to back her, rather than her Social Democratic rival.

20.05.2015 18:41