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Brit’s vision of Black Friday in America goes viral
A Reddit user from the UK has made an imagined image of a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday go viral by attracting hundreds of thousands of hits to their computer-crafted critique of the major American shopping day.

26.11.2014 17:10

Russell Brand: Ferguson symbolizes 'centuries of racial oppression’
British comedian Russell Brand took to his web series The Trews to criticize US mainstream media framing of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, which he described as a “microcosmic cauldron of centuries of racial oppression.”

26.11.2014 16:34

‘Morally indefensible’: UK govt accused of 'cozy’ links with tax avoiding tech giants
The British government has been accused of being too close to international tech giants such as Google and Facebook, and has allowed them to avoid millions in corporation tax.

26.11.2014 14:35

Wireless: French phone-tapping services go on strike
Four French companies executing the bulk of court-sanctioned electronic surveillance have refused all new requests. They are accusing the country’s justice ministry of depriving them of lucrative future spying contracts.

26.11.2014 13:31

Facebook & other social media blasted for ‘relaxed’ attitude to terror plots
The British government has accused social media companies including Facebook for doing too little to monitor potential terror plots, following plans put forward by the Home Secretary to force internet companies to comply with police investigations.

26.11.2014 10:23

'Merry Muslim Christmas': Muslim family invites Danes to celebrate Xmas together
Christmas is not a Muslim holiday per se, but one unorthodox Muslim family in Denmark decided to break the rules. Hussein Allouch's open invitation to celebrate Christmas with his family has gone viral on Facebook, with thousands eager to join in.

26.11.2014 08:12

Old analogue TV frequencies should turned into free ‘super WiFi’, scientists say
Old television frequencies should be used to create new bandwidths for a super-frequency WiFi to prevent overloading of the mobile networks and boost the economy, instead of being auctioned off to the highest bidder, say German scientists.

25.11.2014 14:23

Not yet worldwide: 3bn web surfers, but half global population still offline
The global online population accounts now for more than 3 billion people, reports a UN agency. As access to IT infrastructure improves, billions of people - 90 percent of them in developing countries - remain offline.

25.11.2014 09:58

Homeland Security to destroy government network surveillance records
Records gathered by the Department of Homeland Security under a surveillance monitoring system called Einstein will be destroyed – not for security reasons, but because the agency claims they have no value.

25.11.2014 01:10

London cab drivers enlist private detectives in Uber taxi wars
London’s taxi drivers have been hiring private detectives in their war on controversial cab-booking application Uber which has been hoovering up business in London because of the competitive prices it offers.

24.11.2014 18:07

​‘Vile & abusive’: Deal sees Google block trolling of UK businessman
Google has reached a settlement with a UK businessman after he took the company to court over malicious web postings about him appeared in its search results.

24.11.2014 12:30

​Terror attack on Britain ‘inevitable’ – senior counter-terrorism official
Britain faces an “almost inevitable” terror attack by radicalized fanatics who have recently been “militarized” by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS), top security and police officials warn.

24.11.2014 09:32