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Muslim charities lose govt grants, accused of ‘extremist’ links
Two Muslim charities have lost their government grants following allegations of links to Islamic extremist activities.

19.12.2014 12:27

‘Spear phished’: Hackers attack internet overlord ICANN
ICANN, the US-based overseer of the internet structure and naming system, has fallen victim to hackers who impersonated employees to gain access to confidential data.

18.12.2014 16:38

Hollywood slams Sony for cancelling The Interview after hackers' threats
Hackers’ threats of launching a 9/11-style attack on cinemas has led Sony Pictures to cancel its release of The Interview, previously scheduled to open in theaters this Christmas, but some Hollywood stars are far from being on the same page as the studio.

18.12.2014 15:26

Sony slammed by Deputy PM Clegg for bowing to N. Korean ‘intimidation’
Nick Clegg has suggested Sony was wrong to cave to North Korea’s “intimidation” by canceling the release of its controversial film “The Interview” as a result of a hacking attack.

18.12.2014 13:54

Assange: US prosecuting Barrett Brown for quoting assassination threats against me
The charges against journalist and activist Barrett Brown, accused of threatening an FBI agent, are partially based on his quoting another person’s threat to assassinate the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange said.

18.12.2014 03:53

Reddit bans Sony leak file-sharing subforum
Sony Pictures Entertainment has compelled social-media site Reddit to thwart file-sharing of stolen data - including unreleased films, executives’ private emails, and insider financial information - gleaned via a major hack of the studio in November.

17.12.2014 15:11

Molotov cocktail ‘recipe’ tops 2014 list of treats Googled in Ukraine
The most Googled recipe in Ukraine this year was an instruction on how to make a Molotov cocktail. In Ukraine's case it was a recipe for disaster, as petrol bombs became a symbol of ultra-nationalistic defiance to govt that resulted in the February coup.

17.12.2014 01:22

Real-time Skype language translation now reality
Skype has gone all sci-fi on its users: the app has announced an upgrade offering real-time translation for users. No longer will we be “hindered by geography and language,” as Microsoft believes we’ve opened a new page in the future of communication.

16.12.2014 14:12

What do football, Ebola & iPhone 6 have in common? Britain’s most-Googled 2014
The world’s most popular search engine has revealed a list of its most popular UK searches of 2014. Among the top spots for most searched stories are the World Cup in Brazil, Ebola and the iPhone 6.

16.12.2014 11:12

It's official: RT is most watched news network on YouTube with over 2bn views
RT’s five YouTube channels combined have hit the 2 billion views benchmark, strengthening the channel’s role as the leading news provider on the popular video hosting service.

16.12.2014 07:39

Amazon glitch posts 1p ‘bargains’, sellers risk bankruptcy
A computer error led to hundreds of items being sold on Amazon for just 1p, and now businesses say they risk going bankrupt if they are forced to honor the sales.

15.12.2014 13:29

Sony Pictures issues media warning after hacked email humiliation
Sony Pictures Entertainment, suffering a steady flow of embarrassment following the incremental release of private emails relating to top-shelf celebrities, has warned media outlets against releasing any more information.

15.12.2014 08:33