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Counter attack: MP asks law enforcers to protect Russians from Google page counts
A ruling-party MP has asked state agencies to look into the operations of so-called page counters over fears these programs could collect personal data of Russian users and send it to third parties without any authorization or controls.

26.05.2015 10:34

The rabbit gets it! Danish radio claims 'on-air bunny killing' all about animal welfare (VIDEO)
A Danish radio presenter allegedly beat a rabbit to death live on air to prove a point about the hypocrisy of meat eaters who are squeamish about seeing their food being killed. The stunt prompted an angry reaction from listeners.

26.05.2015 11:29

​Silent Circle shifts to Switzerland to bypass US surveillance
As US mass surveillance continues to make headlines, one man has had enough. Philip Zimmermann, creator of one of the most widely-used encryption systems, has moved his company to Switzerland, claiming societies need to “roll back” surveillance tactics.

26.05.2015 10:48

Sex scandal, expenses claims cut from MPs’ Wikipedia pages on Parliament computers
Information about a sex scandal and expense claims were deleted from MPs’ Wikipedia pages on computers inside Parliament in the run up to the general election, it has been revealed.

26.05.2015 08:26

​Surveillance state must be subject to open critique – legal experts
New surveillance laws and immunities granted to police and intelligence service hackers must be subject to open assessment and thorough critique, according to a group of legal academics.

26.05.2015 08:19

Invading young Muslims’ ‘private space’ is justified, UK’s top Muslim cop says
UK’s top Muslim policeman believes the country has entered a dangerous phase of Islamization that even the smallest children are vulnerable to. He says the country’s obsession with “private space” is to blame for its failure to notice the warning signs.

25.05.2015 14:00

Communications Ministry proposes isolated web for state agencies
Russian communications agency has prepared a bill that orders to create a separate information network for the state administration, security and defense, totally isolated from the internet for the sake of greater protection.

25.05.2015 13:23

Tiny $9 computer CHIP rocks Kickstarter, promising tons of free apps
A $9 computer created in California, does everything any average family PC is supposed to do including surfing, programming and entertainment. The tiny gadget has raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter – 30 times more than its developers asked for.

23.05.2015 12:40

The Face of Litter: DNA taken from trash used to map features of litterbugs in Hong Kong
An environmental group in Hong Kong has gone high-tech in its fight against street littering. It actually collects human DNA from rubbish to recreate the faces of those who left it, believing that public shaming will do a better job than government fines.

23.05.2015 13:38

Snuff selfie: 21yo Russian woman shoots self in head posing for photo
A young woman from Moscow has been critically wounded after trying to take a selfie with a pistol pressed against her temple. It’s only the latest in a series of fatal and near-fatal selfies.

23.05.2015 08:09

Google closes N-word detour to White House
Google has announced it is working to fix algorithms employed by its Google Maps program to end instances in which offensive, racially-charged search terms involving the N-word do not direct a user to the White House.

22.05.2015 17:43

Voice of America falling behind RT on Facebook & YouTube – BBG Watch
The US taxpayer-funded Voice of America is losing out to Russian multimedia broadcaster RT in popularity on social networks and services, according to analysis by BBG Watch, an independent watchdog blog that follows American media outreach abroad.

22.05.2015 09:51