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‘Somebody has got to oppose them’: Anti-ISIS hackers to RT
The international war effort against the Islamic State has been bearing little fruit, as the group now threatens to turn Gaza into another one of its strongholds. RT spoke with a representative of hacker groups credited with a monumental anti-ISIS effort.

03.07.2015 08:38

‘Cameron incapable of responding to terrorist threat in real way’
David Cameron wants to leave no safe space for terrorists to communicate, but attacking encryption major tech companies use leaves no safe space for ordinary people, making them more vulnerable, says Loz Kaye, former leader of the Pirate Party in the UK.

03.07.2015 14:11

35% of Americans would consider leaving the US – study
A study polling American and emigrant adults found that 35 percent would consider leaving the US, according to TransferWise, an international money transfer company. The most popular reason for wanting to leave was to seek a better quality of life.

02.07.2015 03:20

Hillary Clinton rakes in more than $45 mn in 1st quarter
More than $45 million has been raised in donations since Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton announced her campaign in April, according to aides. That’s an average of $500,000 a day, with 91 percent representing donations as small as $100.

02.07.2015 01:15

Tweet of $75k stash in passenger’s bag lands TSA in hot water – again
No stranger to controversy, the Transportation Security Administration is under fire once again, this time after an employee decided to tweet a picture showcasing the unusual contents of a passenger’s luggage.

02.07.2015 02:13

NSA’s XKEYSCORE spy program is ‘as easy as typing a few words in Google’
The National Security Agency’s infamous XKEYSCORE program, revealed by leaker Edward Snowden, makes searching the world’s private communications as easy to use as Google, according to training documents published by the Intercept.

01.07.2015 21:25

Chasing clouds: Chicago hits Netflix, Amazon with unprecedented digital tax
​The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois is taking a bold new approach to taxation, hitting online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Web Services with a 9 percent tax that goes into effect on Wednesday.

01.07.2015 20:13

China passes law aiming at 'secure and controllable internet'
China has passed a new law aimed at promotion of state security and sovereignty on Wednesday. One of the key provisions of the law is expanding state control over the internet.

01.07.2015 17:15

Europol launches cyber-unit to tackle jihadists’ propaganda
Europol has launched a cyber-unit consisting of some 15 experts aimed at combatting terrorist propaganda and related violent extremist activities. Officials cited the increasing online terror campaigns “challenging” EU security.

01.07.2015 15:50

​Google apologizes after photo software tags black people as 'gorillas'
Google has apologized after its new Photos app classified two black friends as 'gorillas’, placing their photos in a special album. The tech giant has since removed the tag from the program, saying it is "genuinely sorry” for the mistake.

01.07.2015 12:31

​West losing social media war with extremists – Joint Force commander
Fanatics are beating the West in the social media war to win hearts and minds through “lies,” according to the head of Britain’s Joint Forces Command, which includes Special Forces, defense intelligence and cyber warfare units.

01.07.2015 09:29

Parliament approves amendments to ‘right to be forgotten’ bill
Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has passed in a second reading a bill ordering internet search engines to delete links to information about users, but altered it so that it does not include data that is truthful and up to date.

30.06.2015 13:00