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Russian ruble recovers after S&P downgrade
The ruble has made a 2.5 percent comeback after losing more than 5 percent after S&P downgraded Russia’s sovereign credit rating to ‘junk’ status.

27.01.2015 12:38

Total to slash spending on US shale and North Sea projects
The French oil major is to deeply cut investment in US shale and dramatically reduce North Sea field expansion in the UK as the oil price plunges, its CEO said at the Davos forum.

21.01.2015 14:39

Baker Hughes slashes 7,000 jobs as falling price forces Big Oil austerity
The world's third largest oilfield services company Baker Hughes Inc. plans to slash 7,000 jobs due to reeling oil prices, which are pushing big oil to cut production and new projects.

21.01.2015 09:11

Russian Central Bank voids Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch ratings
The Central Bank of Russia will no longer use credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, or Moody’s that were assigned after March 1, 2014.

19.01.2015 12:01

China-UK nuclear power deal details hidden for ‘national security’
The UK government has refused to reveal whether the National Security Council approved or discussed China's investment in a proposed £24.5 billion nuclear power plant in the UK, Hinkley Point C, citing “national security.”

15.01.2015 12:34

China and Russia to launch new credit rating agency in 2015
​The new Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) is being set up to rival the existing agencies Moody's, S&P and Fitch, and its first rating will be issued this year.

13.01.2015 12:45

​UK austerity is irrational but here to stay – anti-cuts economists
The strategy of slashing budget deficits amid sluggish economic growth has been questioned by the International Monetary Fund and swathes of economists worldwide. But Brits will likely face austerity irrespective of who wins May’s general election.

12.01.2015 16:29

​‘Negative press about Russia affects Fitch ratings’
Excessive negative press can indirectly affect ratings, Ben Aris, Editor in Chief of Business New Europe told RT. Russia’s downgrade doesn’t reflect instability, just as 2008 proved a triple A Fitch rating doesn’t necessarily guarantee economic stability.

10.01.2015 20:25

​Fitch downgrades Russia’s credit rating to 1 notch above junk level
The international ratings agency has knocked Russia’s credit rating down a peg, while warning that ‘growth may not return until 2017,’ as the national economy struggles amid sanctions and tumbling oil prices.

10.01.2015 09:07

​China to boost investment in Latin America to $250bn within decade
The Chinese government will invest $250 billion in Latin American and Caribbean countries over the next 10 years in an attempt to strengthen its presence in a region dominated by the US.

08.01.2015 08:36

UK govt handed £1bn to fossil fuel firms, breaking pledge – Greenpeace
The UK government gave over a billion pounds of financial backing to fossil fuel projects around the world despite a pledge to support green technologies, it has emerged.

06.01.2015 09:39

Russia to build first nuclear power plant in Jordan
​Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed an agreement to build Jordan’s first nuclear power plant. It will be a joint project with Russia’s Rosatom nuclear power corporation.

25.12.2014 07:53