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​Will 'interests outweigh obstacles' in US-China relationship?
Although there were quite a few feel-good announcements, the Strategic & Economic Dialogue clearly shows mutual trust in Sino-US relation remains a massive work to be done

27.06.2015 15:31

Pepper first emotional humanoid robot to be sold in Japan for $1,600
A joint venture between Japan’s SoftBank, China’s Alibaba and Foxconn Technology is bringing the emotional human-like robot Pepper to the global market. It’s the first step to make robots available to general consumers for home and work.

19.06.2015 07:14

Russia, Greece sign €2bn deal on Turkish Stream gas pipeline
Russia and Greece have signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greek territory, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said. The pipeline will have a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year.

19.06.2015 07:42

World Bank & IMF ‘corroded’ – Jim Rogers to RT
The world needs alternatives to the US-dominated ‘corroded’ World Bank and the IMF, investment guru Jim Rogers told RT at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. The BRICS countries could compete and replace them, he added.

18.06.2015 13:57

Moscow wants ruble settlements with Beijing on Russian high-speed railway – RZD official
Payments with Chinese partners involved in the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway would be better in Russian rubles, according to the Vice President of Russian Railways (RZD) Aleksandr Misharin. The cost of the railway link is estimated at $21.4 billion.

18.06.2015 11:00

2015 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
The 19th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is underway. Despite sanctions, more than 7,000 guests and 1,000 international companies are represented, among them the heads of BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total. RT will keep you updated.

17.06.2015 14:08

China and Australia sign ‘historic’ free trade agreement
After a decade of negotiations China and Australia have sealed a free trade agreement which is expected to deliver a $20 billion boost to mutual trade by 2035. Currently trade between the two stands at almost $160 billion annually.

17.06.2015 07:25

Hong Kong-sized plot of Russian land leased to Chinese agrofirm
Chinese corporation Zoje Resources Investment has leased a large plot of land in Russia’s Transbaikal region for agricultural exploitation. The Chinese corporation is expected to invest estimated $450 million into the project over the next 49 years.

16.06.2015 05:19

​Saudi Arabia opens $590bn stock market to foreigners
Starting Monday Saudi Arabia is giving foreign investment institutions access to one of the world’s most-restricted stock markets in an effort to diversify its capital base, in a country which gets 90 percent of its revenue from oil.

15.06.2015 09:10

Putin & Erdogan discuss energy projects in Azerbaijan closed-door talks
The leaders of Russia and Turkey have held talks behind closed doors in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. They attended the opening ceremony of the first European Games, before discussing energy projects and the Ukrainian conflict.

13.06.2015 10:13

Snoop Dogg wants to put the ‘hash’ in hashtag campaigns as Twitter's top exec
With Twitter facing a management shakeup, rapper Snoop Dogg has started a hashtag campaign on the social media site to lead the company. He tossed his braids in the ring after the current CEO, himself a former comedian, said he’s stepping down.

12.06.2015 19:25

​Thanks to sanctions Russia turned to Asia – Medvedev
Western sanctions have encouraged Russia to work more actively with Asian partners, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said prior to this month’s EU summit in Brussels. The EU will then make a decision on anti-Russian sanctions.

11.06.2015 10:12