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​Russia leads Europe in internet users – Putin
Russia has the highest number of internet users in Europe and e-commerce makes up about 10 percent of the country’s GDP, said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Russian internet startups.

27.03.2015 13:40

​China to invest $15bn in Ukraine housing
China is going to provide Ukraine with $15 billion in loans over 15 years to support construction of affordable housing, said Ukraine’s Ministry of Regional Development. The interest rate will be minimal and the loan could be extended.

27.03.2015 10:31

Sanctions against Russia are ‘economic weapon’ that targets French business
French and Russian business leaders say the economy and policy must be separated, as Western sanctions against Russia are causing French companies to suffer by losing market share.

26.03.2015 14:17

Fracking moratorium, strict liability standards bills pass in Maryland
Both chambers of the Maryland legislature passed bills that would rein in hydraulic fracturing in the state. The House of Delegates passed a three-year moratorium on fracking, while the Senate approved strict liability standards for oil and gas drillers.

25.03.2015 15:54

​Crimea may become Russia’s ‘Silicon Valley’ – Upper House chair
An incubator project for hi-tech development could be created in Crimea to turn it into a ‘Silicon Valley’ making it an attractive region for business, said Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko.

25.03.2015 12:33

West's tech bubble is about to burst - top investor
A dot-com bust could soon take place all over again, as a number of tech companies in the West are valued higher than their earnings will ever justify, says a billionaire investor who got rich in the industry.

24.03.2015 18:13

Lee Kuan Yew - Political genius personified
Once a swamp, Singapore has grown, despite lacking the natural resources of neighbors, to become one of the world’s richest states with a simply staggering economic growth, all thanks to the leadership of one great statesman.

24.03.2015 11:20

​Total to raise $15 billion in China for Russian projects
French oil and gas producer Total is looking for $15 billion in investment from China to pay for expansion in Russia, the company’s CEO Patrick Pouyanne said. This could be the largest private corporate deal involving Chinese banks.

23.03.2015 11:09

US biggest climate skeptic receives money from ‘eco-friendly’ BP – report
One of America’s most powerful opponents of climate change regulation, Senator Jim Inhofe, has been receiving campaign money traced back to oil giant BP, including chief executive Bob Dudley.

23.03.2015 06:46

Russian economy revives despite sanctions - media
The Russian economy has seen a notable rebound with businesses recovering despite a year of contraction caused by Western sanctions. Fluctuations in the domestic currency have narrowed, which brought investors back into the market.

23.03.2015 07:31

‘ECB injects billions into doomed to failure eurozone’
Instead of investing money into the real economy and helping those suffering in Southern Europe, the ECB is pouring money into financial markets to be used for further speculation, Ernst Wolff, economic journalist and author, told RT.

18.03.2015 11:56

‘Mindless vandals outside and inside ECB building’
‘Blockupy’ protest in Frankfurt is because people are angry at the economic chaos caused by the ECB and other bureaucrats who are set to foist the euro autocracy on them and it doesn’t work, Patrick Young, global financial markets expert, told RT.

18.03.2015 15:40