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FISA court judges buying Verizon stock as they approve NSA surveillance
Judges who serve on the FISA court, approving the government’s collection of phone metadata, have bought Verizon stock in the last year. Although the justices have financial involvement in the company, it is not considered a conflict of interest.

29.07.2014 00:38

​With ISDS it’s bedtime for democracy
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has multinational companies and transnational law firms on both sides of the Atlantic foaming at their mouths.

22.07.2014 10:05

​UAE wants space agency & probe to Mars by 2021
The United Arab Emirates announced plans to get ahead of other Arab nations and enter cosmic exploration with a space agency of its own. By 2021, the first unmanned UAE spaceship is supposed to blast off from the Arabian Peninsula on a mission to Mars.

16.07.2014 11:15

​Leaked: EU to cut loans and investment for Russia, punish Crimea
EU leaders may impose a new round of sanctions against Russia at Wednesday’s summit, including blocking trade and investment in Russia and Crimea, according to media sources that have obtained a copy of a draft statement.

16.07.2014 11:48

​The curious case of NSA & Indo-US relations
The US could be anticipating billions of dollars in new deals as India lifts its foreign direct investment cap on the defense sector to 49 percent, which it announced in the annual budget for 2014-15.

11.07.2014 11:16

‘No to TAFTA’: France celebs campaign against EU-US trade deal, sign petition
One hundred French celebrities have launched a campaign against the upcoming TAFTA deal between the US and Europe. The protesters say the new treaty will lower economic standards and bring a large influx of GMO products from the US.

11.07.2014 08:15

China buys $22bn worth of US homes, leads global pack
Foreign buyers of US residential real estate surged 35 percent last year, with Chinese buyers, searching for moderately priced, safe investments in a sea of economic and political uncertainty, outspending the rest of the world.

09.07.2014 10:49

12 more EU states warn businesses against dealing with Israeli settlements
Amid growing Palestine-Israeli tensions, 12 more EU states have joined European heavyweights - such as the UK, Germany and France - in urging their nationals to refrain from doing business in Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

04.07.2014 16:05

Moody’s cuts Russia’s rating outlook to ‘negative’
Moody’s ratings agency has cut Russia’s outlook to negative, citing the threat to the Russian economy from the Ukraine crisis and a deterioration in Russia’s medium-term growth outlook.

28.06.2014 17:07

Russia launches largest oil drilling platform in the country's Far East
Russia's Rosneft and America's ExxonMobil have launched a unique drilling platform in the Okhotsk Sea in Russia's Far East. The world's most powerful rig can drill within the radius of at least 7 kilometers.

27.06.2014 12:17

France advises its citizens against doing business in illegal Israeli settlements
France has warned its citizens against taking part in any economic activity in the occupied Palestinian territories, saying this may entail legal risks because the Jewish settlements are illegal under international law.

25.06.2014 18:20

​Ex-Credit Suisse banker faces fine for hiding $100mn loses, escapes jail
A former managing director of investment banking at Credit Suisse who pleaded guilty to hiding more than $100 million in mortgage-backed security losses in 2007, has escaped further jail time, and has been fined after cooperating with prosecutors.

25.06.2014 06:21

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