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Geopolitics most dangerous since WWII, Lord Rothschild warns investors
The world now faces greater geopolitical risks than since the end of the Second World War as unemployment threatens European welfare and chaos engulfs the Middle East, Lord Rothschild warned investors in the £2.3 billion RIT Capital fund.

05.03.2015 08:22

ExxonMobil boosts Russian oil assets by 450% in 2014, despite sanctions
Exxon Mobil Corp. has continued to buy rights to develop Russian oil deposits despite sanctions, increasing the area from 11.4 million acres to 63.7 million acres in 2014. It’s an area larger than the UK.

04.03.2015 13:06

Alibaba expands into US to compete against Amazon, Google
A subsidiary of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened a cloud data center in Silicon Valley, the first outside its home market. The service is expected to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

04.03.2015 07:53

'Not the time for business as usual with Russia' – US presses EU
A US State Department deputy spokesperson urged European partners to restrain from doing business with Russia because of the developments in Ukraine. The US statement comes in response to new agreements recently signed between Russia and Cyprus.

03.03.2015 11:20

Turning the tide? World’s first lagoon power stations reach British shores
Plans to generate electricity from the world’s first batch of tidal lagoon power plants have surfaced in Britain. The power stations could yield 8 percent of the UK’s electricity requirements, experts suggest.

02.03.2015 15:44

​Green power: UK hits 12-year low in attracting renewable investment
Britain’s appeal to green energy investors has fallen to its lowest level in 12 years because of the government’s “lack of clarity” over its renewable energy policy. That’s according to a new index, in which the UK has slipped down to eighth place.

02.03.2015 09:27

'Foreign donors sponsor Clinton to influence her if she wins presidency'
Foreign governments are donating money to Hillary Clinton’ Foundation to influence her and her policy if she is the next president of the US, Cenk Uygur, political commentator and founder of the Young Turks Network, told RT’s In The Now.

24.02.2015 13:17

​Qatar an ‘important ally,' UK defence sec claims amid terror backing allegations
British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon praised Qatar as one of the UK’s “most important allies” during a meeting with his Qatari counterpart on Monday, amid allegations that the Gulf state supports terrorism.

23.02.2015 17:07

‘Colonize planets to save the human race’ – Professor Stephen Hawking
World famous physicist Stephen Hawking says humankind should colonize other planets to ensure the future of the species. He claimed armed aggression could end civilization and that space travel would provide somewhere to go.

20.02.2015 14:27

China pivots everywhere
The world’s leading economy is on a roll as it enters a new year in the Chinese zodiac. Welcome to the Year of the Sheep. Or Goat. Or Ram. Or, technically, the Green Wooden Sheep (or Goat).

20.02.2015 10:24

Japan escapes recession, growth weaker than forecast
Japan’s economy rebounded from recession in the final quarter of last year but the world’s third largest economy’s growth of 2.2 percent was weaker than expected

16.02.2015 07:36

Russia to help Egypt build ‘a whole new nuclear power industry’ – Putin
Russia will contribute to building “a whole new nuclear power industry” in Egypt, President Vladimir Putin has announced as the two countries have signed a number of agreements after a meeting in Cairo.

10.02.2015 15:17