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‘No love lost between Obama & Netanyahu’
US President Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu do not get along personally and there are policy differences between them on the West Bank settlements and the Iranian issue, Owen Alterman, researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies, told RT.

26.01.2015 16:17

AMIA Argentina attack: Mystery behind public prosecutor Nisman’s death
The West’s global war on terrorism certainly kicked off in 2015 with a bang. High-profile events, charged with “unexplained and unexplainable” circumstances, began January 7 with the “Charlie Hebdo Event” in Paris.

26.01.2015 10:49

Iran moves away from US dollar in foreign trade
Iran is stopping mutual settlements in dollars with foreign countries and agreements on bilateral swap in new currencies will be signed in the near future, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has said.

24.01.2015 13:40

'Bad Saudi Arabian human rights record may change if Iran increases influence'
With instability following the death of King Abdullah, Iran may take a lead in the relationship with Saudi Arabia which could put pressure on Riyadh to improve the internal situation in the Gulf state, Gerald Horne, author and historian, told RT.

23.01.2015 10:42

​CIA leak trial’s closing arguments: No direct evidence linking ‘bitter’ whistleblower
Closing arguments were heard Thursday in a trial involving a CIA whistleblower accused of illegally revealing classified information on a mission meant to slow Iran’s nuclear program, with prosecutors arguing the officer was retaliating out of bitterness.

23.01.2015 00:35

Iran’s Khamenei urges young Westerners to learn about Islam
The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has written an open letter to Western youth urging them to examine Islam for themselves, rather than accepting the prejudiced views of the media and politicians.

22.01.2015 16:39

Theresa May accused of blocking UK embassy reopening in Iran
Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused by the Foreign Office of blocking attempts to reopen the British embassy in Iran because of her refusal to back down on immigration.

21.01.2015 09:23

CIA pursues 'damage control' amid whistleblower trial over flawed Iranian nuclear designs
In a trial that whistleblower advocates have called “damage control” for the CIA, federal prosecutors are pursuing espionage charges against whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling. The case stems from the agency’s attempts to feed Iran flawed nuclear schematics.

21.01.2015 18:51

​Oil price drop is ‘economic warfare against US enemies’
The current oil price decline can be explained by heavy selling in US future markets which is part of an all-out economic war between the US and countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela, says financial journalist, Willem Middelkoop.

21.01.2015 14:39

Russia and Iran sign defense deal, 'may resolve' S300 missile delivery issue
Moscow and Tehran have signed military cooperation deal that implies wider collaboration in personnel training and counter-terrorism activities. It may also resolve the situation concerning the delivery of Russian S300 missiles, Iranian media reported.

20.01.2015 12:23

America: The undemocratic ‘democracy’
Despite being the world’s self-appointed champion and proselytizer of the gospel of democracy, the United States is clearly and unmistakably an undemocratic nation.

19.01.2015 13:23

Argentine prosecutor dead after claiming President Kirschner covered up Iran’s role in deadly 1994 bombing
A prosecutor accusing Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner of covering-up Iran’s suspected role in a deadly Jewish center attack in 1994, has been found dead in his apartment hours before he was set to testify in front of the national Congress.

19.01.2015 16:11