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Iran fulfilling most of its agreements under nuclear deal – IAEA
A monthly update by the IAEA says that Iran has cut its most sensitive stockpile of nuclear material by 75 percent, following a landmark deal agreed with world powers last year. However, a planned facility required as part of the pact has been delayed.

17.04.2014 19:42

​Victim’s mother reprieves Iranian Killer with noose around his neck
A young Iranian man convicted of murder has been reprieved at the last second by the mother of his victim.

17.04.2014 17:01

Israel lashes out at Kerry again, this time for ‘surrendering’ to Iran
A top Israeli official has criticized John Kerry for “surrendering” to Iran after the US Secretary of State said that the US would consider allowing Iran to have enough nuclear materials to build a weapon in six months.

14.04.2014 16:19

White House 'sheepishly followed right wing politicians to ban Iran's envoy'
By rejecting visa to Iran's new UN envoy, Washington is jeopardizing the nuclear talks, Kaveh Afrasiabi, political analyst on Iran told RT. The move by the State Department also shows the power of right wing politicians in US decision making process.

12.04.2014 03:27

Iran shrugs off envoy’s US visa ban, calls for UN intervention
Tehran on Saturday sidestepped Washington’s refusal to grant a visa to Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations, headquartered in New York, saying it would consult directly with the world body on the matter.

12.04.2014 12:33

White House denies visa to Iran's pick for UN ambassador
The Iranian diplomat picked to be the Islamic republic’s ambassador to the United Nations will not be allowed to enter the United States where the UN is headquartered, Reuters has reported.

11.04.2014 16:57

Israel launches cutting-edge satellite to spy on MidEast adversaries
Israel’s Defense Ministry has successfully launched Ofek 10, a next-generation satellite that will provide highly-targeted surveillance of specific locations – such as Iran’s nuclear sites.

10.04.2014 15:46

Nuke talks collapsing as US opposes Iran’s pick for UN envoy
Washington and Tehran are again at odds after the United States Senate voted this week to ban the Iranian diplomat nominated to serve as his country’s ambassador to the United Nations from entering the US.

08.04.2014 19:21

US gives Boeing, GE license to sell spare parts to Iran
The US Treasury has awarded American-based Boeing and GE a license to sell spare parts to Iran. The move is part of a temporary sanctions relief deal that began in January, Reuters reported. The deal breaks a long trade silence between the US and Iran.

04.04.2014 23:41

'US desperate to isolate Russia on all fronts'
The Obama administration is taking no prisoners trying to “isolate” Russia on all possible fronts – with negligible results so far.

28.03.2014 12:39

​UN hammers US human rights record on spying, torture, drones and death penalty
A UN report hammers the United States’ human rights record, denouncing vast surveillance, ongoing unaccountability for torture, deadly drone strikes, one of the world’s highest death penalty counts, and mass incarceration, among other black marks.

28.03.2014 01:29

Historical Iranian nuclear deal to be shelved again?
With the accepted interim deal over Iranian nuclear program and constant negotiations within the P5+1 framework, the July 20 deadline is expected to be met, though one should be an optimist to expect this to happen so soon.

27.03.2014 13:37

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