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Notorious Abu Ghraib prison shuts down amid increasing Iraqi violence
The infamous Abu Ghraib prison, where US soldiers created an international scandal by committing human rights violations against Iraqi prisoners, has closed over fears that it could be overtaken by Sunni insurgents, the Iraqi government has announced.

15.04.2014 21:52

I'm confused, can anyone help me?
I'm confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a very good thing. These people, we were told by our political leaders and elite media commentators, were 'pro-democracy protestors'.

15.04.2014 09:03

Iraqi insurgents block Euphrates to flood army positions near Fallujah
Iraqi militants have captured a dam just south of the city of Fallujah, in order to strategically flood selected parts of the valley and stall the advance of security forces, which have been shelling the city since its seizure by insurgents last year.

12.04.2014 09:14

FBI’s secret cooperation with Special Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan revealed
Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been quietly embedded with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since September 11 according to a new report that bolsters claims that the FBI has morphed primarily into a counter-terrorism organization.

11.04.2014 20:15

Judge rips State Dept’s handling of Blackwater shootings in Iraq
A US federal judge has rebuked the State Department for delaying the prosecution of US security contractors charged with shooting unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007.

09.04.2014 03:30

‘US looking for a major enemy to justify its defense spending'
As US spending on defense reaches $1 trillion a year and defense giants such as Boeing gain increased lobbying power, the US must justify this money by creating tangible enemies around the world, political analyst Patrick Hennigsen told RT.

30.03.2014 19:49

Dozens killed in Iraq month ahead of Parliamentary poll
​A spate of attacks claimed the lives of over 30 people in Iraq on Sunday, just one month before the country goes to the polls for Parliamentary elections.

31.03.2014 03:18

​UN hammers US human rights record on spying, torture, drones and death penalty
A UN report hammers the United States’ human rights record, denouncing vast surveillance, ongoing unaccountability for torture, deadly drone strikes, one of the world’s highest death penalty counts, and mass incarceration, among other black marks.

28.03.2014 01:29

Global execution rate jumps by nearly 15% in 2013
Overall 778 executions have been recorded in 2013 worldwide, an increase of almost 15 percent on the previous year, with China, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the USA topping the list, says an annual Amnesty International report.

27.03.2014 05:19

‘No solution for Syria without involvement of Russia and Iran’
Western policy towards Syria is rather like Western policy toward Crimea and Ukraine at the moment – it’s floundering around, talking big but really not having the will to act, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

26.03.2014 08:34

Double bombing hits Iraq after Friday wave of attacks claimed 50 lives
At least seven people have been killed in a double bombing in Iraq on Saturday, after the bloodshed on the previous day took the lives of at least 50 people in a string of attacks, making it one of the deadliest since the beginning of the year.

22.03.2014 05:07

​US nixes Persian Gulf summit amid divisions among allies
The White House has canceled plans for a meeting later this month between President Barack Obama and Persian Gulf monarchs in Saudi Arabia based on tensions among US allies in the region, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

21.03.2014 01:09

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