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ISIS too reliant on oil, can’t survive without new territories – report
The Islamic State must expand “in order to maintain its financial management and expenditures in areas where it operates,” international investigators with the Financial Action Task Force said, explaining the group’s projected strategy.

28.02.2015 08:42

Pentagon walks back plans for spring offensive against ISIS stronghold Mosul
Facing criticism, the Pentagon announced it has pushed back plans by Iraqis to mount a major attack to regain Mosul from the Islamic State. The Pentagon now says the assault might occur in the fall, but even that date is tenuous.

28.02.2015 01:14

What the BRICS plus Germany are really up to?
Winston Churchill once said, “I feel lonely without a war.” He also badly missed the loss of empire. Churchill’s successor – the ‘Empire of Chaos’ – now faces the same quandary. Some wars – as in Ukraine, by proxy – are not going so well.

27.02.2015 13:43

Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, and the corporate media phantasmagoria
The scandals that have erupted around the exposure of Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams as having lied about their wartime experiences provide us with a glimpse into the nature of corporate media.

27.02.2015 11:24

ISIS militants destroy ancient statues, relics in Iraq (VIDEO)
The Islamic State has posted a video online showing a group of militants destroying ancient statues and other artifacts, saying they are symbols of idolatry. Some of the objects date from the seventh century BC. Specialists say the damage is incalculable.

26.02.2015 16:54

‘Beautiful man’? ISIS killer Jihadi John ‘radicalized by UK govt,’ claims charity
Following the identification of the British extremist formerly known as Jihadi John, thought responsible for the execution of a number of ISIS held hostages, a charity has blamed the UK government for his radicalization.

26.02.2015 14:50

Corruption: Chronic UK disease infecting establishment, dragging country backwards
Just as the British government announces the deployment of troops to Ukraine as ‘advisors’, it is rapidly becoming apparent that the average Member of Parliament in the UK is as crooked as Uri Geller’s cutlery.

25.02.2015 15:35

Serving teen soldier who fled to fight against ISIS found ‘safe and well’
The serving teenage British soldier who traveled to the Middle East to join Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State has been found and is being returned to his unit in Cyprus, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said.

24.02.2015 10:51

​Iraq’s first female mayor to take the helm in Baghdad
A woman has been named mayor of Baghdad for the first time in Iraqi history by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as corruption and violence continue to rage throughout the country.

23.02.2015 19:41

‘Terrified, disorganized & high on drugs’: Brit fighting for Kurds describes IS militants
A former British soldier who left the country to join Kurdish fighters battling the Islamic State has spoken about his experiences, claiming the majority of IS fighters were high on drugs and left “office workers and villagers” terrified.

23.02.2015 15:41

Islamic State is winning the digital war against the West, says expert
Islamic State is winning the digital war against the West because its foes are failing to counter extremist propaganda or highlight fallacies in the terror group’s narratives, a leading British counter-terrorism expert says.

20.02.2015 16:10

‘Tasteless’: BAE chief exec eyes lucrative arms deals in Mid East ISIS war
British arms manufacturer BAE Systems says the growing involvement of Middle Eastern states in the battle against the Islamic State has caused a spike in demand for the support services it provides for aircraft and weaponry sold in the region.

20.02.2015 11:32