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Irina Galushko

Out of facts? Stick to cats: Examiner's pitiful attempt at dissing RT
For an investigative reporter, the Examiner’s Julia Davis seems to lack one basic professional skill: fact checking. Or perhaps it's a lack of attention to detail that sees her repeatedly ignoring simple facts, particularly where RT is involved.

20.02.2015 11:27

Pros and cons: Milan protesters confront anti-immigration rally
Thousands of people took to the streets of Milan on Saturday as anti-immigration demonstrators from the right-wing Lega Nord party were confronted by an anti-racism rally.

18.10.2014 19:00

On the ISIS front line with RT's correspondents
RT's Paula Slier, Irina Galushko, Murad Gazdiev and Maria Finoshina are on the front line on Syria's borders, witnessing the Peshmerga Kurds fight against Islamic State. We follow the live updates from our correspondents on the scene.

09.10.2014 12:02

Putin, Poroshenko shake hands as Minsk forum to discuss Ukrainian peace plan
Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko shook hands as talks between the Eurasian Customs Union, EU and Ukraine began in Minsk. The crisis in eastern Ukraine is likely to dominate the agenda, with Poroshenko calling on the forum to accept his peace plan.

26.08.2014 06:07

Journalist captured in E. Ukraine released, RT stringer remains in detention
A journalist released from the ANNA news agency, who was captured along with RT contributor Graham Phillips, told RT that they were abducted by the Ukrainian army and tortured and beaten. Phillips’ fate remains unknown.

24.07.2014 12:46

15 civilians killed and 53 injured in Lugansk shelling
At least 15 have been killed and 53 wounded as the city of Lugansk has come under shelling attack. The city’s center and civilian areas have been targeted leaving areas in ruins.

18.07.2014 11:04

Putin asks Upper House to repeal decision allowing use of military force in Ukraine
President Vladimir Putin has proposed that the upper house call off the March 1 resolution allowing the head of state to use the armed forces on the territory of Ukraine, said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

24.06.2014 10:07

Ukrainian PM orders govt: ‘Prepare for Russian gas imports to stop’
Ukrainian Prime Minster Arseny Yatsenyuk has ordered Energy and Coal ministries, regional governments, and Naftogaz to get ready for Russian gas supplies to be cut starting Monday, the cabinet’s website said.

13.06.2014 14:24

Chernobyl memories faded? Kiev turns blind eye to disaster risk in nuclear deal with US
In order to alleviate energy dependence on Moscow, the coup-imposed government in Kiev has resurrected a contract with a US company to supply fuel to Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. Using US fuel rods was banned in 2012 due to dangerous incompatibility.

19.05.2014 04:50

Gunmen attempt to enter Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant
Ukrainian police stopped a group of armed men from entering Europe's largest nuclear power plant, located in southeastern Ukraine. In video footage allegedly showing the attempted break-in, the men say they are members of the Right Sector group.

17.05.2014 14:18

Kiev military unit shoots at Russian journalists after fight near Kramatorsk
Ukrainian armed forces have opened fire on journalists from Russia’s LifeNews working near the city of Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, where fighting broke out between self-defense forces and Kiev’s army.

13.05.2014 20:47

Kiev's army shoots at civilians, uses tanks, APCs in attack on Mariupol police HQ (VIDEO)
Kiev’s forces are using heavy weaponry and tanks in the eastern city of Mariupol to storm the local Interior Ministry building, where police have barricaded inside. After residents began flocking to the scene, Kiev fighters opened fire on civilians.

09.05.2014 09:29