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Netanyahu ‘urged European leaders to support’ resolution against Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged several European leaders to support a UN report, even though it slammed Israel’s actions in Gaza, a report by the London-based Jewish Chronicle says.

07.07.2015 12:36

Israel a step closer to Guantanamo-style force-feeding of hunger-striking prisoners
Israeli politicians have voted to continue work on a bill to allow hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners to be force-fed. Opponents argue it's meant to silence convicts through torture similar to the force-feeding in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

07.07.2015 09:14

Israel arrests Negev teachers for ‘spreading ISIS propaganda’
Israel has arrested six Bedouins, including four elementary and high school teachers, and indicted them for their alleged support of Islamic State peoples and the promotion of the jihadist ideology, the Shin Bet security service has announced.

07.07.2015 04:33

​​Gaza war anniversary: ‘Aggressive’ UK police arrest 8 at Israeli arms factory protest (VIDEO)
Staffordshire Police have been accused of making a “heavy-handed” intervention during a protest outside an Israeli arms factory organized to mark the anniversary of last year’s Gaza conflict.

06.07.2015 12:59

​1 year after Gaza War, Palestinians still live amid ruins, thousands homeless
It has been a year since Israel launched its offensive against Gaza, killing thousands of people, damaging and destroying their homes. RT’s Lizzie Phelan has visited the besieged enclave, witnessing how people still live amid the rubble of war.

06.07.2015 14:54

Israeli takeover of Freedom Flotilla's ‘Marianne’ taped (VIDEOS)
Pro-Palestinian activists from Freedom Flotilla have published a video showing the moment Israeli troops boarded the ship ‘Marianne av Göteborg’ on Monday last week.

06.07.2015 13:21

​Hundreds in new Tel Aviv protest over US-Israeli natural gas deal
Hundreds have rallied in Tel Aviv to protest over a proposed gas deal with the United States pushed by the government, which critics say may create a monopoly that will control two of Israel’s largest natural gas reserves.

05.07.2015 13:53

Israel hit with rockets from Egypt’s Sinai, ISIS affiliate claims responsibility
Several rockets have struck Israel, with an ISIS-affiliated group in Egypt’s Sinai claiming responsibility. There were no casualties. Some view the assault as a follow-up to July 1, the Sinai Province group’s biggest one against Egyptian forces in years.

04.07.2015 06:01

Netanyahu vs. UN: Israeli PM slams UNHRC after its report ratified
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the UN Human Rights Council following a resolution accepting a UNHRC report, which presented evidence of war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014.

03.07.2015 23:18

‘Rent a Jew’: German group launches program to stave off anti-Semitism
A Munich-based group has launched a program offering “to rent a Jew” for socializing and “breaking down any prejudices.” The group said that few Germans know Jews personally and the program aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level.”

03.07.2015 13:59

ISIS threat 'nothing' compared to nuclear Iran, Netanyahu warns (again)
As the Iranian nuclear negotiations teeter on the brink, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is saying the world has more to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran than ISIS terrorists. The statement comes after the jihadists threatened to “uproot” the Jewish state.

03.07.2015 08:06

​Britain approved £4mn Israel arms sales in the months after Gaza war
The UK government approved £4 million worth of arms sales to Israel in the immediate months following the Israeli government’s military bombardment of Gaza last summer, new research reveals.

02.07.2015 12:53