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CIA tested 25 bombs before helping Mossad kill top Hezbollah figure – report
The US helped Mossad assassinate a top Hezbollah figure in Syria in 2008 by lending bomb expertise and surveillance on the ground, Washington Post reported. The joint operation marked CIA’s post-9/11 drift toward modern-day drone killings.

31.01.2015 08:56

US, EU warn Israel of ‘detrimental impacts’ of building 450 new settler homes
The US and EU have advised Israel to drop its plans to construct an additional 450 settlement homes in the West Bank, warning that failure to do so would further destabilize the situation in the region and diminish prospects for peace.

31.01.2015 03:56

'We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar'
The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine.

30.01.2015 11:59

Professor fired over anti-Israel tweets sues University of Illinois
A professor who lost his job over anti-Israel tweets is suing several officials at the University of Illinois. He claims his termination violates freedom of speech and was influenced by the institution’s “donors”.

30.01.2015 09:08

Controversial C of E vicar faces inquisition after linking Israel to 9/11 attacks
A Church of England vicar is under internal investigation after allegedly sharing an article on Facebook which blames Israel for the 9/11 terror attacks.

30.01.2015 09:55

Blast from the past: Ancient skull suggests Neanderthals and Homo sapiens interbred
A partial skull unearthed in the Manot Cave in Israel's West Galilee has given paleontologists the first key evidence that modern humans co-inhabited the area with Neanderthals with whom they possibly interbred up to 55,000 years ago.

29.01.2015 07:02

Israel blames Hezbollah for Spanish peacekeeper’s death on Lebanese border
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has blamed Hezbollah for the death of a Spanish UN peacekeeper killed in retaliatory Israeli mortar fire in southern Lebanon on Wednesday.

28.01.2015 19:35

Gaza war ‘unlawful’: Israeli rights group blames IDF for deliberately targeting residential areas
An Israeli human rights group has accused the IDF of war crimes during last year’s Gaza invasion by launching airstrikes that intentionally targeted residential areas, killing women and children, while claiming that Hamas was hiding behind civilians.

28.01.2015 06:33

Israel launches airstrikes on Syria following rocket attack, ‘red line’ warning from Iran
Israeli jets struck several targets in Syria in response to Hezbollah rocket fire into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the IDF said. The exchange came as Iran warned Tel Aviv of crossing a “red line” with the murder of an Iranian general in Syria.

27.01.2015 23:50

Mass ‘exodus’ of Jews from France probable as anti-Semitic attacks double – major Jewish groups
Leading Jewish thinkers in France are warning that a doubling of anti-Semitism in the country and an alarming rise in anti-Jewish violence may lead to a new mass “exodus.”

27.01.2015 13:51

​Israeli Defense Force fires 43 elite reservists for protesting ‘persecution’ of Palestinians
The Israeli military has dismissed 43 members from the elite intelligence 8200 unit. In September, they wrote an open letter protesting Israeli covert activities towards Palestinians, particularly the 2014 military operation in Gaza Strip.

27.01.2015 12:29

‘No love lost between Obama & Netanyahu’
US President Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu do not get along personally and there are policy differences between them on the West Bank settlements and the Iranian issue, Owen Alterman, researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies, told RT.

26.01.2015 16:17