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‘Iran wants to conquer MidEast’: Israeli PM slams prospect of nuclear deal
The possible signing of a deal on Iran’s controversial nuclear program is “dangerous” as it may be the only thing Tehran lacks to establish control over the whole of the Middle East, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says.

29.03.2015 14:45

Parents paying for the army? Court tells IDF soldiers' pay is living wage, not 'pocket money'
A high court in Israel has given the IDF 60 days to rethink their position on soldiers’ wages, saying those are not “pocket money,” but must cover living necessities, local media report. A petition complains that parents have to cover conscripts’ needs.

28.03.2015 12:12

Iran nuclear deal: 'Stakes are too high for US'
The US has put the highest priority on a possible Iran nuclear deal as it might restrict its nuclear breakout capability to a minimum of one year and, help develop trust between Iran and the West, says Paul Heroux, Middle East expert.

27.03.2015 08:46

Nightmare: Masked IDF troops interrogate, traumatise Palestinian kids (VIDEO)
Videos have emerged exposing masked IDF soldiers raiding Palestinian homes in the dead of night to interrogate children suspected of throwing stones at the Israeli military. Hundreds of underage are prosecuted each year in the occupied territories.

27.03.2015 05:49

​Palestinian death toll in 2014 highest since 1967 – UN
More Palestinian civilians have died as a result of the conflict with Israel in 2014 than in any year since 1967, according to a UN report which called for restraint on both sides.

26.03.2015 14:46

‘Devastating Israeli attacks’ on Gaza don’t justify violations by Hamas – Amnesty
Months after a damning report on Israeli strikes during the summer war in Gaza, Amnesty International has issued similar analysis of actions by Palestinian armed groups, saying some of their attacks also “amounted to war crimes.”

26.03.2015 14:23

Sharing secrets: Britain & Israel launch £1.2mn cybersecurity project
A group of British and Israeli academics are set to participate in a £1.2 million cyber security research venture as part of the government’s “long-term economic plan,” the Cabinet Office announced on Tuesday.

25.03.2015 17:04

​Israel-Palestine coverage is difficult, admits BBC chief amid accusations of bias
BBC Director-General Lord Hall has admitted that reporting on the Israel-Palestine conflict is “tough,” but insists the corporation aims to be balanced in its coverage.

25.03.2015 16:40

Video of Hassidic Jews dancing in Jordanian airport goes viral, stirs controversy
A video showing young Jews wearing skull caps dancing in a lounge of Jordan’s Queen Alia International Airport, has gone viral, with Arabic internet users attacking it as “provocative” and Jordanian MPs calling for government action.

25.03.2015 12:19

Spying accusations ‘last thing US-Israel relations need right now’
To repair relations with the US, Israel could release tax revenues to the Palestinians, send a new ambassador to the US, and reconsider its policy on settlements, Azriel Bermant from the Jerusalem-based Institute for National Security Studies told RT.

25.03.2015 09:08

‘Antagonistic’ Israeli settlements increase chances of Palestinian state – ex-foreign sec Rifkind
Ongoing Israeli encroachment in the occupied West Bank will increase the chances of an independent Palestinian state being created, former British Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind said.

25.03.2015 09:35

'I kind of feel left out': Top US legislators deny Israelis briefed them on Iran talks
US legislators said they found out from the news – just like everyone else – that Israel had allegedly leaked information on the Iran talks to them.

24.03.2015 22:19