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Ivor Bennet

Olympic movement – not! Gridlocked London puts brakes on Games
The influx of visitors set to hit London for the Olympics have raised concerns the transport system cannot handle the extra weight. Airport delays, strikes and congestion could see London grind to a halt as 5 million visitors overload the city.

21.05.2012 08:27

'Path through hell’: UK to finally recognize WWII Arctic heroes?
The epic efforts of UK Arctic heroes who braved icy waters during World War II to maintain vital supply lines to the Soviet Union may finally be recognized at home. The British PM has ordered a medals review after years of campaigning from veterans.

09.05.2012 09:08

Berezovsky sets $17 million bounty on capture of Putin
As Vladimir Putin prepares to take office, fugitive Boris Berezovsky is offering $16.7 million to anyone who detains Putin at his inauguration. The sum has increased ten-fold since his previous offer, evidently ignoring the economic crisis.

06.05.2012 20:17

Bahrain arrests main human rights activist Nabeel Rajab
Bahraini authorities have arrested Nabeel Rajab, rights activist and foremost critic of the Al Khalifa regime, as they continue their brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters. It comes after he was interviewed on Julian Assange’s “The World Tomorrow.”

05.05.2012 19:09

Falklands War 30 years on: ‘The British have learned nothing’
Thirty years after the UK and Argentina fought over the remote Falkland Islands, the war continues to resonate in both countries. Historian Hugh Bicheno says Britain has not learned from the conflict and the islands are still vulnerable to invasion.

02.05.2012 19:08

Breeding Breiviks? Europe, US ‘at risk’ of anti-Islam massacre
Counter-Jihad movements that inspired Anders Breivik’s Norway massacre are growing in influence in the US and Europe: a recent report by UK activist group Hope not Hate has mapped their spread, and the links between them.

25.04.2012 08:00

Fracking hell: UK government set to green light risky gas drilling?
A controversial gas extraction method caused two earthquakes in the UK last year, a government panel of experts reported. Yet, despite the environmental dangers fracking may cause, its resumption has been recommended, albeit under strict regulation.

17.04.2012 19:35

Keeping China at bay: UK, Japan strike arms deal
Japan and Britain have agreed to an unprecedented arms deal - Tokyo’s first such arrangement with a country other than the US. Amid fears of Western expansion in Asia Pacific, some analysts say the region will welcome a counterbalance to Chinese power.

10.04.2012 16:18

Trouble brewing: UK clamps down on bargain boozing
In an effort to deter growing levels of binge-drinking in the UK, the government is proposing the introduction of a minimum price for alcohol. But its implementation has come under fire from the drinks industry, which claims it violates EU law.

04.04.2012 07:45

Trial of UK protesters: Student beaten half-dead ‘was looking for it’
Some 200 people attended a London demonstration to support Alfie Meadows and four others standing trial for their part in December 9, 2010 student protests. Meadows suffered a near-death blow to his head, allegedly falling victim to police brutality.

28.03.2012 06:26

Science journal under fire for newborn termination article
An article published in a leading UK medical journal stipulating that killing newborn babies is no different from abortion has triggered uproar. The article argues for after-birth abortion on the basis that newborns are “morally irrelevant”.

25.03.2012 12:03

Over a barrel: UK clings to Falklands colony
As the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War nears, the dispute over the islands is being fueled by British plans for oil exploration in the region. The end of the conflict seems even farther as Argentina claims the UK is militarizing the islands.

21.03.2012 12:05