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Jacob Greaves

Going solo: Scots gather for independence march and rally (PHOTOS)
Thousands of supporters of Scottish independence have taken part in a pro-independence rally in the center of Edinburgh. People flocked to the capital from across Scotland for the rally.

22.09.2012 12:14

Pussy Riot: Our arrest signals start of repression campaign to spread fear
Three members of the punk band Pussy Riot, who performed an anti-Putin song in Russia’s main cathedral, have pleaded not guilty to "abusive actions motivated by religious hatred", but concede what they did was an ethical mistake.

30.07.2012 11:58

Russian MPs suggest allowing public use of firearms shortly after Colorado shootings
Following the shooting spree in a Colorado cinema, Russian legislators have drafted a bill which would allow public use of firearms. The law’s sponsors hope to curb crime rates, while opponents say legal air-guns already cause enough damage.

25.07.2012 20:01

‘Let Pussy Riot Go!’ Veteran Russian HR group speaks out
The head of Russia’s oldest Human Rights Group has called on the authorities to free the members of the Pussy Riot punk group and compensate the girls for the 6 months they have spent in pre-trial custody.

23.07.2012 11:51

Shipwreck’s silver lining: Russian vessel helps recover record 48 tons of bullion (PHOTOS)
The largest treasure trove of silver recovered from a shipwreck in history – 48 tons of it – has been completed near Ireland. A Russian vessel helped locate the British cargo ship that was sunk by a torpedo during World War II.

19.07.2012 10:03

No one is sacred: Russia's prosecutors could be entitled to investigate elites
In a new anti-corruption twist, Russia could introduce a special board of prosecutors entitled to investigate officials as high as Supreme Court judges, the prime minister or the president. A draft of the law has been submitted to the State Duma.

17.07.2012 20:04

Ex-cop indicted in Politkovskaya murder case
A former police officer, Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov, has been charged with the complicity in the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya and will be the first of the defendants in the case to appear in court.

16.07.2012 11:53

New Greek PM sworn in; Govt prepares for austerity battle
The leader of the Greek conservatives Antonis Samaras gets sworn in as Prime Minister as three pro-bailout parties agree to form a coalition in the crisis-ridden country.

20.06.2012 11:42

Pro-austerity party wins Greek election
The pro-bailout New Democracy party has come out on top in Greece’s parliamentary elections, having gained 29.6 per cent of the votes. With nearly all the votes counted, the anti-austerity leftist Syriza party is trailing on 26.9 per cent.

17.06.2012 18:07

Drug-dealing veteran gets reduced sentence
A vet who was jailed for selling Ketamine has had his sentence reduced by six months – to eight years.

14.06.2012 18:45

Scandal-hit youth leader quits but vows to stay in politics
One of the founders of the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi, Vasily Yakemenko, has quit as head of the Federal Youth Agency.

13.06.2012 18:32

Job and the city: Muscovites to elect their mayors
A new law on mayoral elections has been given first approval by the Moscow Duma.

30.05.2012 18:06