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​Japan puts Russian sanctions on hold in view of possible FM talks
The Japanese government has pushed back announcing new sanctions against Russia, which it planned to impose Friday, in expectation of a possible meeting of foreign ministers next week.

19.09.2014 10:46

OECD cuts 2014 growth forecast for advanced economies
The major global economies are losing steam, and are expected to forfeit some 2014 growth, the OECD said Monday. They are weighed down by a sluggish eurozone economy, growing Middle East tension, the Ukraine crisis, and the Scot’s independence referendum.

15.09.2014 11:00

‘Hai’: Okinawa pro-independence campaigners look to Scotland for inspiration
Campaigners from the southern Japanese region of Okinawa have traveled to Scotland to find inspiration in the ‘Yes’ campaign and boost support for their own independence bid.

15.09.2014 08:41

Nobel in action: Japanese woman undergoes revolutionary stem cell transplant
A breakthrough stem cell transplant has been carried out in Japan for a woman suffering from an incurable eye illness. Japanese doctors say it’s the first-ever operation when adult cells were used to repair the damaged organ.

14.09.2014 10:21

Second life: Scientists ‘reset’ human stem cells to ‘blank state’
Scientists have learned to “reset” human stem cells to their earliest state. This breakthrough gives hope for millions of people suffering from incurable conditions, like Parkinson’s Disease, as scientists hope their success would lead to cures.

12.09.2014 16:22

Late Fukushima manager flagged ‘density danger’ risks plaguing Japan's big nuclear plants
Recently disclosed documents show the late manager of Japan's destroyed Fukushima plant warned of safety risks in restarting nuclear power stations in the seismic-prone country, which is considering rebooting full-scale nuclear energy production.

11.09.2014 23:28

Japan may receive offensive military weapons from US amid rising tensions with China, N. Korea
The United States could provide offensively geared weapons to the Japanese military within five years, Tokyo officials say. The discussions between the two countries come as Japan’s rivalry with China intensifies and alliances shift among Pacific powers.

10.09.2014 17:14

'US base to move ahead in the face of Okinawan resistance’
Japan administration moves toward collective self-defense and transforms its military posture to get a free hand to take its military where it wishes, Mark Seldon, Senior Research Associate in the East Asia Program at Cornell University, told RT.

09.09.2014 12:34

​Shifty Australia dumps Russia, embraces India for nuclear deal
Australia has just dumped Russia and embraced India in a uranium export deal that is seen as a shift in diplomacy.

08.09.2014 14:20

US military suffers Japan base setback
Opponents of a new American military base in Japan won a key victory on Sunday. Candidates against the idea now have a majority in Noga's city assembly, as they look to block the construction of the new facility in the Okinawa Prefecture.

08.09.2014 06:20

Japan begins Pacific whale 'research,' plans to kill 51 minkes
Japan has launched its seasonal Pacific whale hunt off Hokkaido Island, planning to kill 51 minke whales for what it describes as “research” purposes. Earlier this year, the International Court banned Japan’s Antarctic whale hunt, deeming it unscientific.

07.09.2014 17:29

Fukushima: TEPCO sued for $868,000 in unpaid ‘danger money’
Four subcontractors, working to decommission the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Company, in the first-ever such case, saying they were never compensated for working in the radioactive area.

02.09.2014 13:33

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