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Star dust brought to Earth originated beyond our solar system
​NASA’s Stardust robotic mission which gathered samples from the flyby comet Wild 2 and brought them to Earth in 2006 has proven to be a success, with scientists saying some particles it collected originated from outside our solar system.

15.08.2014 12:03

Scientists report genetic abnormalities in birds, insects, plants near Fukushima
Fukushima’s nuclear disaster has caused genetic damage, a decline in the population and other changes to non-human organisms from plants to butterflies to birds in the area, US and Japanese scientists say.

15.08.2014 17:06

Red-level weather alert as typhoon Halong lashes southern Japan
A powerful typhoon is raging through southwestern Japan, prompting the country’s meteorological agency to issue the highest red-level weather alert. At least 6 people have been injured and half a million locals were urged to evacuate.

09.08.2014 14:55

US & Japan to develop fuel-cell powered sub – report
Japan and the United States are looking to develop a submarine to be powered by a fuel-cell. The joint venture will be able to see the vessel be submerged for up to a month without the need for recharging.

08.08.2014 10:00

Fukushima operator to decontaminate toxic water, dump into Pacific
For the first time, Fukushima Daiichi’s operator TEPCO says it is planning to pump contaminated water from the crippled nuclear plant and dump it into the ocean after processing it to remove radioactive materials.

07.08.2014 19:52

Fukushima nuclear meltdown worse than initially reported - TEPCO
The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s third reactor building was even worse than initially believed, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has announced.

07.08.2014 01:23

Japanese scientist at center of stem-cell scandal commits suicide
A Japanese scientist who believed he had helped create revolutionary advances in stem-cell research, which were later discredited, has committed suicide. Yoshiki Sasai, who thought he could replace damaged cells or grow human organs, hanged himself.

05.08.2014 12:44

Japan’s darling Natalia Poklonskaya on Tokyo Russia sanctions list
Crimean prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya, an internet sensation, whose anime-style images gained her overwhelming popularity, particularly in Japan, has found herself among forty officials put on a sanctions list by Tokyo.

05.08.2014 07:49

​US looks to Japan space program to close Pacific communications gap
Tokyo's space initiative, set for launch in 2019, is turning into an effort to enhance ties with Washington in the cosmos. The US, shifting its military strategy to the Asia-Pacific, is looking for partners to extend its satellite links in the region.

04.08.2014 11:57

​‘US casting its net around Asia‘
President Obama's “pivot to Asia” is largely rhetorical alongside the natural rise of China, but the risk is that the US will become ensnared in a military conflict by politically opportunistic allies, Australian historian Geoffrey Gunn told RT.

04.08.2014 10:35

‘Illegal and invalid’: China protests Japan’s naming of five disputed islands
Japan has given names to a cluster of five uninhabited islands in the East China Sea that are also claimed by China. Beijing protested the move, calling it “illegal and invalid,” and accused Japan of undermining China’s territorial sovereignty.

02.08.2014 13:47

100,000 amps breakthrough: Highest electrical current achieved in Japan
Japanese scientists have managed to achieve an electrical current of 100,000 amperes – by far the highest to be generated in the world – with cutting edge technology of stacking special tapes.

27.07.2014 17:27

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