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Japanese Navy gets biggest warship since World War II
The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force has just received its biggest flat-top helicopter carrier since World War II, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attempts to loosen the restraints of Japan’s post-war pacifist constitution.

25.03.2015 13:43

Feces to fortune: US sewage may contain billions in precious metals
Scientists are perusing poop at America’s wastewater treatment facilities for gold, silver, copper and other useful metals. The sewage from one million people could net $13 million in metals each year, all while making fertilizer more efficient.

23.03.2015 20:35

​Anti-base Okinawa governor blocks relocation of US Marines
Okinawa’s governor ordered a halt to an underwater survey needed for reclamation of land for a new $8.6-billion base, which would host US troops after the Futenma facility on the island is closed.

23.03.2015 11:54

Great Wall of Japan? Hot debate over Tokyo’s 400-km anti-tsunami barrier
Japan plans to build a 400-kilometer chain of sea walls to fend off any future natural disasters. Some parts of the $6.8 billion project will reach a height of five stories, but critics say it could damage marine life and won’t guarantee residents safety.

22.03.2015 15:32

TEPCO confirms almost all nuclear fuel has melted in Reactor 1
The Tokyo Electric Power Co. says almost all the nuclear fuel in one of its reactors at the Fukushima plant has melted. The discovery at Reactor 1 should help with the clean-up operation and decommissioning of the stricken nuclear power station.

20.03.2015 16:11

Japan scraps 3 nuclear reactors, with 2 more to follow
Japan is to decommission three nuclear reactors, which have outlived the government’s recommended 40-year service life. It will also be the first time a reactor is permanently shut down since the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011.

17.03.2015 08:15

‘Stick to peace’: China warns Japan to remain pacifist as Tokyo eyes military return
China has called upon Japan to “remain on the pathway of peace.” The statement comes after Tokyo announced plans to introduce a new law allowing it to offer logistical support to foreign allies’ troops in conflicts abroad.

13.03.2015 05:01

Wireless electricity: Scientists send energy 55 meters away through air
Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough step towards developing new energy source for humans in the future by for the first time transmitting electric power wirelessly to a pinpoint target using microwaves.

12.03.2015 17:33

750 tons of Fukushima plant water leaked – TEPCO
In yet another major leak at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) reported that 750 tons of contaminated rainwater have escaped the plant.

12.03.2015 02:13

Ex-Japanese PM finds Crimea referendum 'expressed real will' of locals
Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama arrived in Crimea for a three-day visit to get a sense of local opinion about reunification with Russia. He said that the referendum was “constitutional and expressed the real will” of the local population.

11.03.2015 04:53

Japan drafting new law to compete with US drones
Tokyo is looking into fast-tracking an industry-friendly regulation for its unarmed aerial vehicles (UAV) sector in order to compete with the rapidly growing US drone market, according to a robot panel advising the Japanese prime minister.

09.03.2015 22:16

Radioactive water found in Fukushima, source unknown
The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has started an investigation of newly detected ditch water containing relatively high levels of radioactive contamination. Officials aren’t ruling out that polluted water spilled into the sea.

06.03.2015 13:59