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​New info-sharing tool set to beat Japan’s anti-whistleblower law
A Japanese activist and academic has created a website to facilitate the secure leaking of sensitive information to media by civil servants, challenging Japan’s controversial new state secrets law.

19.12.2014 15:52

More equal societies do better. Why then are governments supporting inequality?
The OECD has confirmed what most sensible economy watchers realized a long time ago - rising inequality is smothering economic growth globally. As the erosion of the middle class continues, when will policymakers wake up?

16.12.2014 12:39

McDonald's in Japan forced to serve small fries as US ports dispute hits supplies
Japan is facing a McDonald’s French-fry shortage and can only afford to serve its customers small portions, because of a protracted union standoff at US West Coast ports. Rerouting shipments isn’t helping, Japan’s McDonald’s officials say.

16.12.2014 07:30

Sony Pictures issues media warning after hacked email humiliation
Sony Pictures Entertainment, suffering a steady flow of embarrassment following the incremental release of private emails relating to top-shelf celebrities, has warned media outlets against releasing any more information.

15.12.2014 08:33

Watchdog: Radioactive Fukushima water to be cleaned, dumped into Pacific
Japan’s nuclear watchdog says the radioactive water that has accumulated at the battered Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant must be decontaminated and dumped into the ocean, local media reported. The news has sparked concern from local fisherman.

13.12.2014 20:35

Hundreds of Japanese protest ‘unclear’ whistleblower law
Demonstrators flooded Tokyo’s streets over a just-activated secrecy law set to threaten the disclosure of government wrongdoings, as well as limit press freedom. The government hopes the added safeguards will lead to intelligence-sharing with the US.

10.12.2014 09:06

​‘End vagina taboo’: Japanese artist arrested for 2nd time over obscene products
The Japanese artist modeling objects based on images of her vagina has been arrested for a second time on obscenity charges.

04.12.2014 10:29

Japanese ‘Rosetta’ blasts off on asteroid quest
Japan’s Hayabusa-2 probe has sent back its first signals as it begins its six-year quest to land on an asteroid and retrieve rock samples. The explorer’s solar panels are working, providing it with the valuable energy it needs to operate.

01.12.2014 07:02

Always Be Chatty: Japanese robot Pepper will sell you a coffee machine… with a smile
Chatty robots in human form have started selling coffee machines to customers in Japan as of Monday, with their makers claiming that they can understand 80 percent of conversations, along with being able to play games with customers and answer questions.

01.12.2014 17:15

​Japanese currency hits 7yr low on Moody's downgrade
The Moody's rating agency has cut Japan's long-term credit rating over doubts the country will cope with its sky-high $11 billion public debt, the world’s largest.

01.12.2014 11:04

November 2014 in pictures: Comets, riots and marches...oh my!
Remember, remember, this mad month of November! 'Twas not a single day one could miss...from Al-Aqsa rage to Ferguson flames; volcanoes, monsters, and more. ‘Twas a month of comet landings! The pics are outstanding! So sit back and see what’s in store!

29.11.2014 10:55

China overtakes Japan to become world’s second largest stock market
The capitalization of the Chinese stock market increased 33 percent in 2014 reaching $4.48 trillion, which makes the market second only to the US.

28.11.2014 16:10