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​E-cigarettes contain 10 times the carcinogens of regular tobacco – study
Electronic cigarettes contain up to 10 times more cancer-causing substances than regular tobacco, according to the latest study by Japanese scientists.

28.11.2014 07:51

'For science’s sake’: Japan insists on whaling despite world condemnation
Japan has long defended its right to whaling, saying it’s purely "for the sake of science," not for business. However, after cutting whaling quotas by two-thirds, Japan announced plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic in late 2015.

27.11.2014 13:30

Largest Japanese active volcano spews ash and rocks, disrupts flights (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Dozens of flights were disrupted in Japan on Thursday as Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in the country, spewed ash and stones. This comes just two months after more than 60 were killed in the Mount Ontake eruption.

27.11.2014 14:16

Freeze-frame: Hacker attack halts Sony Pictures’ work for up to 3 weeks
Sony Pictures Entertainment warns employees to abstain from connecting to corporate networks, Wi-Fi or email after the studio was reportedly attacked by hackers threatening to reveal company “secrets.”

25.11.2014 05:37

Dozens injured as 6.8 earthquake jolts central Japan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has hit central Japan at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, damaging buildings and injuring at least 39 people according to the latest toll.

22.11.2014 13:32

Living under sea: Japanese visionaries unveil underwater city plan
Will people ever live in underwater cities? Japanese construction firm says it is possible by 2030. The visionaries revealed a $25 billion deep-sea eco-city plan called Ocean Spiral for 5,000 people that will produce energy from sea resources.

20.11.2014 17:12

Fastest train ride: Japanese whooshed at 500kph on maglev test ride (VIDEO)
In one of the fastest train rides ever, 100 Japanese passengers have whizzed along the route in Yamanashi Prefecture on the lightning quick floating maglev train going 500 kilometers per hour.

19.11.2014 18:21

Toyota unveils game changer hydrogen-powered car
Toyota has unveiled the first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car, which will start selling in Japan next month and in the US and Europe in 2015.

18.11.2014 19:12

​Japan’s PM dissolves Parliament, puts off tax rise to save ‘Abenomics’
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he is going to dissolve the lower chamber of parliament on November 21 and call early elections in an effort to save his grand economic strategy dubbed “Abenomics.”

18.11.2014 12:04

‘Okinawans sick and tired of US military presence’
Residents of Okinawa are concerned about the US military presence on the island, and the increasing crime rate linked to that, as well as the enormous impact on local wildlife, Conn Hallinan from Foreign Policy in Focus told RT.

18.11.2014 09:15

G20 in Australia: Buffoons v the Global South
Here’s the G20 in Australia in a one-liner: a tiny bunch of Anglo-Saxon political buffoons attempts to drown out the Global South.

17.11.2014 07:47

Planning your own funeral: End of life preparations on rise in Japan (PHOTOS)
Trying out a coffin, posing for a tombstone photo, and simulating the scattering of one's own ashes into the ocean: Japan’s elderly are taking funeral preparations into their own hands, with ‘end of life’ preparations gaining popularity in the country.

16.11.2014 17:35