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100,000 amps breakthrough: Highest electrical current achieved in Japan
Japanese scientists have managed to achieve an electrical current of 100,000 amperes – by far the highest to be generated in the world – with cutting edge technology of stacking special tapes.

27.07.2014 17:27

​McDonald’s Japan halts Chinese supplies after rotten meat scandal
McDonald’s restaurants in Japan have stopped selling products that use chicken sourced in China. It comes after a scandal involving a Shanghai factory which supplied expired meat products to global fast food chains.

25.07.2014 14:55

Abnormalities in Japanese monkeys linked to Fukushima nuclear disaster
Monkeys living in the wild in the Fukushima region have tested positive for blood abnormalities linked to radioactive fallout from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a new report.

25.07.2014 01:43

Japanese leader proposes first-ever 'Robot Olympics'
Nations of the world will be sending their most talented athletes to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympic Games – but if Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gets his way, they might also be pitting robots against each other.

23.07.2014 02:47

Regulator greenlights reactor restarts in nuclear-weary Japan
Japan’s nuclear watchdog has given a preliminary safety approval for restarting two nuclear reactors at the Sendai plant. A month is given for opposition groups to make their case against the move before a final decision is taken.

16.07.2014 11:43

Floating the ‘Pussy Boat’: Japanese artist’s vaginal works create uproar (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Celebrating vaginas could get you in big trouble in Japan. But an artist arrested for a taboo-bending explosion in vaginal art modeled on her own genitalia has the public on her side, lashing out at the country’s alleged hypocrisy.

16.07.2014 04:49

TEPCO failed to disclose crops over 20KM from Fukushima were contaminated
Fourteen different rice paddies outside of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant evacuation zone were contaminated with radioactive material in August 2013, Japan’s agriculture ministry has found.

15.07.2014 22:55

2,000 bombs a year? Japan’s plan to reopen nuclear reprocessing plant stirs concern
Reactivating a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant could provide Japan with enough plutonium to produce up to 2,000 atomic bombs a year, a US expert has warned. The “reckless” move could destabilize the region, as Japan’s neighbors rush to compete.

14.07.2014 06:37

6.8 quake strikes off Fukushima coast
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, with its epicenter located some 129 kilometers from the city of Namie in Fukishima prefecture, US Geological Survey reported.

11.07.2014 19:32

Japanese citizen sues govt. over military expansion attempts
Tokyo has been handed a lawsuit seeking to block Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's move towards expanding the military. The case is the first of its kind and comes as the pacifist nation slides towards reinterpreting rules banning armed force.

11.07.2014 11:13

Japanese engineers to build 60-foot Gundam robot
Japanese engineers have unveiled plans to create a moving version of the world famous Gundam robot from the 'Mobile Suit Gundam' anime series. The 60-foot machine is expected to be operable by the 40th anniversary of the cartoon in 2019.

09.07.2014 17:36

Western donors urge more money to help Ukraine recovery
Ukraine’s international donors including the EU, the US, Canada, Japan, and some international organizations have agreed further assistance to Kiev is crucial. They also said the Association Agreement with the EU opens a new stage in bilateral relations.

08.07.2014 13:41

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