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John Kerry

EU not sure where Ukrainian ‘Frankenstein monster’ will lead it
Wiser heads seem to be prevailing in the European Union, where many observers fear the West may have overplayed its hand against Russia, UK-based journalist Neil Clark told RT.

21.05.2015 14:14

‘Poroshenko’s political life hangs in the balance’
President Poroshenko of Ukraine is trying to walk a fine line between an extreme right fascist position to uphold for his political survival in Ukraine, and a more conciliatory tone he has to take internationally, says geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser.

20.05.2015 12:33

‘Russia-China growing trade not targeted against US, any other country’
The growing economic ties between Russia and China as well as their military cooperation are not targeted at a third country, including the US, Dr. Zhang Xin, Research Fellow at the East China Normal University told RT.

18.05.2015 09:07

‘Gap now opening up between Kiev & US, Kiev & EU’
The US, initially strongly behind Kiev, is now telling it to wind down the armed conflict, while the EU also wants the Ukrainian problem to be solved and the sanctions to be gradually lifted, said Martin McCauley, Author and current affairs commentator.

15.05.2015 08:26

Kerry urges Poroshenko to ‘think twice’ about reigniting Ukraine conflict
US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Petro Poroshenko against inciting any new hostilities after the Ukrainian president vowed to win back Donetsk Airport. Kerry was in Sochi for high level talks with President Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov.

12.05.2015 17:33

‘Kerry’s Russia visit shows US seeks to soothe relations’
Kerry’s trip to Sochi to meet FM Lavrov and President Putin demonstrates that the US is now aware that sanctions they imposed on Russia have failed and they are looking for a way out of the row, says Marcus Papadopoulos, editor of Politics First Magazine.

12.05.2015 15:17

Potatoes for Kerry: Russian FM keeps up gift exchange traditions
During talks in Sochi, the Russian foreign minister presented his US counterpart with a Victory Day t-shirt and baskets of potatoes and tomatoes. Looks like an answer to Kerry’s giving him Idaho potatoes in 2014.

12.05.2015 13:42

US Secretary of State Kerry traveling to Russia, set to meet Putin, Lavrov
The Kremlin has confirmed that US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on Tuesday after talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the situation in Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

11.05.2015 12:11

Kerry ‘issuing a warning’ to EU on Russia sanctions
John Kerry admitted the EU and the US have disagreements by issuing a warning and letting them know that if Europe doesn’t keep the sanctions against Russia “there is going to be something to pay,” Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Peace Institute told RT.

30.04.2015 10:28

Brand new world: The new Saudi exceptionalism in action in Yemen
Despite announcing a respite in its bombing campaign against Yemen, Saudi Arabia is digging its heels in, committing to this war more than it bargained for. What's next for the kingdom as the poorest nation in the Peninsula rises against imperialism?

23.04.2015 13:20

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal? That is the question
As neocons are working to destroy Iran's tentative nuclear deal, US President Obama will have to either reinvent America's policy or give in to Israel's lobby and Saudi Arabia's paranoiac fear of Shia Islam.

17.04.2015 12:07

Nuke talks: ‘US unrealistic expecting Iran to give up’
Tehran won’t make any concessions to the US in nuclear talks until the Americans agree to Iranian terms, particularly regarding the multilateral sanctions, not only oil and banking, says Gareth Porter, journalist and American foreign policy expert.

23.03.2015 08:58