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Katerina Azarova

Speak up: US law enforcement to use Russian software to store millions of voices
The US government has already proven its intent to see all evil, with the use of Orwellian programs like TrapWire. But it can now hear all evil too, as law enforcement agencies implement a tool able to store, analyze and identify voices in seconds.

22.09.2012 21:39

Secret weapon: Israel warns Iran by admitting to long-denied Syria strike
An Israeli cabinet minister broke his country’s official "no comment" policy, admitting to a secret 2007 air strike on an alleged Syrian nuclear reactor, using it as a pretext for striking Iran without US support.

11.09.2012 21:06

Unscripted ‘violence:’ Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy Show cut from Russian broadcasts
They’ve been maiming and killing each other for decades – but the infamous cat and mouse from the Simpsons are about to be cut permanently, thanks to a new Russian law purportedly aimed at protecting children.

30.08.2012 14:18

Target on your cyber back: DHS has a list of words deemed ‘suspicious’
The Department of Homeland Security has flagged hundreds of words as "suspect" – and while many make sense, like "Al Qaeda," some are just plain odd. For example, the DHS may dig through your cyber life if you write something about snow. Or pork.

26.05.2012 16:52

Fair play? UK to ban leaders accused of human rights abuse from Olympics
The seemingly noble move is tainted by the fact the very people accused of rights violations in their home countries – like the King of Bahrain, for example - were warmly welcomed by the Queen just last week, at her Diamond Jubilee lunch.

23.05.2012 17:49

Chicago in a jam: Security services to block cell phone towers ahead of NATO summit?
Reports suggest local law enforcement agencies are considering shutting down cell phone services in the city over the weekend and while it will most likely be very effective, many are questioning if the move is legitimate.

17.05.2012 18:11

NYPD loses face and first Occupy Wall Street trial
This case could have been a slam dunk for the NYPD, had it not been for one thing: the video showing police claims of disorderly conduct during an OWS protest to be completely untrue.

16.05.2012 16:33

Lewd or prude? Arizona netizens outraged over internet censorship bill
Does this article – or maybe just the headline – annoy, offend or terrify you? If so, it may soon be illegal in Arizona.

31.03.2012 20:01

Search and destroy: Military tries to delete Staff Sgt. Bales from Web
The notorious Afghan massacre suspect has disappeared without a trace from army websites. All photos and combat service details have been removed – but even the military can’t clear the world’s caches.

22.03.2012 17:07

Concrete message: Iran ‘supershield’ to thwart US ‘superbomb’
Pentagon’s joy at getting tons of money for a bigger, badder bomb was, apparently, premature. Iran claims to have invented “super concrete” – of a type that will stop the Massive Ordnance Penetrator from penetrating… well, anything.

12.03.2012 19:02

Corporatocracy: Ron Paul says US ‘slipping into fascism’
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul slammed America's system of governance at a rally in Kansas City, saying businesses and government are pushing the country into twenty-first century fascism.

19.02.2012 19:30

Cost a bomb: Congress approves $82 million for army’s biggest weapon
It weighs as much as the bell in Big Ben; it’s capable of plunging through 60 feet of reinforced concrete and has the most ridiculously sexual name imaginable for a deadly weapon – but the Massive Ordnance Penetrator is THE bomb, says the Pentagon.

10.02.2012 18:48