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‘ISIS, Albanian extremists – US supports anyone who does what it wants’
The US still supports the Kosovo project even though it has failed and brought great instability to the region making many Kosovan extremists join ISIS and come back now to destabilize nearby Macedonia, says International affairs commentator Marko Gasic.

13.05.2015 11:36

Macedonia unrest: ‘Warning to Skopje against new Turkish pipeline’
Macedonia has become important to the US as it could become the only way for Russia’s proposed Turkish Stream pipeline to reach Central Europe, which Washington does not want, political analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

12.05.2015 09:34

‘Kosovo exodus – lesson for West not to meddle in other countries’ affairs’
Kosovo was used as an instrument of the West, which caused problems for all the sides in the conflict, says political analyst Aleksandr Pavic. The key lesson is that every country should mind its business and respect international law.

24.02.2015 09:38

​Kosovars unwelcome in EU: Austria says ‘don’t waste time seeking asylum’
Kosovo’s biggest daily newspaper has published a full-page appeal from Austria not to waste time and money trying to get asylum in the EU. The call comes after a surge in the number of Kosovars smuggling themselves out of the impoverished entity.

20.02.2015 13:54

Blair hired to advise Serbia: PM Vucic ‘needs some kind of PR coup’
Serbian Prime Minister Vucic may present Tony Blair’s new advisory role for Serbia as a public relation success, and that Blair “will do wonders”’ for the country’s ‘European path’, foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

19.02.2015 15:39

Failed Kosovo project: people leaving, but NATO demands met
Although the EU and NATO have delivered nothing to Kosovo in the way of prosperity, being there still meets the criteria of allowing expansion further east, Serbian affairs commentator Marko Gasic told RT.

18.02.2015 11:20

8yo Kosovo boy returns to mother after 5 months in Syria with jihadist father
An eight year old boy from Kosovo, who had been abducted by his jihadist father and had spent five months in Syria, was reunited with his mother, following an operation conducted by the Kosovo intelligence.

16.10.2014 07:21

‘NATO has to get out of Balkans’
The normalization of relations between the Serbs and Albanians won’t be possible unless NATO, whose intervention in the Balkans in 1999 made things catastrophic, gets out from the region, Nikola Mirkovic, independent political analyst, told RT.

16.10.2014 09:32

Why we need a new anti-war coalition of the left and right
World War 1 began with an attack on Serbia by Austro-Hungary in 1914. Today’s ongoing World War 3 – of which the current US-led air strikes on Iraq and Syria are only the latest instalment – began with NATO’s attack on Serbia/Yugoslavia in 1999.

27.09.2014 15:44

​Kosovo and Ukraine: Compare and contrast
There have been at least two countries in Europe in recent history that undertook ‘anti-terrorist’ military operations against ‘separatists’, but got two very different reactions from the Western elite.

20.08.2014 09:35

Kosovo Liberation Army harvested Serb organs - EU inquiry
An inquiry by the EU has found “compelling indications” that ten Serb captives had their body organs harvested for illegal trafficking during the 1998-99 Kosovo war. However, it wasn’t widespread and there will be no trial, the lead investigator said.

29.07.2014 17:26

Tear gas, rubber bullets as ethnic Albanians clash with Kosovo police (PHOTOS)
Several people, including police officers, have been injured as ethnic Albanians clashed with security forces in the city of Mitrovica. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to stop protesters who were hurling stones and burning cars.

22.06.2014 18:10