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Laura Smith

Assange's extradition order upheld by Swedish Court of Appeal
Sweden's Court of Appeal announced on Thursday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's arrest warrant will be upheld by the Scandinavian state. Assange's lawyer said shortly after his client will take take his case to Sweden's Supreme Court.

20.11.2014 11:57

Scots lose pound if they vote ‘yes’ to independence in September - Osborne
An independent Scotland will not be able to use the pound as its currency, Britain’s finance minister George Osborne warned on Thursday, seven months before Scots vote on a referendum which could end their 307-year union with the UK.

13.02.2014 07:29

UK schools fingerprinted over 800K children, third without parental consent - watchdog
​Schools in the UK used biometric technology to gather the fingerprints of over 800,000 pupils between 2012 and 2013, a watchdog has found. In 31 percent of schools, children were roped into giving their fingerprints without parental consent.

11.01.2014 11:29

‘Taking food from the hungry’: UK govt rejects EU food bank subsidy
Britain’s Conservative government is facing a wave of criticism for refusing up to $36 million in EU food aid. The decision has prompted accusations the government is sacrificing the needs of the poor in favor of championing an “anti-EU ideology.”

19.12.2013 04:44

License to frack: UK govt to radically expand shale gas test drilling
The UK government is planning to open up thousands of square miles of countryside to fracking in spite of mass protests, UK media report. Local communities will be offered 100,000 pounds for every shale gas well where test drilling is conducted.

17.12.2013 04:41

Trading in repression: Activists slam 'whitewash' probe into UK-Gulf arms deals
Anti-weapons trade groups are up in arms after a UK inquiry said there would be no advantage in stopping weapon sales to Gulf states. The report claims there is no evidence British weapons were being used in “internal repression.”

22.11.2013 08:41

‘People at top of society are to blame for crisis, not immigrants’
People need to turn their anger against those really responsible for the economic crisis and its consequences, i.e. politicians and businessmen, not against immigrants who only benefit Britain, the Socialist Workers Party’s Charlie Kimber told RT.

14.11.2013 12:56

Iraq 2013: Deadliest year since 2008 with 7,000+ killed
With over 7,000 civilian casualties so far, 2013 has already become the deadliest year in Iraq since 2008. In its new project, a timeline of the violence, RT brings the sad record into the spotlight.

08.11.2013 03:34

‘We say no to shale gas’: World unites against fracking
Activists from 26 countries participated in around 250 protests on Saturday to demonstrate against fracking technologies, which they say contaminate groundwater and hasten climate change.

19.10.2013 23:59

Global Frackdown action: LIVE UPDATES
Activists from 26 countries are taking to the streets on Saturday to protest fracking technologies that extract hydrocarbons by pumping pressurized chemicals underground. They say fracking contaminates groundwater and hastens climate change.

19.10.2013 05:38

Global Frackdown: World protests shale gas production
Thousands of people worldwide are expected to join the Global Frackdown protest on October 19. ‘Fracktivists’ from over 20 countries will gather to demand an end to fracking and “dangerous” shale gas drillings.

18.10.2013 19:04

Using more contractors, drones may help sell wars to public, British MoD study suggests
Using more mercenaries, unmanned vehicles and elite forces could make the British public more willing to support future wars, given such losses do not rile the press as do deaths of regular soldiers, a strategic unit of the Ministry of Defence suggests.

26.09.2013 23:42