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NATO uses crisis in Ukraine to justify its existence – Russian Foreign Ministry
Moscow has slammed NATO’s Secretary General for using the political crisis in Ukraine to mobilize the alliance’s member states against an imaginary Russian threat and justify the very existence of the bloc in the 21st century.

10.04.2014 09:26

​Russian FM calls on Kiev, Washington to recognize interests of all Ukraine regions
Moscow is urging to provide for Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions to take part in the upcoming talks with Kiev, Russia, the US, and EU on the current crisis, says FM Sergey Lavrov.

08.04.2014 09:34

Lavrov: US and EU line on Ukraine ‘unproductive and dangerous’
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has slammed the West for “aggravating internal differences” in Ukraine. His ministry says Kiev should stop “blaming Moscow for all of your problems.”

07.04.2014 16:48

Russia wants answers on NATO troop movement in Eastern Europe
Russia expects detailed explanations from NATO regarding expanding its military presence in Eastern Europe, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The statement comes after NATO bloc announced boosting its military presence in the area.

03.04.2014 08:27

Lavrov: If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev govt, it must accept a Russian Crimea
The West is inconsistent in not recognizing the Crimea referendum as legitimate, while recognizing the military coup in Kiev, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. He accused the EU and US of duplicity and described sanctions as a “dead-end track.”

30.03.2014 09:32

Russia has no intention to send troops into Ukraine – Lavrov
There is no intention in Moscow to send its troops into eastern Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. Hopefully, the growing understanding in the West of Russia’s position will allow for a de-escalation of the tension, he added.

29.03.2014 09:20

Russia not clinging to G8 if West does not want it – Russian FM
Russia is not clinging to the G8 format, as all major world problems can be discussed at other international venues such as G20, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

24.03.2014 18:01

‘Useful, but no breakthrough’: Russia, US stalled after Ukraine crisis talks
US-Russian talks on Ukraine have not ironed out the two countries’ differences, with Washington saying it won’t recognize the results of the Crimean referendum and warning of Russia sanctions, and Moscow reiterating it will respect the republic’s choice.

14.03.2014 14:25

Lavrov: Right Sector radicals call the tune in Ukraine
Ukraine’s new government is under the influence of the radical nationalists, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister, who believes his foreign counterparts are well aware of the fact, but are unwilling to acknowledge it.

08.03.2014 09:24

Sanctions against Russia will have 'boomerang' effect, Lavrov tells Kerry
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told his US counterpart on Friday that any sanctions introduced by the US against Russia will have a “boomerang” effect and urged Washington to steer away from actions that could hurt relations between the countries.

08.03.2014 02:57

US imposes visa restrictions on Russians, Crimeans who ‘threaten Ukraine security’
The US is imposing visa restrictions on Russian and Crimean officials and private citizens who they accuse of “threatening Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity,” the White House says.

06.03.2014 12:43

US & Russia swap recriminations as Syria peace talks stagnate
US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Damascus of inviting terrorism on itself, while Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, accused the West on placing “bets on a military scenario,” following the stalling of the Geneva peace conference.

17.02.2014 16:10

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