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‘This historic drought demands unprecedented action’: California issues 1st mandatory water restrictions
California’s governor issued the state’s first mandatory water restrictions amid a devastating four-year drought. California may only have a year’s worth of water left, and snowpack measurements for the year are set to hit record lows.

01.04.2015 22:15

Indiana woman first in nation to be convicted of feticide
An Indiana woman was found guilty of the killing of a fetus and child neglect after delivering a baby she said was stillborn and throwing it in a dumpster. The case is the first time a woman has been convicted of feticide for ending her own pregnancy.

01.04.2015 19:32

Washington school shooter’s dad faces felony charges for illegal gun
The father of a teenage boy who fatally shot five students and himself in a Washington state high school last October is now facing felony charges after federal authorities determined that he illegally purchased the gun used in the rampage.

01.04.2015 18:49

Taser used by officers blamed for setting man ablaze—and not for the first time, either
Recently surfaced video shows the driver of an automobile burning alive inside his car after a Border Patrol officer used a Taser on the man and set the vehicle on fire. Strangely, the incident isn’t the only one of its kind in recent memory.

01.04.2015 17:09

​Obama announces hacker sanctions amid cyber-security ‘national emergency’
An executive order signed by President Barack Obama gives the United States government the go-ahead to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions amid a wave of high-profile hacks.

01.04.2015 13:45

‘Arkansas wants to be a place of tolerance’: Governor refuses to sign religious freedom bill
In a sudden U-turn, Arkansas’ governor didn't sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) bill, saying it doesn’t mirror the federal bill closely enough. He previously supported the controversial legislation that caused public backlash.

01.04.2015 16:04

​Conservatives will ‘rip up’ human rights laws, halt war crime claims, say Tory ministers
Soldiers will be safe from the “persistent human rights claims” that have dogged the British military for years because the Conservatives will “rip up” human rights legislation if they win the general election, two top Tories have pledged.

01.04.2015 11:07

Palestine gets ICC membership, opening door to Israel war crimes prosecution
Palestine is soon to have its day in court, after securing long-awaited membership at The Hague. Plagued by constant setbacks to a peace deal with Israel, the ICC newcomer wants to see Tel Aviv on the stand for alleged war crimes in Gaza.

01.04.2015 05:21

19yo Londoner charged with terrorism offences
Yahya Rashid of Willesden, northwest London, has been charged with terrorism offences. The 19-year-old British national is to appear at Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday following his arrest on Tuesday.

01.04.2015 13:02

Chicago teens arrested for child porn after group sex video posted on Twitter
Four suburban Chicago teens between the ages of 14 and 16 were arrested for allegedly posting a group sex video of themselves on Twitter. The group, three boys and a girl, recorded the consensual sex orgy but have run afoul of child pornography laws.

01.04.2015 00:29

US re-approves oil exploration in Arctic as Shell prepares to resume drilling
The US Interior Department upheld the 2008 lease sale in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, the first step in allowing Royal Dutch Shell to reopen its oil and gas exploration in the Arctic after halting operations due to a series of mishaps and legal setbacks.

31.03.2015 22:07

Justice Dept announces new rules for seizing financial assets
The Justice Department will place new limits on the government’s ability to seize bank accounts and other financial assets, Attorney General Eric Holder said, adding that criminal charges must be filed or additional evidence uncovered before it can do so.

31.03.2015 21:40