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​To fight ‘epidemic’ of police violence, new bill would ban chokeholds at federal level
A US Congressman from New York has announced new legislation that would ban police officers across the country from using chokeholds on suspects – an effort that he said is aimed at stopping an “epidemic” of police violence.

27.04.2015 23:21

S. Carolina police should get prison for repeatedly tasing disabled woman - prosecutors
Two former South Carolina police officers should get at least a year in prison for using a Taser eight times on a mentally disabled woman who posed no threat to the officers, federal prosecutors say.

27.04.2015 17:56

Man left in jail ‘with his colon hanging out’ for four days - lawsuit
An Arkansas man is suing officials in Saline County after he said he was refused medical care while in their custody for four days, despite having a prolapsed colon “literally hanging outside of his body,” according to court documents.

27.04.2015 14:54

Jihadi John’s extremist ‘mentor’ cannot be deported because of his human rights
An extremist preacher with links to Jihadi John and the Muslim Brotherhood is living freely in London, as the UK government cannot deport him due to the Human Rights Act.

27.04.2015 13:12

China card in Japan’s strive for remilitarization
Tokyo is using China “increasing its hegemonic motivation” as an excuse because the US will only accept Japan’s remilitarization if they think it can be used to contain China, Dr. Tim Beal, Asia specialist, researcher and author, told RT.

27.04.2015 10:51

Arms companies ‘getting more ethical,’ study claims
Anti-bribery laws have made British arms companies more ethical over the last three years, according to an NGO which has heavily criticized the industry in the past.

27.04.2015 10:42

St. Pete MPs propose ‘anti-parasite’ constitution changes
Lawmakers in Russia’s second-largest city seek mandatory community service for those who refuse work even when acceptable jobs are available.

27.04.2015 08:21

​Leaking CIA secrets leads to severe punishment, unless you are the boss
The problem with the lenient treatment of former CIA Director, David Petraeus, isn't that he was lightly punished for his leaks. It is that other whistleblowers are punished at all.

26.04.2015 19:23

Canadabis: Vancouver moves towards pot regulation, to federal govt’s dismay
Vancouver has a plan to regulate retail marijuana business. The federal government is voicing its opposition against the motion, saying that could be a leap forward legalization of pot - which is still officially illegal.

26.04.2015 09:25

​Hawaii on tobacco road to becoming first state to ban smoking for under-21s
Hawaii is on its way to becoming the first ever US state to raise the tobacco smoking age to 21. The groundbreaking bill passed the Legislature on Friday and is awaiting the governor’s signature.

25.04.2015 14:57

‘Lock them up in a cell’: Family of slain Louisiana man arrested for ‘sagging pants’ angry at police
Family members of Ervin Edwards, who died in a Louisiana jail after being arrested for wearing “sagging pants,” could not hide their grief and anger after seeing the video that showed him being tasered and left motionless on the cell floor.

25.04.2015 00:14

Baltimore PD release CCTV video in Freddie Gray case, admit medical care wasn't given
Baltimore police said Freddie Gray, who died in their custody after being arrested, was not buckled in when he was being transported and that officers “failed to give medical attention in a timely manner multiple times.”

24.04.2015 20:22