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Tens of millions in damages awarded to women secretly photographed by doctor
John Hopkins Hospital will pay out $190 million to thousands of women who claimed one of the facility’s gynecologists secretly recorded film and took photos of them in compromising positions.

22.07.2014 02:25

Tale of Two Cities: NYC approves ‘poor door’ for luxury high-rise
New York City is moving forward with a proposal that calls for a new high-rise apartment complex to feature separate doors for wealthy tenants and those living in the building’s affordable housing unit.

21.07.2014 22:56

Ohio village threatens Iraq war vet over therapy ducks
An Iraq war veteran who purchased ducks for physical and mental therapeutic purposes is now facing a citation and a hearing over the birds, as the village of West Lafayette, Ohio prohibits ownership of farm animals.

21.07.2014 16:35

Friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber faces 25 years in prison
Azamat Tazhayakov, a friend of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was found guilty of one count of obstruction of justice and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice in the first trial related to the April 2013 bombing.

21.07.2014 17:21

Revealed: More than 1,000 complaints of NYPD chokeholds in recent years
There have been over 1,000 complaints of New York City police misconduct in recent years regarding officers’ use of chokeholds, a city agency that is investigating the incidents said days after a man put into hold by police died in Staten Island.

21.07.2014 15:09

9 times more ‘stop & searches’ by Scottish cops than NYPD – report
Police in Scotland carry out nine times as many ‘stop and searches’ as New York cops, figures show. However, the disparity was not included in the police authority’s report.

21.07.2014 11:44

Bolivia legalizes labor of kids as young as 10
A law, legally allowing children to work from as early as the age of ten, has been signed in Bolivia this week, making the Latin American country the first nation to legalize child labor. International organizations say it contravenes UN conventions.

20.07.2014 18:41

Qatar bans migrant labor in summer heat after ‘World Cup slaves’ criticism
Qatar has approved new measures to improve conditions foreign laborers, including giving them a siesta. The move follows international criticism over 'World Cup slaves' as Doha prepares to be the first Arab host of the football tournament in 2022.

20.07.2014 17:01

Tobacco giant to pay $23bn damages to Florida smoker’s widow
A jury in Florida has awarded the widow of a chain smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 36 punitive damages of $23 billion. RJ Reynolds, the second biggest tobacco company in the US, plans to challenge “this runaway verdict.”

20.07.2014 14:55

‘Test it on Brits:’ Snowden says GCHQ even worse than NSA
British intelligence is permitted to go further in surveillance than similar agencies in other Western countries, according to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who spoke of GCHQ’s lack of oversight in a recent interview to the Guardian.

20.07.2014 09:15

Paris activists clash with police following ban on pro-Palestinian rallies (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A demonstration in Paris in support of Palestinians has resulted in several injuries and at least 38 arrests as activists clashed with riot police who used tear gas to disperse an unsanctioned rally that gathered despite a government ban on such rallies.

19.07.2014 20:08

Kim Dotcom’s Mega blocked in Italy for ‘promoting piracy’
The Megaupload founder’s new project Mega has been banned by an Italian court for promoting distribution of pirated movies. The hosting service is among the 24 blocked websites together with Russia’s largest email provider

19.07.2014 16:05

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