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Police say New Mexico forfeiture reform leaves them short-changed
Civil rights activists hailed New Mexico’s ban on civil asset forfeiture, the notorious practice of police seizing property from suspects not convicted of any crime. Some cops worry the reform will hurt the war on drugs – and their bottom line.

06.07.2015 14:32

​‘Lawful’ to wave ISIS flag on Parliament Square – Metropolitan Police
London police are under fire for failing to stop a man walking through Parliament Square on Sunday wrapped in the distinctive flag of Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) while carrying a child on his shoulders waving a smaller version of the flag.

06.07.2015 08:21

Climate Change: Russian factsheet
Climate change is one of major global challenges in the 21st century, which goes beyond pure science and represents a complex interdisciplinary problem that covers environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainable development in the world.

05.07.2015 11:16

California backs financial justice for pro cheerleaders
Groundbreaking legislation in California will for the first time ensure that cheerleaders are not cheated out of pay – and not just for game time, but also for countless hours spent on rehearsals and appearances. The new law came after numerous lawsuits.

05.07.2015 08:22

​Support for US federal rulings falls by 1/3 in just 5 months
Americans are increasingly in favor of states being able to ignore federal court rulings, a new poll has revealed. This comes on the heels of last week’s Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare.

04.07.2015 11:34

Iceland’s Pirate Party gets law passed abolishing ‘blasphemy’
The Pirate Party, which has just three MPs in the Icelandic parliament but is leading in opinion polls, has had its first bill signed into law, decriminalizing “blasphemy.” Churches opposed the move.

04.07.2015 10:42

Israel hit with rockets from Egypt’s Sinai, ISIS affiliate claims responsibility
Several rockets have struck Israel, with an ISIS-affiliated group in Egypt’s Sinai claiming responsibility. There were no casualties. Some view the assault as a follow-up to July 1, the Sinai Province group’s biggest one against Egyptian forces in years.

04.07.2015 06:01

Kiev in violation of heavy weaponry clause in E. Ukraine - OSCE
The OSCE has warned that a growing presence of heavy weaponry on the government controlled side of Donbass territory has put Ukrainian security forces in violation of the terms of the demarcation line, according to OSCE Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug.

04.07.2015 02:18

Netanyahu vs. UN: Israeli PM slams UNHRC after its report ratified
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the UN Human Rights Council following a resolution accepting a UNHRC report, which presented evidence of war crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014.

03.07.2015 23:18

‘Right to be forgotten’ granted to online users by Russian lawmakers
A controversial law known as the “right to be forgotten” was passed by Russian lawmakers on Friday. The new bill obliges internet search engines to remove links to private information about any citizen who requests the deletion.

03.07.2015 20:46

​High Court: 100s of asylum seekers, torture victims CAN sue UK govt for illegal detention
A landmark High Court ruling has paved the way for hundreds of torture victims who were illegally detained by the British government to sue the state for damages.

03.07.2015 15:22

Azelle Rodney’s death ‘avoidable’ claims mother, as police marksman cleared of murder
A police marksman has been cleared of murder in a British court 10 years after he shot and killed suspected robber Azelle Rodney in north London. Rodney’s mother continues to insist her son’s death was ‘avoidable.’

03.07.2015 13:38