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Snowden and Poitras sued for making 'Citizenfour' doc on NSA leaks
​A recently released documentary about former government contractor Edward Snowden is being considered a potential candidate for the Academy Awards next year, but all isn’t well for the team behind the flick “Citizenfour.”

22.12.2014 16:01

Italian neo-fascists arrested ahead of planned Christmas terror campaign
Italian police have arrested 14 neo-fascists after they uncovered a plot to assassinate politicians and attack immigrants. Members of a banned far-right splinter group also planned to attack police in a campaign of violence over the Christmas period.

22.12.2014 14:11

‘N.Korea – useful enemy for US to justify militarization of region’
Washington uses North Korea as a pretext to justify its pivot to Asia and the militarization of the Asia- Pacific region in its efforts to contain China, Christine Ahn, advisor to the Korea Policy Institute told RT.

22.12.2014 10:55

Spain investigates Catalonia leader over independence vote
Catalonia’s high court said Monday it is going to open an investigation into the alleged disobedience of regional president Artur Mas for holding a symbolic independence referendum in November in defiance of Madrid’s opposition.

22.12.2014 16:58

White Milwaukee former cop won't be charged in death of mentally ill black man
The former Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill black homeless man in April will not be charged in the shooting because the use of force was justified, the district attorney announced Monday.

22.12.2014 15:51

Controversial Arizona sheriff to challenge Obama immigration order in court
President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration, aimed at sparing nearly 5 million people from deportation, has prompted hard-line Arizona county sheriff Joe Arpaio to challenge the measure in court Monday.

22.12.2014 14:23

Why ICC prosecution won’t help improve human rights in N. Korea
If improving human rights conditions in North Korea is the real aim of the international community, putting the country’s political leadership on trial is a non-starter.

22.12.2014 09:19

Kevlar & caution: US police on high alert following cop killings
Police departments across big cities in the US are warning officers to take extra care after a spate of cop killings. Officers are advised to wear bulletproof vests and not make inflammatory posts on social media amid increased fears for their safety.

22.12.2014 06:41

Facebook restricts access to page supporting Russian opposition activist Navalny
Access to a page, created in support of Russian activist and blogger Aleksey Navalny, has been limited by the social network for Russian internet users. While the move got the online community worried over FB 'censorship', new similar pages have appeared.

21.12.2014 15:09

Foreign graduates to be ‘kicked out’ of UK in new immigration targets
Home Secretary Theresa May has unveiled plans to “move towards zero net student migration” by sending students home who have come to Britain on student visas and make them reapply for work visas from abroad.

21.12.2014 15:59

Jailed UK army veterans to be provided special support
​The British Ministry of Justice has announced that from January, all new inmates at UK prisons will be asked if they served in the army – to help provide special support and rehabilitation for them.

21.12.2014 15:31

Russian citizen executed in Pakistan, officials confirm to embassy
Russian citizen Akhlas Akhlaq has been executed in Pakistan together with three other men, all convicted of attempting to assassinate former President Musharraf, Pakistan’s Interior Ministry confirmed to the Russian Embassy.

21.12.2014 03:22