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Snowden ready to go to US if he gets fair trial - whistleblower's lawyer
Edward Snowden would go to the US if he was sure that he would face a fair trial there, the former NSA contractor’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena says.

03.03.2015 10:05

Hillary Clinton may have broken law by using personal email at State Dept.
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have violated a federal law during her four years in office after conducting all of her state business using a private e-mail account instead of an official State Department domain.

03.03.2015 04:13

Gitmo overseer exerted unlawful influence on tribunals, military judge rules
A military judge attempted to speed up the Guantanamo Bay war crimes tribunals by ordering the justices overseeing them to move to the US naval base in Cuba. Now one of those judges has ruled that the since-rescinded order was unlawful influence.

02.03.2015 22:47

NY police trained to use new technique to subdue suspects
Thousands of New York City police officers have been undergoing re-training at the city’s police academy, learning how to communicate better with the public and new, safer techniques of subduing suspects.

02.03.2015 22:24

Dutch govt says ‘sorry’ for ignoring danger over gas field earthquakes
The Dutch government apologized on Monday for discounting the dangers from earth tremors caused by natural gas extraction in the northern province of Groningen just weeks after a report blamed the government and energy companies for ignoring the dangers.

02.03.2015 21:06

Dutch embassy smokes DC mayor’s office over pot remark
Officials in Washington, DC say the district’s new lax marijuana rules are a far cry from what’s on the law books in Amsterdam, but the Dutch embassy begs to differ.

02.03.2015 21:01

New York minority officers forced to meet quotas or face punishment, lawsuit alleges
Minority officers with the New York Police Department face racial bias within arrest and summons quotas, and, compared to white officers, are disproportionately punished for failing to meet those standards, according to a new lawsuit.

02.03.2015 18:46

​Anonymous hacktivist deported back to US after failed asylum bid
A United States military veteran who claims he was interrogated and tortured by American officials as part of an alleged investigation into online groups WikiLeaks and Anonymous has been deported from Canada to face child porn charges in the US.

02.03.2015 18:34

​City of Cleveland says 12-yr-old boy killed by cops was culpable for his death
Attorneys for Cleveland, Ohio allege in a new court filing that Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy fatally shot by local police last November, was responsible for his own death.

02.03.2015 14:43

Norway strikes deal to send prisoners to Netherlands over jail shortage
Norway has signed a deal with the Dutch to rent 242 prison places in a bid to deal with lack of jail space, and cut the queue of criminals waiting to serve out their sentences.

02.03.2015 15:11

NGO launches dedicated anti-corruption social network in Russia
A Russian NGO has announced plans to launch a nationwide social network specially designed to fight bribery and corruption.

02.03.2015 09:42

Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes may face death penalty – wife
Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger already sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes, is to undergo a retrial for apostasy. If found guilty, he will face the death penalty, his wife told The Independent.

01.03.2015 19:45