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Darren Wilson leaving Ferguson police force
Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri cop who killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in August, is under “no illusion” about remaining a police officer, his lawyer said.

28.11.2014 15:13

25 years after Berlin Wall: Ukraine building barrier on Russian border ‘unacceptable’
The notorious "Wall" project is in full swing in Ukraine, with border guards burning the midnight oil digging anti-tank ditches and other fortifications along the Russian border.

28.11.2014 13:35

Activists advocate criminal charges for child porn possession
Members of Russia’s Public Chamber have prepared several proposals on how to protect women and children from exploitation. These include criminal prosecution for possession of child pornography.

28.11.2014 10:38

​London woman charged with promoting terror on Twitter
Police have charged a 22 year-old London woman with two offences under the Terrorism Act – encouraging terrorism and the dissemination of terrorist publications on Twitter.

28.11.2014 10:10

Father appeals death penalty for Nigerian child bride accused of poisoning husband
The father of a teenage Nigerian girl, accused of murdering her husband with rat poison in what turned out to be a fatal post-marriage celebration, is appealing to a local court in an effort to spare his daughter the death sentence.

28.11.2014 09:08

‘Mexico has to change’: Pena Nieto pledges reform after 43 students ‘massacred’
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said he will introduce constitutional reform after 43 trainee teachers were allegedly handed by police to a drug gang and then brutally murdered. He pledged to bring corrupt local authorities under the “rule of law.”

27.11.2014 23:50

‘Key to ISIS fighting - concerted pressure on its funding and sources of arms’
Instead of the illegal bombing of civilians in Syria a more systematic political process is needed to fight ISIS, including restricting access to its arms sources, which may be the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, British Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn told RT.

27.11.2014 13:30

‘Woefully inadequate’: Aid agencies slam UK’s sluggish resettlement of Syrian refugees
Britain has made a “woefully inadequate” attempt to resettle Syrian refugees, a coalition of international charities says.

27.11.2014 12:58

MPs suggest restricting activities of 'undesirable foreign groups' in Russia
Two opposition lawmakers want an official list of “undesirable foreign organizations” and criminal responsibility for Russians who assist the activities of these entities inside the country.

27.11.2014 08:15

Cleveland cops shot boy holding air gun 2 seconds after arriving at scene (VIDEO)
New video released from a police shooting in Cleveland, Ohio, shows a patrol car arriving on the scene and officers barely hesitating before fatally shooting in the stomach a young boy playing with an air gun.

27.11.2014 01:27

Background checks expected to slip past FBI as Black Friday gun sales skyrocket
Black Friday, the biggest retail day in the US, has been a boon for gun sales in recent years – but that’s a problem for the small FBI division handling background checks, as more sales slip through the cracks each year.

26.11.2014 21:54

Nationalist frenzy takes over pop star’s concert in Kiev (VIDEO)
A crowd of 100 nationalist youths attacked a music venue in Kiev ahead of a performance by popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. The mask-wearing attackers threw rocks and eggs, and used tear gas against concertgoers. A Russian journalist was also attacked.

26.11.2014 23:07