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‘Absurd’ to see political motives in Yevtushenkov case – Kremlin
There are no political motives in the case of businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov, says the Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

17.09.2014 11:09

Cold War was never over: US uses Ukraine to punish Russia for Syria
Washington doesn’t care what really happens in Ukraine but uses it in its aggressive attack against Russia, trying to punish Moscow for Syria as the Cold War has never been over, political commentator Aleksandr Nekrassov told RT.

17.09.2014 09:31

TTIP: Is the European Commission digging its own grave?
The European Commission’s reputation is abysmal. Technocrats and faceless bureaucrats dominate public perception. Accountability and legitimacy are absent. So why did the Commission reject the latest European Citizens’ Initiative, and dig its own grave?

17.09.2014 09:35

Germany wants Google’s search engine formula
As the European Union continues to pressure Google for concessions in an ongoing antitrust probe, Berlin is now urging the company to do the unthinkable: reveal its secret search engine formula.

17.09.2014 04:07

Duma seeks limits on foreign ownership of Russian media companies
A group of opposition lawmakers have prepared a bill that orders Russian mass media companies to have at least 80 percent of their stock held by Russian investors.

17.09.2014 07:05

Russian billionaire Yevtushenkov under house arrest in money laundering case
The main stockholder in the Russian conglomerate AFK Sistema and the country’s 15th richest man according to Forbes, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, has been placed under house arrest on charges of money laundering.

16.09.2014 19:57

Lawyers for accused Boston Marathon bomber deny posing as FBI agents in Russia
Attorneys for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev say allegations that three defense team members misrepresented themselves as FBI employees while investigating the case in Russia are "false" and "preposterous.”

16.09.2014 16:17

​Protesters dump Ukrainian deputy in rubbish bin (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Crowds outside the Ukrainian parliament seized a deputy, as he left the building for a break, and put him in a trash bin. The move puzzled politicians, as the deputy was behind the lustration law which the protesters had gathered to support.

16.09.2014 17:41

Tires on fire: Right Sector rallying in Kiev as govt votes for political purging (VIDEO)
A rally outside the Ukrainian Parliament building has turned violent as activists set tires on fire. Meanwhile, MPs have adopted a law that bans the closest allies of Ukraine’s deposed President Yanukovich from politics.

16.09.2014 14:45

Special status to E. Ukraine regions, amnesty to combatants - parliament
The Ukrainian parliament has approved laws on special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, as well as amnesty for those participating in the hostilities.

16.09.2014 09:26

Justice Dept. launches new intel-gathering program to ‘counter extremism’
The US Department of Justice said it is launching a national pilot program in a number of cities to try and detect American extremists interested in joining terrorist organizations and fighting in countries like Syria and Iraq.

16.09.2014 03:08

Tesla can sell cars directly to customers – Mass. high court
Tesla Motors earned a significant victory over traditional automakers and their system of franchise dealerships on Monday. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the electric car company can sell its products directly to consumers.

15.09.2014 21:40

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