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Ohio sheriff’s office rescinds 170 ‘fast track’ gun licenses
A two-year investigation by an Ohio sheriff’s office found that a licensed instructor who has offered “fast track” training classes for gun certificates had issued 170 certificates to people who had received improper training.

26.05.2015 22:07

Texas hold’em: Federal court reaffirms state block on Obama amnesty plan
A federal appeals court has refused to lift a Texas judge’s hold on President Barack Obama’s executive orders intended to legalize up to 5 million immigrants to the US, siding with 26 states that have challenged the controversial measures.

26.05.2015 19:35

Man claims NC cops arrested him for filming
A North Carolina man claims he was arrested by the Wake Forest Police Department for simply recording the cops as they took his friend into custody.

26.05.2015 17:17

Security giant G4S implicated in people smuggling ring at Vienna airport
An employee of the world’s largest security firm, G4S, is among 13 security staff charged with organizing a human trafficking gang at Vienna International Airport.

26.05.2015 18:04

​'Unfair competition': Italian court places nationwide ban on lowcost Uber service
An Italian court has placed a nationwide ban on Uber’s low-cost UberPOP car-sharing service, alleging it creates “unfair competition” for the country's traditional taxi drivers. The ruling also prohibits other car-ride services by unlicensed drivers.

26.05.2015 18:58

Repressive govts donated to Clinton Foundation, arms deals approved by Hillary’s State Dept. - report
Nations openly chastised by the US for dismal human rights records donated billions to the Clinton Foundation, while gaining clearance for weapons deals approved by the Hillary Clinton-led US State Department, according to a new report.

26.05.2015 15:49

Ireland veers left, Poland moves right, Europe’s unity is stretched
While Dublin celebrated a referendum victory for ‘marriage equality,’ Poland took a sharp turn to the right last weekend. This is just the latest evidence the EU is unworkable in its present form.

26.05.2015 15:21

No more pistol-whipping: Cleveland settles with DoJ over policing complaints
Officials in Cleveland, Ohio have reached a deal with the Department of Justice to settle complaints contained in a scathing federal review of the city’s police force released late last year.

26.05.2015 16:10

Tory plans to block online porn could breach EU law
Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to automatically block online pornography may soon be made illegal under EU law, a leaked memo has revealed.

26.05.2015 13:55

Defense Ministry to improve conscripts’ preparedness through military lessons in schools
Suggested amendments to the Law on Defense would make it compulsory for all Russian boys over 15 to attend “military sports” lessons, which would include shooting and knife combat.

26.05.2015 13:36

​Australia's opposition urges conscience vote on gay marriage following Irish referendum
The leader of Australia's Labor Party will put forward a bill on same-sex marriage next week, urging the government to hold a conscience vote. National debate has been renewed following Ireland's historic referendum last Friday.

26.05.2015 13:03

Counter attack: MP asks law enforcers to protect Russians from Google page counts
A ruling-party MP has asked state agencies to look into the operations of so-called page counters over fears these programs could collect personal data of Russian users and send it to third parties without any authorization or controls.

26.05.2015 10:34