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‘Systemic cover-up of torture- biggest scandal in UK’
There is evidence the UK elite and secret services were covering up their involvement in a CIA program which included torture and war crimes, and is the biggest scandal to come out of the 9/11 attacks, British journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

12.12.2014 11:27

5 not-so-peaceful Obama actions since nabbing Nobel Prize
Five years on from President Barack Obama scooping a Nobel Peace Prize, and the White House has taken anything but a Zen approach to foreign policy under his watch. Here are the top 5 not-so-peaceful moves the laureate has made in the past half-decade.

09.12.2014 13:31

US meddling to blame for ‘all Arab world sufferings’ – Sudan president
The bloody conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Libya are the result of the interference by the US, which wants to gain control over the rich natural resources of those countries, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir told RT.

07.12.2014 16:56

West's action in Libya in 2011 was a 'mistake' - Italy's foreign ministry
Western countries made a 'mistake' three years ago, when they intervened in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime, according to Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The statement came amid reports of the US discussing airstrikes on Libya's territory.

05.12.2014 15:25

The use and abuse of British Muslims
The British state continues to facilitate “Islamist terrorism,” but is using new legislation to promote racism and crackdown on dissent.

04.12.2014 15:16

Cheap oil, falling ruble, but ‘things not as bleak as they might seem’
As a lot of exported Russian oil and gas is paid for in foreign currency and the government debt is comparatively low, things in Russia are not that bleak despite the falling ruble and oil price, Patrick Young, global markets expert, told RT.

02.12.2014 12:37

Libya owes UK £14mn for scrapped military training scheme
The Libyan government owes the UK £14 million for an aborted training program aimed at helping the depleted post-Gaddafi army to recover. The program was abandoned after recruits sexually attacked locals near their Cambridgeshire barracks.

24.11.2014 11:24

​‘Idea of the ICC hearing Gaddafi’s son case is a farce’
The ICC was created by the same people who organized the overthrow and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, so the trial on his son Saif is a complete fraud, Lawrence Freeman, editor of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine, told RT.

10.11.2014 09:46

​‘UK responsible for current insecurity in Libya’
Britain should be held accountable not just for the poor security in Cambridge but for the insecurity that it created within Libya and spilling out across the whole region, Dan Glazebrook, political writer and journalist, told RT.

06.11.2014 11:24

Libya closes Benghazi port amid fighting with militants
The major Libyan commercial port of Benghazi has been closed due to ongoing fighting between Islamist militants and pro-government forces struggling to retake the area.

04.11.2014 18:31

Libyan soldiers trained in UK sent home amid sex assault allegations
Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Tuesday it was cutting short a UK-hosted training program for Libyan troops after five of the soldiers were accused of sexual assault.

04.11.2014 12:00

Putin meets Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, reveals concerns over Iraq, Libya
The situation in the Middle East remains complex, with events in Iraq and Libya raising the most concerns, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said as he met with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Sochi.

23.10.2014 16:23