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Hillary Clinton reportedly wiped email server clean, didn’t respond to Benghazi subpoena
The chair of the Republican-led congressional panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to respond to a subpoena for her private server, which she had used for government business.

28.03.2015 03:20

‘There can be only homegrown political solution to Yemen Houthi crisis’
A solution to the Yemeni conflict can’t be produced outside the country and the Saudi-led international intervention which violates the sovereignty of Yemen will only worsen the situation, political analyst Ibrahim Alloush told RT.

27.03.2015 11:55

Gaddafi gone, but much more instability, violence in Libya
As Libya has been in disarray since the fall of Gaddafi it’s very hard to say exactly what qualifies a civilian strike, who is combatant and who is not and which side is affiliated with which radical groups, Patrick James, Middle East expert, told RT.

24.03.2015 12:22

ISIS capitalizes on Libya security vacuum, establishes ‘legitimate foothold’ – State Dept.
Amid a chaotic situation in Libya three years after the US-led NATO operation toppled Colonel Gaddafi, Washington is voicing strong concerns over the growing influence of Islamic State radicals in the country.

21.03.2015 04:52

Congressional panel wants Hillary Clinton's private computer server
A Republican-led congressional panel has formally requested that Hillary Clinton turn over her private computer server, which she told reporters she used for government business when she was Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

21.03.2015 00:33

Heli-flop-ter: Britain mothballs costly Apache helicopters after brief Afghan, Libyan service
A quarter of the UK's hugely expensive Apache attack helicopter fleet was mothballed when Afghan combat operations come to a close, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted.

20.03.2015 15:10

Tunisia museum attack: Who’s behind it, what are their goals?
Groups like IS, which could be behind the Bardo Museum shootings, have a long history of collaborating with the West and may have attacked tourists just to maintain their anti-Western façade, says independent political analyst Dan Glazebrook.

19.03.2015 08:40

‘Kerry, Obama not ready to send envoys for talks with Assad’
US leaders recognize it could get worse in Syria if President Assad is dropped, they say it’s too early to send diplomats to talk with the government in Damascus, Jonathan Steele, columnist for the Guardian on international affairs, told RT’s In the Now.

17.03.2015 10:05

EU ministers balk on soldiers to Libya amid ISIS attacks, political crisis
The European Union’s foreign policy chief received a lukewarm response over a proposal to send EU troops to Libya amid political turmoil and terror threats - despite EU members having participated in bombing the country in 2011.

16.03.2015 13:25

​Three short videos explain why RT is worth your time
RT sees its place in the media landscape as a much-needed alternative voice to the mainstream consensus. After all, opinions considered fringe by the mainstream and that only RT dared to broadcast worldwide proved to be right on several occasions.

15.03.2015 14:26

'US policy in the Middle East is sclerotic swinging back and forth'
The US seeks to weaken the influence of the Iranian government all over the region the same as it did with Iraq, Libya and Syria, fearing any nation becoming too independent, Eugene Puryer from Answer Coalition told RT.

12.03.2015 13:04

How Iran and the US intersect in “Syraq”
A cliffhanger debate will take place this Wednesday at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Picture Secretary of State John Kerry, new Pentagon supremo Ashton Carter, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey all testifying in the same room.

11.03.2015 08:53