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British secret service admits rendition of Libyan opposition leaders bolstered al-Qaeda – report
The abduction of two key leaders of a Libyan opposition group with the assistance of MI6 a decade ago left the group in disarray and led to outside influences pushing it towards an Al-Qaeda-inspired agenda, an intelligence assessment concludes.

29.01.2015 18:27

Foreign intervention ‘100 times more likely’ in oil-rich states – study
Cutting-edge research from British universities has confirmed a belief long held by conspiracy theorists, realists and hawkish neoconservatives alike: oil drives foreign intervention and war.

28.01.2015 11:51

ISIS-affiliated gunmen storm Tripoli hotel, blow up car bomb & kill guards
Two Islamic State-affiliated gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. They took hostages and killed at least eight people, including an American and a Frenchman, before committing suicide with explosives.

27.01.2015 10:26

Outdoing Dr. Goebbels: The propaganda war against RT
Propaganda. At its best – a wonderful German pop group of the 1980s who had their biggest hit with a track named ‘Duel’. At its worst – the comments of the new BBG chief Andrew Lack, which put RT in the same category of ‘challenges’ as ISIS.

25.01.2015 00:31

​Damning UK Libya intelligence partnership revealed
Links between British intelligence agencies and Colonel Gaddafi’s government were much more extensive than previously thought, new documents reveal, with the UK shown to have used information gained from suspects allegedly tortured in Libya.

22.01.2015 15:08

ISIS takes credit for abduction of 21 Christians in Libya
An Islamic State affiliate in Libya has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of 21 Coptic Christian workers, posting pictures of the captives to online jihadi forums.

12.01.2015 18:17

Libyan cadet training security ‘inadequate’ – report
Security at an army base at Bassingbourn barracks where Libyan soldiers were being trained by the British forces was “inadequate,” a report has concluded.

09.01.2015 14:24

Suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist dies just before trial in New York
A man suspected of being a terrorist and scheduled to go on trial in a matter of days has died in New York. Captured by the US in Libya in 2013, he was being held on charges of participating in US embassy bombings in 1998.

03.01.2015 16:48

‘Libya instability, disruption of oil production - price for NATO intervention’
NATO intervention in Libyan internal affairs damaged the political and economic structure of the country and caused fighting, killing, and the disruption of oil production, Dr. Mamdouh Salameh, oil and energy consultant to the World Bank told RT.

30.12.2014 12:07

‘Systemic cover-up of torture- biggest scandal in UK’
There is evidence the UK elite and secret services were covering up their involvement in a CIA program which included torture and war crimes, and is the biggest scandal to come out of the 9/11 attacks, British journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

12.12.2014 11:27

5 not-so-peaceful Obama actions since nabbing Nobel Prize
Five years on from President Barack Obama scooping a Nobel Peace Prize, and the White House has taken anything but a Zen approach to foreign policy under his watch. Here are the top 5 not-so-peaceful moves the laureate has made in the past half-decade.

09.12.2014 13:31

US meddling to blame for ‘all Arab world sufferings’ – Sudan president
The bloody conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Libya are the result of the interference by the US, which wants to gain control over the rich natural resources of those countries, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir told RT.

07.12.2014 16:56