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Tony Blair 'was fully aware' of CIA kidnap and torture program
Former British PM Tony Blair was fully informed “every step of the way” about details of the CIA’s secret interrogation program, developed in the wake of the September 11 attacks, and “knew about everything” including torture, states a new report.

06.04.2014 11:52

​Libyan rebels agree to end eastern oil ports blockade within days
Rebel forces in eastern Libya have agreed with the government to soon end its months-long blockade of oil export ports, according to a senior leader of the group.

01.04.2014 21:29

Libya impasse: Urgent measures needed
A critical situation is unfolding in Libya which remains a matter of serious concern.

26.03.2014 08:27

Bomb strikes Libyan capital’s international airport
A bomb exploded in the major airport of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, sparking further concerns about the widespread violence that has plunged the crisis-torn country into chaos.

22.03.2014 08:21

Libya pleads with UN for help fighting off post-Gaddafi chaos
The Libyan government announced on Wednesday that it has asked the international community for help with a ‘War on Terror’ that threatens to plunge the already-divided nation into a state of full-scale disarray.

20.03.2014 03:56

​Crimea – another artificially created crisis
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the Ukraine/Crimea crisis has been “created artificially for purely geopolitical reasons." And he’s right.

14.03.2014 11:19

​Suffering continues in Syria 3 years on
While the world’s attention has been focused on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the conflict in Syria has continued unabated, and with it the suffering of the Syrian people.

14.03.2014 13:01

Libya is epicenter of illicit arms trade – UN
Libya has been named as the primary source of the illegal weapons trade that is fueling conflicts in at least 14 countries around the world, a final report from the UN's independent panel on Libya’s sanctions announced.

11.03.2014 01:06

Libyan govt launches military operation against oil trafficking rebels
Libya is poised for conflict as the government has ordered a military operation against rebel militias who have loaded $38 million worth of oil onto a foreign tanker in Es Sider. Rebels earlier said they would treat any attack as “a declaration of war.”

10.03.2014 17:42

Sarkozy’s phone ‘tapped’ over Libya cash claims
A French judge has ordered that the phone of former President Nicholas Sarkozy be tapped as part of a probe on whether he took funds from ex-Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi to help bankroll his 2007 election campaign, the French daily Le Monde reported.

07.03.2014 23:44

​Protect Syria: Will Samantha Power's words fool us again?
After several hours of closed-door Security Council Consultations at the United Nations on Thursday, February 13, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power came out in front of the press to do what she does best.

19.02.2014 08:04

'Brits fighting in Syria were no surprise for UK govt'
The UK government has been lying to its citizens by saying it is shocked by radicals going out to fight in Syria and returning, as the same happened in Libya two years ago, defense consultant Moeen Raoof told RT.

18.02.2014 07:09

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