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‘Netanyahu meddling in Israel Prize: rightists’ revenge to intellectual leftists’
The scandal over Israel Prize is the ruling right-wingers’ attempt to conquer one of the remaining outposts, the intellectual one, lead mainly by leftists, Gideon Levy, a columnist at Haaretz newspaper told RT.

17.02.2015 12:40

​Charlie Hebdo sells out hours after hitting UK shelves
The latest edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was greeted in the UK with huge lines, as swathes of people waited to get their hands on one of the limited 2,000 copies on sale in London.

16.01.2015 09:24

‘Everyone for themselves’: Church of England attacks Cameron govt for ‘evil’ inequality
The two most senior archbishops in the Church of England have openly condemned the UK government’s economic policies, claiming the nation’s poor are being “left behind” because politicians are obsessed with “Middle England.”

15.01.2015 09:28

Right-wing English Defence League thugs attack Russell Brand book group – thinking comedian would be there
A group of right-wing English Defence League thugs gatecrashed a Newcastle upon Tyne book club meeting because they mistakenly thought author and comedian Russell Brand would be present.

13.01.2015 13:21

Russell Brand and Dizzee Rascal to be studied in UK schools
Pop culture icons Russell Brand and Dizzee Rascal will be studied as texts in English A-levels after September 2015 as the UK exams regulator attempts to update the syllabus to reflect the broader uses of the English language.

08.01.2015 09:52

Controversial novel on France under Islamist rule released amid shock over Paris attack
A highly controversial novel, imagining France under Islamist leadership in the near future, has hit stores. The release shockingly coincided with a terror attack on a satirical newspaper that published cartoons of Muslim leaders and the Prophet Muhammad.

07.01.2015 08:05

'Eye of Sauron' finally appears in Moscow sky – but shares spotlight with holiday goodness
The Tolkien-inspired 'Eye of Sauron' eventually lit up Moscow's sky, following public controversy and opposition from the Orthodox Church. Having taken a virtual form, the image can be seen through the lens of a smartphone or tablet.

14.12.2014 15:06

Small Arizona town battles fictional fears of Ebola-like breakout
Mammoth, Arizona became the location of a modern-day ‘War of the Worlds’ type panic this week, thanks to a Reddit post saying that residents of the small town were dying of a mysterious Ebola-like virus which was being swept under the rug by authorities.

14.11.2014 20:14

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Snowden in Oliver Stone’s biopic
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now confirmed to play the role of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden in an upcoming Oliver Stone-directed film, ending months of speculation surrounding who would be selected.

11.11.2014 17:42

Denmark 'pours $428k' into researching fictional troll
Denmark’s Council for Independent Research (DFF) will contribute some 2.5 million kroner (US$428,000) into funding research on a fictional troll – an underground being which exists in popular myth on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

29.10.2014 14:48

Waitress donated $2,000 tip from Rush Limbaugh to pro-abortion group
A former Texas waitress hates conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and his political views so much that she donated the hefty tips he left for her to a pro-choice organization.

24.09.2014 21:09

Language arts teacher banned from school for writing fictional books
An eighth-grade language arts teacher from Maryland has been placed on administrative leave after school officials learned he allegedly authored two books containing questionable content under a pseudonym.

26.08.2014 17:59