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Lucy Kafanov

‘We had to get out’: RT talks to Iraqi refugees from ISIS-occupied regions
The ISIS offensive against Christian villages in northern Iraq forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. Exhausted and terrified, refugees found safe haven in Kurdish-held territory. They left everything behind and are now uncertain about the future.

30.06.2014 15:06

Civilian death toll spike as Taliban, Afghan forces go head to head
“America’s longest war” has entered a new phase, with civilians increasingly getting caught in the crosshairs as Afghan National Security Forces and insurgents battle it out for supremacy, the latest International Crisis Group (ICG) report reveals.

13.05.2014 09:36

Never-ending war: Thousands of Afghans displaced ahead of US withdrawal
“The war isn’t over,” residents of one of Kabul’s refugee camps told RT’s Lucy Kafanov. Tens of thousands of Afghans have been displaced by conflict in the country and their situation is not likely to change with the withdrawal of US troops this year.

11.05.2014 12:49

Heroin production hits record levels in Afghanistan - study
America’s war on drugs is failing in Afghanistan, with opium production at record levels, despite spending $7.5 billion to tackle the problem. Over 200 thousand hectares is used to grow opium, an increase of 36 percent, according to a US report.

01.05.2014 08:14

Iraq’s first election since US pullout marked by death over political optimism
Any manifestation of democracy in Iraq was inevitably accompanied by bloodletting, as parliamentary elections closed on Wednesday. The day marked the first polls since US withdrawal amid unrelenting sectarian violence.

30.04.2014 07:47

Over 3,000 violations reported during Afghan elections
More than 3,000 complaints of election violations have been reported following Afghanistan’s election at the weekend. Voter turnout was unexpectedly high in spite of a wave of attacks by the Taliban aimed at disrupting the election.

08.04.2014 10:38

War-weary Afghanistan chooses new president as uncertainty looms
Afghans head to the polls on Saturday to replace outgoing President Hamid Karzai. Looming over the vote, though, are threats of Taliban violence, a poor economy dependent on outside aid, and the impending exit of many foreign security forces.

05.04.2014 03:08

Afghan security crisis: 13 years & $100 billion after US entry
The Taliban pre-electoral campaign of bloodshed continues in Afghanistan, as six die in an attack on the interior ministry in Kabul. As the first democratic transfer of power approaches, the country is in terrible shape ahead of the 2014 US pullout.

03.04.2014 05:22

Expensive chaos: Billions of dollars meant for Afghanistan development wasted
'A lot of fraud' in Afghanistan is hampering any positive results Western money might bring, the head of oversight for US work in Afghanistan believes. RT’s correspondent in Kabul has witnessed some of the misspending.

01.04.2014 06:22

Militants attack election office in Kabul ahead of presidential vote
Four Taliban suicide bombers attacked the Independent Election Commission HQ in Kabul, engaging in a a gunbattle with the security forces. This is the third big assault on the capital this week, as the April 5 presidential election draws closer.

29.03.2014 09:00

Suicide bombing, gunfight as Taliban attack foreign guest house in Kabul
Afghan security forces have recaptured a guest house that was bombed and then seized by Taliban insurgents in an upscale residential part of Kabul. At least one Afghan child was killed, but four foreigners in the house were freed alive and well.

28.03.2014 13:28

US, NATO, EU lecture Russia with 'provocative statements' on Ukraine
Moscow has urged NATO to refrain from provocative statements on Ukraine and respect its non-bloc status after a chorus of Western politicians said Russia should be “transparent” about its military drills and avoid any steps that could be “misunderstood.”

27.02.2014 19:11