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Madina Kochenova

Iran, Russia demand immediate halt to Saudi-led intervention in Yemen
Iran and Russia have called on Saudi Arabia to halt airstrikes on Yemen as supporters of Yemen’s ruling Houthi militants stage demonstrations throughout the country, protesting against the Saudi-led military intervention.

26.03.2015 15:45

​Gas talks stall because Kiev has little ‘grasp of reality’
The Russian gas supply to Ukraine may be cut off on Monday after Kiev rejected all concessions offered by Moscow to settle Kiev’s gas debt. Chances are that the Ukrainian government is simply acting irrationally, some analysts say.

15.06.2014 07:09

At least 6 killed, 45 injured as passenger, freight trains collide near Moscow
A freight train crashed into a passenger train in the Moscow Region. Dozens of people are injured and at least six confirmed dead. Injured passengers were being carried out of the carriages by hand.

20.05.2014 09:31

Proton-M rocket carrying Russia's most advanced satellite crashes
A Russian Proton-M rocket with an advanced satellite on board crashed outside of Kazakhstan's territory on Friday, about nine minutes after lift-off. The Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite.

15.05.2014 22:10

‘Don’t sleep, Olya’: Rescuer of 9yo girl recounts agony of Volgograd blast aftermath
After a suicide bomber struck at Volgograd’s railway station, Yury Frisler rushed out of the building with 9-year-old Olya in his arms, desperately looking for an ambulance for the badly-injured girl who was losing consciousness.

04.01.2014 09:23

Lavrov: Win-win Iran deal only became possible after Rouhani came to power
The nuclear deal agreed between Iran and the P5+1 group is a win-win situation for everyone, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that it only became possible after Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, came to power.

24.11.2013 09:12

Brazilian Greenpeace activist leaves jail in St Petersburg, another 8 granted bail
Eight crewmembers, including the Arctic Sunrise captain, have been granted bail ahead of their trial for scaling a Russian oil platform two months ago. The first Greenpeace activist – a young woman from Brazil – has left jail in St Petersburg.

20.11.2013 13:14

UEFA punishes CSKA Moscow for fans’ racist chants
CSKA Moscow will have to play its next home European Champions League match with Bayern Munich in a partially closed stadium as punishment after its fans racially abused Manchester City’s Yaya Toure during a game on October 23.

30.10.2013 17:29

Bolshoi artistic director returns to theater after acid attack
The artistic director of the world famous Bolshoi Theater has returned to his place of employment and is ready to start work after an acid attack nearly blinded him eight months ago. Sergey Filin is set to undergo additional surgeries in Germany.

17.09.2013 16:18

No sensation, only standing contracts – Lavrov on Russia’s weapons supplies to Syria
Russia’s weapons supplies to Syria are fully in compliance with the law and do not give the government troops any advantage over the rebels, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said commenting on the hype in Western media.

17.05.2013 05:16

Greek govt threatens to arrest teachers over strike
Athens has threatened to arrest high school teachers if they carry out a strike this week, in a move seen as reassurance to Greece’s foreign bailout creditors that the country will not abandon its harsh austerity measures and unpopular reforms.

13.05.2013 08:39

Russia celebrates Easter as Holy Week draws to an end
Over 300,000 people have visited Moscow’s churches and monasteries over the Easter weekend in Russia. Police patrols were on alert to prevent breaches of peace and crime, with over 6,000 officers deployed to guard the city’s monasteries and churches.

03.05.2013 12:31