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After Magnitsky: Dead lawyer’s boss Browder and his legal hurdles – now in US
William Browder is a former Magnitsky boss and a vocal anti-Kremlin campaigner whose claims are believed to be the only evidence in a Russian money laundering case in NY. However, he is “fighting hard” to avoid testifying in US court, lawyers say.

14.08.2014 18:57

EU lawmakers urge ‘Magnitsky list’ sanctions against Russia
The EU Parliament passed a resolution calling on the EU Council to introduce its own version of ‘Magnitsky list’ sanctions against Russia, which consists of 32 Russian individuals.

02.04.2014 21:16

US will never use Magnitsky Act against its allies – senior MP
Even if American legislators agree to a broader application of sanctions against HR violators it still would not be used against officials from countries that are allies with the US, the head of the State Duma’s Foreign Relations Committee asserts.

17.01.2014 08:15

Interior Ministry dismisses reports of new Magnitsky case
The Russian Interior Ministry said no new cases have been brought against the late auditor and rebuked reporters for spreading unsubstantiated information.

13.01.2014 07:25

UK ignores Russian request on former Magnitsky boss Browder - prosecutor
Great Britain was the only state that refused to fulfill the official request of Russian law enforcers in the search for William Browder, the former head of an investment fund wanted for embezzlement and tax evasion.

20.08.2013 09:12

Russia attacks US attempts to broaden Magnitsky List
A top Russian diplomat has condemned attempts by the US to enlarge the so called Magnitsky List, and warned of immediate repercussions if the US decides to impose any new sanctions.

31.07.2013 10:19

Russian police ‘puzzled’ by Interpol refusal to assist in Browder arrest
Moscow is demanding an explanation from Interpol as to why it rejected the country’s request to put Sergey Magnitsky’s former boss William Browder, sentenced in Russia to nine years’ jail for tax evasion, on the international wanted list.

27.07.2013 10:58

Russia asks Interpol to put Magnitsky’s boss Browder on int’l wanted list
Fugitive CEO of Hermitage Capital investment company, William Browder, has been put on the international wanted list by Moscow, with a request to Interpol’s secretariat pending. Browder was earlier sentenced to nine years in jail for tax evasion.

25.07.2013 18:55

Court finds Magnitsky, Browder guilty of tax evasion
A district court in Moscow has ruled both the fugitive boss of the Hermitage Capital investment company and its late auditor guilty of tax evasion.

11.07.2013 08:03

Moscow court rules prison official not guilty in Magnitsky’s death
Moscow City Court has upheld the acquittal of former deputy head of the Butyrka detention center Dmitry Kratov, who had been accused of negligence that led to the death of Sergey Magnitsky, a lawyer for Hermitage Capital.

16.05.2013 15:15

Putin: Magnitsky’s death a 'tragedy,' no malice involved
President Vladimir Putin has stressed that Sergey Magnitsky’s death was not due to malicious intent. The Council of Judges also ruled the US ‘Magnitsky List’ was politicized and groundless, as the US had no access to documents relevant to the case.

27.04.2013 10:36

Moscow court issues arrest warrant for Magnitsky’s boss Browder
A Moscow court has authorized the arrest of William Browder, the head of the UK-based Hermitage Capital fund, in absentia, after he “refused to cooperate” with the investigation. Sergey Mangtisky’s former boss is set to appeal the warrant.

22.04.2013 19:27