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Maria Finoshina

'We have to defend our land': Lebanese Christians organize self-defense to fight ISIS
The threat of Islamic State has crossed the borders of Syria to neighboring Lebanon, making Christians there arm themselves to defend their land and families from the extremists. RT goes to the Syrian-Lebanese border, to meet the militias.

27.10.2014 13:19

Relics for rifles: Syrian rebels trade antique treasures for weapons (VIDEO)
Not only is Syria’s future at stake as the civil war rages on, but now also its past. The black market flourishing in the conflict now sees relics - some as ancient as 1,200 years - traded by rebels for AK-47s.

23.10.2014 10:06

3 Ukrainian atrocities lacking ‘transparent’ investigation
Ukraine has been flooded with violence this year: snipers in Kiev, the Odessa massacre, the discovery of mass graves in E. Ukraine - and all this on top of the MH17 crash. However, proper investigation even into these cases have been stumbling.

10.10.2014 13:41

Danger hidden underfoot: Unexploded mines & shells plague E. Ukraine civilians
A large scale mine sweeping operation is underway in south-eastern Ukraine as numerous unexploded shells and missiles remain in the area after months of deadly conflict.

04.10.2014 14:50

Ukraine’s killing fields in 10 stories: RT reporter goes to Lugansk and Donetsk
Lugansk and Donetsk residents are now used to gunfire. RT’s Maria Finoshina crossed Ukraine’s southeast to see the aftermath of war there - and how it is the civilians who have carried the heaviest burden: relatives lost, homes destroyed, and hope gone.

05.09.2014 08:28

Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid
As the first 30 trucks in the humanitarian convoy headed for war-torn eastern Ukraine, the residents of Lugansk - struggling daily without regular food supplies, water, electricity and under constant shelling - are looking forward to the aid relief.

22.08.2014 11:33

No green light to Red Cross: Russian aid convoy stuck at Ukraine border waiting for Kiev’s nod
The Red Cross has sent a formal request to Kiev to allow the Russian humanitarian aid to enter eastern Ukraine but has so far received no answer and the convoy has remained stuck on the border of the war-torn zone since August 14.

16.08.2014 17:20

‘White rain’: Donetsk residents record alleged phosphorus shelling (VIDEO)
Citizens of Donetsk have recorded multiple videos of white glowing particles raining on residential quarters. The locals allege that Ukraine's military has shelled their city with internationally prohibited phosphorus incendiaries.

15.08.2014 04:40

‘Life stopped for us’: RT joins Lugansk residents fleeing violence in E. Ukraine
Lugansk, where the sound of gunfire is routine and basics like water in short supply, has seen thousands flee for safety. RT’s crew joined civilians, driven out of their homes by “outright panic,” on their way to a refugee camp.

13.08.2014 08:46

​Ukrainian soldiers who escaped death at Russian border tell their stories
438 soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian armed forces have crossed into Russia, escaping the intense fighting. RT asked them why they did this and what’s next for them.

07.08.2014 14:20

Kiev ‘gave up on us’: Ukrainian commander tells why 400 troops escaped into Russia
The command in Kiev has blatantly abandoned a group of more than 400 soldiers encircled by the self-defense forces, the senior Ukrainian officer who requested sanctuary in Russia with his men has revealed.

05.08.2014 01:19

Staying alive under fire: RT reporter joins Lugansk ambulance as city gets shelled
Emergency services in Lugansk have been busier than ever with the city getting its daily shelling by Kiev’s troops. An RT reporter spent a day with an ambulance crew there to learn how the city’s new everyday reality is blood and destruction.

14.07.2014 11:46

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