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Marina Portnaya

'Totally innocent' unarmed 28yo 'accidentally' shot dead by NYPD police
A rookie NYPD officer “accidentally” shot and killed an unarmed African-American man in a staircase in a New York apartment block. It happened as Ferguson is tensely waiting for a grand jury decision on a police officer who shot Michael Brown.

21.11.2014 18:54

Homage to Catalonia: People defy Madrid casting ballots in symbolic independence vote
High numbers of Catalan voters are determined to take part in the highly-anticipated symbolic poll on Sunday on whether to split from Spain and become an independent country.

09.11.2014 07:36

Catalans gear up for symbolic independence vote Sunday defying Madrid’s ban
Catalans are holding a massive, symbolic regional independence vote this weekend, in defiance of the Spanish government’s ban. The polls look set to draw upward of 1.5 million people, to whom the vote is now about freedom of expression.

08.11.2014 05:52

ISIS beheads British hostage Henning, releases video
A new video has surfaced showing Islamic State militants allegedly beheading UK aid worker Alan Henning, the Associated Press reports.

03.10.2014 20:08

Iran’s Rouhani blames ‘certain intelligence agencies’ for rise of global extremism
The rise of violent extremism around the world is the fault of “certain states” and “intelligence agencies” that have helped to create it and are failing to withstand it, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in an address to the UN General Assembly.

25.09.2014 14:35

Restoring humanity: US-tortured victims of Abu Ghraib gain faces in photo project
A New York-based photographer has put faces to the Iraqi detainees tortured by the US military in Abu Ghraib prison, helping to restore their dignity after humiliation and brutal mistreatment.

20.09.2014 22:35

Blackwater Iraqi chief threatened to kill US govt. inspector - newspaper
A senior official of the notorious private security company Blackwater allegedly threatened to kill a government investigator probing the firm’s Iraqi operation. The US embassy sided with him and forced the inspector to cut the visit short.

30.06.2014 08:01

White House requests $500 million to aid Syrian rebels
The White House on Thursday asked Congress for half-a-billion dollars in aid to go towards opposition fighters in Syria at war with the regime of recently re-elected President Bashar Al-Assad.

26.06.2014 19:44

US business to run ads against Russian sanctions
Two top US business lobbies plan to run newspaper adverts warning that more Russian sanctions risk harming US workers and businesses. The trade associations warn that economic sanctions will translate into huge damages from lost trade with Russia.

25.06.2014 12:22

‘Welcome to Police Industrial Complex’ – former Philly commissioner
Dangerous, alienating, and sociopathic: the policy of arming police to the teeth with military-grade gear shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how crime is solved and what it means for a cop to walk the beat, former Captain Ray Lewis told RT.

16.06.2014 13:19

‘Not another broken promise!’ Activists across globe demand Guantanamo closure
Activists around the world joined the Gitmo Global Day of Action, demanding the prison be closed and an end to the indefinite detention of its inmates. They say President Obama has not fulfilled his promises as hunger strikes and force-feeding continue.

23.05.2014 04:51

Missouri execution with controversial drug halted in last-minute decision
A US inmate had a narrow escape from death via lethal injection, as his execution was suspended hours before its scheduled time. Attorneys claim their defendant’s rare birth defect would make his execution excruciatingly painful.

21.05.2014 06:01