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​‘Mideast unrest causes oil spike, but it’s only temporary’
The risk of political instability in Saudi Arabia always goes along with a spike in the oil price as it has been the largest producer of crude oil in the world, Amir Handjani, lead director at RAK Petroleum, told RT.

27.03.2015 14:07

China-led infrastructure bank - ‘indication of de-dollarization that makes US unhappy’
The US was forced to change its mind over cooperating with the China-led development bank after its allies refused to join a boycott, which is a sign that dollar hegemony is not lasting, Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute told RT.

25.03.2015 10:13

​New realities: Parliamentary BRICS
The idea to establish a parliamentary forum emerged as a result of the active development of diverse cooperation within the framework of BRICS.

24.03.2015 14:12

Lee Kuan Yew - Political genius personified
Once a swamp, Singapore has grown, despite lacking the natural resources of neighbors, to become one of the world’s richest states with a simply staggering economic growth, all thanks to the leadership of one great statesman.

24.03.2015 11:20

‘Ruble unstable for artificial reasons’
The US has created a belief that money would leave Russia, but money doesn’t flow out of countries that have extremely low debt and strong export earnings, Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, told RT.

23.03.2015 11:01

‘New gold fix may invite more players into market’
Following the replacement of the archaic practice of gold fixing with a more transparent system, skeptics who were put off entering the gold market are now changing their minds, John Butler, CIO at Amphora Capital told RT.

20.03.2015 14:57

‘Cozy & affordable’: West London studio boasts a shower… under the bed
A “cozy” crib in a lavish West London district is up for grabs for a mere £520 per month, as long as the prospective tenant is prepared to wash under their bed.

19.03.2015 16:36

‘Mindless vandals outside and inside ECB building’
‘Blockupy’ protest in Frankfurt is because people are angry at the economic chaos caused by the ECB and other bureaucrats who are set to foist the euro autocracy on them and it doesn’t work, Patrick Young, global financial markets expert, told RT.

18.03.2015 15:40

The Middle East oil/nuclear puzzle
US Secretary of State John Kerry may be starting to enjoy the brinkmanship, as he says it’s “unclear” whether the US and Iran would reach a political framework nuclear deal before the end of this month.

17.03.2015 14:45

‘EU dreams about single army to move towards United States of Europe’
The EU army initiative might provoke fury among Euro-skeptic politicians as they see it as part of the EU’s agenda for more power and centralization, Dr. Richard Wellings, Deputy Editorial Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, told RT.

10.03.2015 11:34

Anglo-Russian business and the ‘Cervix of Hamon effect’
Syntax matters. In these “sanctioned times” it is doubly vital that the nuances of meaning originating in Russian or in English be as fully congruent, tuned and replicated with cultural and contextual relevance when reborn into the other language.

04.03.2015 13:54

Alibaba expands into US to compete against Amazon, Google
A subsidiary of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened a cloud data center in Silicon Valley, the first outside its home market. The service is expected to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

04.03.2015 07:53