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​Bond bubble bursts anew
Celebrations over Greece returning to bond markets mask a whole new problem: Athens hasn’t returned to economic health. Rather, it’s the bond market which has gone quite mad.

16.04.2014 06:58

'Time for a new recession'
​The economic cycle is approaching its average upswing, but worryingly many Westerners have yet to encounter the green shoots of recovery.

14.04.2014 11:17

De-invest from the West: Russia urges companies to return assets to the motherland
As the US and Europe escalate talks of sanctions, Russia is recommending companies unregister abroad and bring their shares to the Moscow Exchange to protect from possible future sanctions and provide economic security.

09.04.2014 10:29

Pyrrhic victory for whistleblowers on Transatlantic Trade Agreement
​Unbeknownst to the wider world, two enormous trade deals have been in the works for the past several years.

02.04.2014 08:59

Zuckerberg, Facebook look for relief after stock wipe-out
Tech companies are looking to recover this week as speculative tech stocks drove down the NASDAQ Index last week, causing investors like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to lose more than $3 billion.

31.03.2014 07:35

First pay rise for Toyota in 5 years
Japan’s weak yen has translated into record-profits for Toyota, the country's biggest company. Now employees will reap the benefits, and get a pay raise for the first time since 2008.

12.03.2014 07:46

Russian markets recovering on Putin's speech
Russia’s key indices have bounced back on Tuesday, as President Vladimir Putin gave his first news conference since President Yanukovich of Ukraine was ousted. Putin insisted the market turmoil on Monday was a "tactical, temporary" decision by investors.

04.03.2014 11:32

​Death finance: Bankers have never been so insecure
Conspiracy theories suggest a massive banking cover up leading to widespread murder in financial markets. Whatever is afoot, several high profile banker deaths raise questions about the sustainability of the system.

24.02.2014 08:54

​Tesco clothing line F&F to kick off in Russia in 2014
The world’s third largest retailer, Britain's Tesco, is planning to expand into the Russian market, opening branches of its F&F clothing line in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

14.02.2014 07:13

Big Pharma presses US to quash cheap drug production in India
Powerful global pharmaceutical firms are leaning on the United States government to discourage India from allowing the production and sale of affordable generic drugs still on-patent, according to inside sources close to the matter.

07.02.2014 00:34

Currency devaluation ‘easy’ answer to emerging market crisis – Saxo Bank chief
The emerging market currency crisis is being propelled by policymakers who are “seeking the easy answer” by devaluing their currency, which is an unsustainable global model, Saxo Bank CEO Steen Jacobsen told RT.

30.01.2014 13:03

Growth, inequality are key challenges for global economy
In 2013 world leaders took a number of important policy decisions and practical steps that helped to tackle key risks, improve situation in the financial markets and sustain the recovery of the international economy.

29.01.2014 13:57

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