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Scientists emerge from 8 months of simulated life on Mars
Six scientists, who took part in the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation project by living in secluded space modules on a Hawaii volcano for eight months, have finally emerged from their isolation.

14.06.2015 12:24

Impact glass found on Mars may be key to discovering life, scientists say
By using NASA’s Mars satellite data, researchers found impact glass deposits on the Red Planet that could have preserved signatures of life.

09.06.2015 14:55

NASA to send 'flying saucer' to edge of space
NASA is trying to make progress toward a manned mission to Mars and, to that end, they are testing a cutting-edge spacecraft breaking system called the Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (SIAD).

02.06.2015 22:27

Supersonic entry: NASA’s ‘flying saucer’ to get second test drive
NASA is expecting to get closer to landing the first humans on Mars on Tuesday by launching the second test flight of its peculiar “Low Density Supersonic Decelerator” (LDSD) technology, known simply as a ‘flying saucer.’

02.06.2015 01:28

Billions on wars & only $29K to make Mars mission possible? - ‘Insane!’
The US spends billions a week on invading countries and losing wars but all it can offer for breakthrough ideas on protecting astronauts from possible space radiation on their way to Mars is $29,000, political cartoonist Ted Rall told RT.

12.05.2015 13:56

Human hibernation possible? Scientists eye new space exploration tech
Researchers are looking to apply hibernation-like techniques already used in medicine for space travel. Trials to test if ‘freezing’ a person for weeks is okay are already underway.

19.04.2015 05:34

NASA’s Curiosity finds liquid water below Mars’ surface
New measurements of Martian weather and soil conditions suggest the soil is damp with liquid brine, which can remain liquid when temperatures drop below freezing. The finding contradicts theories that it’s too arid and cold for water on the Red Planet.

13.04.2015 22:53

Mars’ vast glacier belts could cover planet with 1 meter of ice – study
Mars has been known to host water. Now, for the first time, scientists have measured the territory of its glaciers, which crisscross the planet, hiding beneath layers of dust. It’s enough to cover the whole of the Red Planet in a meter of ice.

08.04.2015 11:36

NASA testing ‘flying saucer’ Mars lander
Humanity may one day be landing on Mars in flying saucers, if NASA’s test of the new lander design proves successful. A rocket-powered disc with an inflatable donut-shaped balloon on top is intended to replace the 1970s landing technology.

31.03.2015 18:00

Top 10 breathtaking Mars pics taken from orbit
Mars exploration isn’t all about Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has snapped loads of beautiful hi-resolution images of the red planet's surface since 2006.

29.03.2015 18:05

​Martian microbes could be sustained by carbon monoxide, study claims
Atmospheric carbon monoxide has been identified as a potential source of energy for microbes – if there are any – on and near the surface of the red planet, in the past as well as the present, according to a new study.

25.03.2015 17:51

​Mars One not going anywhere, says finalist
Millions have been enthralled by Bas Lansdorp's dream of going on a privately funded, one-way mission to Mars, but a former NASA scientist and one Australian reporter say Mars One is not exactly what it appears to be.

18.03.2015 00:49