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Mass media

Swedish officer sparks Facebook debate over ISIS getting govt assistance over returning veterans
A Swedish officer on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan wants to see more government consideration for his fellow veterans upon his return home than what is being planned for former Islamic State fighters.

27.01.2015 10:25

​Health service tops voters’ concerns in UK general election battle
When it comes to the general election, the NHS will be of greater importance to voters than the economy, a new poll has revealed.

27.01.2015 12:07

​ISIS urges new attacks on ‘infidel West’ following Charlie Hebdo massacre
The Islamic State extremist group called on Muslims to initiate new attacks against Western targets, saying it would regard as “enemies” those who are able to carry out such assaults but fail to do so.

27.01.2015 06:18

Last week RT was with terrorists, this week it’s spies?
It’s like something out of a James Bond novel. The (alleged) spies are Russian. The redacted name in FBI filings appears only as “News Organization” – albeit “state-owned.” It could be anything – TV channel, wire service, newspaper, radio...

27.01.2015 12:32

Duma votes to return ads on cable channels with predominant Russian content
The Russian lower house has passed the bill that removes a ban on advertising on paid cable TV in cases when at least three quarters of the content used by channels is “national product” made using Russian investments.

27.01.2015 08:25

Former Fox employee commits suicide, claims he was fired over ‘sensational’ Facebook post
The former employee of a Fox affiliate in Texas committed suicide outside Fox News headquarters, blaming the network for ruining his life. He claimed he was fired over a "sensational" Facebook post about the Austin police chief.

26.01.2015 18:11

Israel FM Lieberman orders party to hand out free copies of Charlie Hebdo
After a leading Israeli bookstore cancelled a launch event for the ‘Survivors’ edition of Charlie Hebdo, outspoken politician Avigdor Lierberman instructed members of his party to buy thousands of copies and hand them out for free.

26.01.2015 15:30

BBC Arabic boss says Paris attackers should not be labeled ‘terrorists’
The chief of BBC’s Arabic department has come under heavy criticism for saying the perpetrators of this month’s attacks in Paris should not be labeled “terrorists.”

26.01.2015 16:20

Most Russians think Charlie Hebdo tragedy provoked by journalists themselves - poll
A large part of Russian society thinks the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine was prompted by the journalists themselves. Many said they didn’t approve of the attackers’ actions, but understood them.

26.01.2015 13:42

WikiLeaks ‘astonished and disturbed’: Google gave its major staff data to US govt
The whistleblowing website has learned that Google handed over to US authorities the digital correspondence and other data from three of its employees on suspected espionage-related charges related to the Chelsea Manning case.

26.01.2015 07:29

Soprano in space: 'Phantom of the Opera' star trains for ISS flight in Russian forest
World-famous soprano and songwriter Sarah Brightman is braving Russia’s wilds as she undergoes special astronaut training in survival in extreme rural conditions, which includes making a shelter from a parachute and cooking food in the forest.

25.01.2015 08:00

Outdoing Dr. Goebbels: The propaganda war against RT
Propaganda. At its best – a wonderful German pop group of the 1980s who had their biggest hit with a track named ‘Duel’. At its worst – the comments of the new BBG chief Andrew Lack, which put RT in the same category of ‘challenges’ as ISIS.

25.01.2015 00:31