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Mass media

‘Deport Justin Bieber’ petition receives 'no comment' from White House
Many Beliebers have been waiting anxiously to find out if their idol would be deported to Canada, but three months after a petition asked the Obama administration to send the pop star back home, the White House has responded with a firm "no comment."

19.04.2014 03:29

Number of cable ‘cord cutters’ continues to rise
TV and movie audiences have known for years that streaming services provide an on-demand viewing experience, but a new report has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Hulu and Netflix are now a legitimate threat for traditional cable companies.

19.04.2014 00:17

​Turkey’s Erdogan challenges constitutional court that lifted social media ban
Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan made a formal complaint with the country’s constitutional court on Friday, calling secret recordings spread on social media a violation of his family’s rights.

18.04.2014 21:13

Uproar as LibDem leader Zhirinovsky attacks pregnant reporter
The flamboyant leader of the populist nationalist party LDPR could be silenced for up to three months by ethics commission over a bizarre incident in which he insulted a pregnant journalist before starting shouting Christian messages.

18.04.2014 12:01

‘Letter to Jews’, which Kerry cited, appears to be fake
A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication.

18.04.2014 08:26

Media heavyweights join fight against removing ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from YouTube
The Washington Post, National Public Radio, and a number of other influential media groups have filed a court brief supporting Google’s effort to keep a controversial film online, joining a fight over actors' rights and what constitutes censorship.

18.04.2014 02:13

​‘West out of options on Russia over Ukraine?’
The West threatening Russia with political isolation are the tactics of people who have no other options, and that will not work, Lode Vanoost, former deputy speaker of the Belgian parliament, told RT.

17.04.2014 14:52

Londoners say UK politicians, media getting Ukraine crisis wrong
WORLDbytes, a citizen TV channel, hit the streets of London to gather residents' views on the situation in Ukraine. 'View on the Streets: Ukraine' found that the majority of those asked don't believe the version of events reported by mainstream UK media.

17.04.2014 20:48

Russian journalist detained, questioned for 15 hours by Ukraine law enforcement
A journalist for Russia’s LifeNews has been released after being detained and questioned for 15 hours by Ukraine law enforcement. Police allegedly “kicked” the reporter and “other peaceful civilians” during an armed confrontation in Mariupol on Wednesday.

17.04.2014 18:34

Putin’s annual Q&A: 10 most compelling quotes
Ukraine’s crisis was, predictably, at the center of Vladimir Putin’s annual televised interview. He said the situation can only be solved through a compromise between internal players. Below are the president’s ten most significant quotes.

17.04.2014 16:12

Anti-govt activists take control of TV tower in Donetsk region
Anti-Maidan activists in south-eastern Ukraine have reportedly seized a TV tower broadcasting for the Donetsk region, cutting off some digital Ukrainian channels and replacing them with Russian ones.

17.04.2014 15:36

Members of Congress will continue to receive free copies of Hustler
Hustler Magazine is well aware that copies of the 535 issues it sends free of charge to Capitol Hill every month are likely ending up in the trash, but the pornography publication isn’t about to cancel those complimentary congressional subscriptions.

17.04.2014 15:29

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