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Mass media

‘Halal sex shop’ owner denies opening store in Mecca
The owner of an online sex-shop in Amsterdam selling “sharia compliant” items has refuted reports that he plans to open a store in Mecca. He did, however, stress there wouldn’t be anything wrong about setting-up such a shop in the Saudi Arabian city.

25.04.2015 02:59

There's something in the water: Another ‘Russian submarine’ excites Western media
Once again Western media has rushed to judgment over a "Russian submarine", this time in an incident off the coast of Ireland. But maybe they should have done their homework on this one. Britain and the US have worse track records in the Irish Sea.

24.04.2015 09:16

​Hot shot: Reporter at Siberia wildfires creates fire hazard ‘for background pics’
Russia's major Channel One correspondent covering massive wildfires in Siberia is accused of setting dry grass ablaze for a nice shot for his report.

23.04.2015 16:20

​Too Right or best Left alone? Mainstream media spin shaping general election
As election campaigns continue apace in the run-up to May 7, British newspapers and programmers clamor to support their favored candidate and smear the chances of their opposition. But how much impact is the media war really having?

21.04.2015 09:30

Argentine president: RT answers world’s demand for all-inclusive news coverage
The inclusion of RT’s Spanish channel into the Argentinian state TV network illustrates the global demand for different points of view, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina’s president, said on her visit to the Russian capital.

22.04.2015 18:55

RT in Monte Carlo TV fest finals with Ukraine Mariupol report
An RT news program about tragic events in southeastern Ukraine in May 2014, when the National Guard opened fire on civilians on Victory Day, has been nominated for the Golden Nymph Award of the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

22.04.2015 18:44

Battle dress: Kiev lashes out at Elle mag over ‘Putin’s hand’ in cover photo
A Louis Vuitton dress featured on an Elle magazine cover has caused a scandal in Ukraine, accused of being sponsored by Russian President Putin. Activists say it’s no coincidence that the dress’s colors are those of Russia’s symbol of Victory Day.

22.04.2015 16:56

How mainstream propaganda works
​The Western media’s starkly different reactions to the murders of two opposition figures – Russian politician Nemtsov and Ukrainian journalist Buzina – is a case study in biased reporting.

21.04.2015 13:52

FM Lavrov Q&A marathon with Russian media
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is being interviewed by three major Russian radio stations. RT is exclusively screening the event, also aired by radio stations Sputnik Radio, Echo of Moscow and Moscow Speaks.

22.04.2015 08:40

California horse fugitive beaten by sheriffs gets $650,000 payout
The California man beaten by sheriff’s deputies after a three-hour desert pursuit will be paid $650,000, the San Bernardino County Board has decided, adding the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing.

21.04.2015 19:06

​Feds investigating video of US Marshal destroying woman’s camera
A California woman was videotaping an arrest in a Los Angeles suburb recently when a rifle-toting police officer charged towards her and destroyed the recording device. Now federal authorities say they’re investigating the incident.

21.04.2015 18:04

​Team America! Tories call on Young Republicans to boost election bid
A team of US Young Republican activists have been drafted in by an increasingly desperate Conservative Party to boost Tory efforts in key seats in the run-up to the general election.

21.04.2015 12:45