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Mass media

'F**k CNN!" - Angry protesters disrupt Ferguson live coverage
​Police in the vicinity of Ferguson, Missouri had their hands full Monday night when the absence of an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson spawned protests, fires and looting. For the media, covering the madness was an ordeal as well.

25.11.2014 15:48

Night of fierce riots: Ferguson madness as witnessed by RT news team (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The Missouri grand jury’s decision to acquit police officer Darren Wilson, who was accused of killing teenager Michael Brown, caused a wave of wild protests. RT has been covering the fallout, with one of its producers becoming injured in Ferguson.

25.11.2014 17:59

​Depression? There’s an app for that
Teenagers and young people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety will be encouraged to use smartphone apps to treat their conditions, a government minister has said.

25.11.2014 15:16

RT video agency Ruptly producer injured in Ferguson protests
A producer for the RT video news agency, Ruptly, Lorena de la Cuesta, has been hit by a tear gas canister during the latest Ferguson protests.

25.11.2014 13:14

Nevada speaker steps down after racist remarks surface
Nevada Assemblyman Ira Hansen will not take the State Assembly speaker position next year, he announced Sunday. The speaker-elect has faced criticism for a history of bigoted sentiments he expressed in a regular local newspaper column.

24.11.2014 16:44

New Scottish nationalist paper hits newsstands
A brand new daily paper claiming to “fly a vibrant flag for Scottish independence” has launched in Scotland. The National has been pioneered in the wake of September’s independence referendum which saw 45 percent vote in favor of separation.

24.11.2014 14:10

​CNN’s Amanpour show edits out criticism by visiting RT host
Last week, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour invited RT’s Anissa Naouai to discuss what the US channel called ‘a heated propaganda war’ by the Russian government. But it never showed viewers Naouai’s criticism of Amanpour's own propaganda exercises.

24.11.2014 11:11

#Shirtstorm backlash: Internet steps up to defend Rosetta scientist
British scientist Matt Taylor broke down in tears when apologizing for wearing a shirt with bikini-clad women during the comet-landing mission, but much of the internet says he’s got nothing to apologize for.

22.11.2014 20:15

Graphic content: CNN’s top 10 embarrassing blunders
Once a market leader among Western 24-hour news channels, CNN has now become infamous for its slipshod mislabeling of maps across the world. This week the network hit a new low, transforming a synagogue into a mosque.

22.11.2014 14:53

Rapper may face 25 years in prison over ‘gangsta rap’ album
Brandon Duncan has no criminal record, but could face a life sentence of 25 years in prison as prosecutors say his latest album lent artistic motivation for a recent string of gang-related shootings.

22.11.2014 07:46

Glenn Beck: Associated Press ‘raped’ Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby continues to fall from grace, and his comeback attempt is in a tailspin as eight women have now come forward to accuse him of sexual assault or rape. However, radio host Glenn Beck defended the comedian and actor, saying Cosby is the victim.

21.11.2014 21:09

‘No support, condolences from US’: Killed Press TV reporter’s sister raises questions about death
Relatives of an Iranian Press TV reporter, a US national killed in a suspicious car accident in Turkey, claim they have received no support from US authorities during the investigation, which is full of many inconsistent details.

21.11.2014 08:35