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Mass media

'Because I work for RT': Graham Phillips deported from Ukraine
Graham Phillips, an RT contributor covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, has been deported to the UK, following his arrest at Donetsk airport on Tuesday night.

25.07.2014 17:45

Censorship or error? Internet criticism for BBC removal of MH17 report
BBC Russian has come under fire from internet users after deleting its report on the MH17 crash for not meeting ‘editorial values.’ The reporter questioned says that local militia fired the missile, with locals talking about Ukrainian army planes.

25.07.2014 06:34

Tweet gone wrong: Outrage over AP post saying plane with bodies 'from Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven'
The Associated Press Twitter account took heat across the social media site Wednesday morning when it blasted out an errantly-worded tweet announcing supposed "breaking" news regarding the transport of Flight MH17 crash victims.

23.07.2014 16:02

The meeting that tested future relations between India and Pakistan
There can be only two ways to look at the meeting between Indian journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik and Pakistan-based India-focused terror mastermind, Hafiz Saeed.

23.07.2014 11:58

Journalist attacked by ‘angry Israeli’ during live report on Gaza (VIDEO)
A BBC Arabic correspondent was attacked on air in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, just outside Gaza, while reporting on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

23.07.2014 00:24

Time Warner enacts changes to fend off any future Murdoch takeover bids
Time Warner has changed its bylaws to prevent an unwanted takeover in the future. The move comes after the CNN parent company turned down an offer to be bought out by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch last week.

22.07.2014 23:30

Google to face lawsuit over providing consumer data to advertisers
A federal judge has denied Google Inc’s attempt to dismiss a privacy lawsuit brought against the technology giant for commingling user data across its different products and offering that data to advertisers without permission.

22.07.2014 18:06

Fake MH17 tributes on Facebook linked to porn, gambling sites
The crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on Thursday has inspired several scammers to set up fake tribute Facebook pages in an effort to capitalize on the tragedy.

22.07.2014 17:07

Major American and European airlines suspend flights to and from Israel
A number of major US and European airlines are immediately suspending flights to and from Israel after a rocket attack near Ben-Gurion International Airport. US Airways, Lufthansa and Delta are some of the companies grounding their planes.

22.07.2014 15:04

'​Western media blaming Russia for MH17 crash is kangaroo court'
Within a few hours of the Malaysian plane crash, Western journalists and politicians had made up their minds that Russia was responsible, but they are not investigators, Marcus Papadopoulos, editor of a UK political magazine Politics First, told RT.

22.07.2014 13:27

Claims about MH17 that MSM fails to question
Before any investigation into the MH17 crash even started, Western politicians and the media were quick to pin the blame for the tragedy on Russia. The parts of the story that do not support the theory seem to have been simply disregarded.

21.07.2014 11:43

UK right wingers don’t believe human rights exist
Almost half of Conservative and UKIP voters don’t believe in human rights, or in the European court that regulates them, according to pollsters at YouGov.

21.07.2014 13:25

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