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​The Russians aren’t coming! How & why hawks hype ‘threat’ to Baltic States
When it comes to trying to scare people in the West about non-existent threats, neocons and right-wing hawks in the US and Britain have no peers. In 2003, they told us that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. War ensued and thousands died.

04.05.2015 09:57

Election 2015: The bias of UK print media is breathtaking
Anybody walking into a London newsagent this weekend could be forgiven for thinking that the newspapers have been replaced by party political posters. Fleet Street’s lack of balance is staggering.

03.05.2015 16:32

CNN broadcasting in Russia again following 4-month break
US broadcaster CNN has gone back on air in Russia after changes to the country's legislation caused a four-month freeze in its operation. It is broadcasting again to paying TV subscribers.

29.04.2015 15:20

Guardian & FT among European news publishers backed by £108m Google innovation fund
Tech giant Google has offered £108 million to news publishers throughout Europe, including British titles the Financial Times and the Guardian, to help them “develop more sustainable models for news.”

28.04.2015 13:54

America’s 'most wanted' granny strikes again
During Hillаry Сlintоn’s first attempt to win the Demосrаtiс nоminаtiоn Shаrоn Stоne said the former First Lаdy should defer running for President until she hаs pаssed her "sexuаl prime" beсаuse her "intimidating sexuality" made "men аfrаid.”

28.04.2015 07:15

Party branding? Miliband spotted on late night visit to Russell Brand’s house
Labour leader Ed Miliband was seen leaving Russell Brand’s house late on Monday night amid speculation the comedian and activist may come out in favor of the party in the final week of the general election campaign.

28.04.2015 08:04

Police consider Katie Hopkins ‘hate speech’ inquiry
The specialist crime and investigations directorate of the Metropolitan Police is considering whether Sun columnist Katie Hopkins’ controversial piece on migrants breached the Public Order Act.

27.04.2015 13:10

Austerity has damaging psychological effect – something UK politicians should take note of
With only weeks to go before the general election in the UK, a statement by some of the UK's leading mental health experts has warned that austerity policies are having a seriously damaging effect on the psychological well-being of ordinary people.

23.04.2015 15:09

‘Emperor’s New Clothes’: Russell Brand calls UK general election ‘irrelevant’
Following a pre-release screening of his new film, ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, comedian and self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand called the upcoming UK general election irrelevant, claiming political justice is dead.

22.04.2015 08:09

How mainstream propaganda works
​The Western media’s starkly different reactions to the murders of two opposition figures – Russian politician Nemtsov and Ukrainian journalist Buzina – is a case study in biased reporting.

21.04.2015 13:52

Could Iran’s spy charges against US journalist put nuclear deal in jeopardy?
The US-Iran talks on the nuclear deal aren’t an indication of improving relations as the issue still has to be resolved, says researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, adding that the spy allegations are a different story and not related.

21.04.2015 10:12

Sweden’s ‘submarine scare’: Time to stop this kid stuff
“The public has the right to know”: this phrase is frequently used as a popular motto for the British media. Sometimes though, the media in this country seems not to notice some inconvenient facts.

15.04.2015 15:35