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Russell Brand says scrap Trident nukes, challenged by shipyard MP
Comedian and activist Russell Brand has received an invitation from docklands workers in Cumbria after he called for the UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent replacement program, which their jobs depend on, to be scrapped.

28.01.2015 13:26

Mind the bear! 8-foot Arctic giant roams London Tube & streets... to promote TV series
Commuters on the London Underground got a chilly Arctic shock this morning when an 8-foot polar bear was spotted on Tube platforms and in the capital's streets and parks.

27.01.2015 15:11

‘American Sniper’ sparks anti-Muslim hatred online – civil rights group
A US-based civil rights group has raised the alarm over a surge in hateful anti-Muslim messages, triggered by the release of‘American Sniper’, a new box office hit that shattered records and made over $180 million in four weeks.

25.01.2015 01:33

​Russell Brand gatecrashes Daily Mail owner’s home
Activist and comedian Russell Brand attempted to spring an unwelcome visit on the proprietor of the Daily Mail, only to discover the owner of the up-market London mansion was out.

20.01.2015 15:11

​#NoMorePage3: The Sun axes topless models
The UK’s top selling newspaper has stopped printing ‘Page 3’ topless models after a run of 44 years, delighting critics of the “sexist” images and angering both fans of the feature, and those who see it as an issue of freedom.

20.01.2015 09:38

‘What are you afraid of, boys?’ Greens poster demands inclusion in TV debates
The Green Party has turned up the heat on the TV election debates fiasco by releasing a poster, featuring Caroline Lucas MP and party leader Natalie Bennett directly challenging the decision not to include them.

19.01.2015 11:29

​Charlie Hebdo sells out hours after hitting UK shelves
The latest edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was greeted in the UK with huge lines, as swathes of people waited to get their hands on one of the limited 2,000 copies on sale in London.

16.01.2015 09:24

Election ultimatum: 3 party leaders threaten to go ahead with TV debates without PM David Cameron
Labour, Liberal Democrat and UK Independence Party (UKIP) leaders have delivered Prime Minister David Cameron an ultimatum, claiming they will participate in televised pre-election debates without him if necessary.

14.01.2015 11:13

McDonald’s ad references nat’l tragedies, inspires ‘snarky disbelief’, parodies
Not everyone is loving McDonald’s newest ad. While some people were moved by the montage of signs outside its restaurants, others thought the notes referencing national tragedies like 9/11 or the Boston bombing were in poorer taste than the ribless McRib.

13.01.2015 20:12

​#FoxNewsFacts: Pundit who claimed Birmingham ‘100% Muslim’ mocked on Twitter
A political pundit who claimed that Birmingham, the UK’s second city, is “100 percent Muslim” on the US FOX News network has issued a formal apology, after a social media explosion saw both he and the TV station ridiculed.

12.01.2015 09:12

Watch this space: NASA space students' song goes viral at warp speed
A group of NASA interns are on their way to becoming internet sensations after releasing a video called ‘All About that Space.’ The song is a parody of Meghan Trainor’s smash hit ‘All About that Bass.’

13.12.2014 11:02

Magic mushrooms pop up in Buckingham Palace gardens
A type of hallucinogenic fungus, or magic mushroom, has been discovered growing in the private gardens of Buckingham Palace.

12.12.2014 14:24