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​Iraq Diary, Day 8: Does the DIA report talk about ISIS roots?
We return to Baghdad, and my social media feeds are buzzing over a released DIA report from 2012 that talks about US policy in Syria.

26.05.2015 22:15

Know your place: Al Jazeera America purges CEO after NY Times criticism
There is nothing remarkable about Al Jazeera America replacing its CEO - and everything when it does so a day after the US paper of record attacks the network’s newsroom culture. Was this a network reacting to employee complaints, or “soft censorship”?

19.05.2015 15:24

​Canadian Navy turns to eBay to fix troubled supply ships
Canadian Navy technicians had to look for repair parts on eBay to fix one of its outdated supply ships, enabling it to hold out till it’s replaced with a modern one, briefing documents obtained by local media reveal.

19.05.2015 14:09

Tories ‘at war’ with BBC? Future of state broadcaster unclear under Conservatives
Following the appointment of license-fee skeptic John Whittingdale to the cabinet on Monday, the UK’s right-wing press have sent out a flurry of front pages declaring the government is already ‘at war’ with the BBC.

12.05.2015 13:02

Snowden freed: NYPD releases illegally installed bust for art show
National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has found a new home. Well, his likeness has anyway. A 100-lb bust that was secretly erected in a New York park will be on display at a Brooklyn art show. Police ticketed the artists for their installation.

07.05.2015 19:29

Forced out of Ukraine: Local journalists showing their true colors
I write just after leaving Kiev after being alerted a Ukrainian colleague – Denis Kazansky – instigated an online campaign that spiraled from him blaming Ukrainian intelligence for letting me into his country, to people calling for me to be killed.

06.05.2015 14:24

Russell Brand ‘thinks terrorism is funny’ says Cameron, as comedian backs Labour
Prime Minister David Cameron called Russell Brand a “comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny” after the British comedian publicly announced his support for Labour leader Ed Miliband.

06.05.2015 11:16

Stars and auroras: Stunning beauty of night sky in 5 time-lapse videos
While most people are asleep, photographer Randy Halverson has been capturing some stunning images. From night-time storms to fairytale like sunrises, he has produced a series of magical videos showing the hidden beauties of nature.

03.05.2015 16:05

​The Russians aren’t coming! How & why hawks hype ‘threat’ to Baltic States
When it comes to trying to scare people in the West about non-existent threats, neocons and right-wing hawks in the US and Britain have no peers. In 2003, they told us that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. War ensued and thousands died.

04.05.2015 09:57

Election 2015: The bias of UK print media is breathtaking
Anybody walking into a London newsagent this weekend could be forgiven for thinking that the newspapers have been replaced by party political posters. Fleet Street’s lack of balance is staggering.

03.05.2015 16:32

CNN broadcasting in Russia again following 4-month break
US broadcaster CNN has gone back on air in Russia after changes to the country's legislation caused a four-month freeze in its operation. It is broadcasting again to paying TV subscribers.

29.04.2015 15:20

Guardian & FT among European news publishers backed by £108m Google innovation fund
Tech giant Google has offered £108 million to news publishers throughout Europe, including British titles the Financial Times and the Guardian, to help them “develop more sustainable models for news.”

28.04.2015 13:54