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​The world is on fire: Who cares! It’s #TheDress color that matters
Is it black and blue? Is it white and gold? What color is it? The Western media has been fixated on these questions this past week – questions that have dominated TV news bulletins, newspaper headlines, and news websites.

02.03.2015 13:56

Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, and the corporate media phantasmagoria
The scandals that have erupted around the exposure of Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams as having lied about their wartime experiences provide us with a glimpse into the nature of corporate media.

27.02.2015 11:24

‘Kiev silencing opposition voices’
The Ukrainian government wants to get “total information control” and prevent any dissident voices heard by the citizens, Nicolai Petro, from University of Rhode Island told RT.

26.02.2015 13:00

'V for Varoufakis!' Greek finance minister burns EU with laser eyes (VIDEO)
As Greece’s finance minister clashes with the EU and his German counterpart over Athens' debt to the Troika of European lenders, a German show has uploaded a YouTube video spoof of the economic standoff between them, entitled ‘V for Varoufakis’.

26.02.2015 12:04

‘US spends millions on overseas propaganda, but no one is buying it’
Despite the US’ bottomless PR budget to influence overseas, people are not attracted by what’s on offer as they are tired of US interventionism, exceptionalism, and the bombing of their countries, Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute told RT.

26.02.2015 10:36

Blair hired to advise Serbia: PM Vucic ‘needs some kind of PR coup’
Serbian Prime Minister Vucic may present Tony Blair’s new advisory role for Serbia as a public relation success, and that Blair “will do wonders”’ for the country’s ‘European path’, foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

19.02.2015 15:39

UK media demonizing Russia as ‘guilty’ of daring to resist US Empire
The demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia by the British political establishment and media has never been as intense as in the wake of the recent Ukraine peace talks in Minsk.

18.02.2015 14:04

‘Democracy itself in peril’: Telegraph commentator quits over paper’s HSBC links
Peter Oborne, journalist and respected political commentator for the Telegraph, has published a lengthy resignation letter in which he condemns the links between the newspaper and scandal ridden banking giant HSBC.

18.02.2015 09:08

#UKIP100Days: Channel 4 slammed for docudrama political ‘bias’
TV broadcaster Channel 4 has aired its “controversial” documentary 100 Days of UKIP, which imagines life in Britain under a Nigel Farage government.

17.02.2015 12:55

Edward Lucas suggests KGB methods against RT
Why do some of the “moral leaders” of the West get so excited about the Russian media not agreeing with them?

10.02.2015 14:32

Fifty Shades of… DIY: B&Q to stock more kinky restraints for ‘mummy porn’ film release
Staff at hardware store B&Q have been urged to brush up on their intimate knowledge of “mummy porn” novel Fifty Shades of Grey and prepare for a heightened demand for cable ties, tape and rope as the BDSM film adaption hits the big screen.

10.02.2015 14:55

​UK's 'Facebook Army' will change nature of journalism & war
Britain’s ‘Facebook Army' sounds like a revolutionary change in military direction. However, it’s just the logical progression of tactics the country has used for decades.

06.02.2015 06:50