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Pentagon to monitor Iraq war veterans for chemical weapons exposure
After denials and cover-ups, the Pentagon has stated it will carry outmedical exams and health monitoring for service members and veterans exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq.

31.10.2014 03:50

​Chronic fatigue? The syndrome may lead to brain abnormalities
In an effort to relieve a condition that afflicts millions of people, researchers have pinpointed difference in the brain between chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers and healthy individuals: the patients' brains were found to have at least 3 abnormalities.

29.10.2014 15:17

Disaster charities launch ‘unprecedented’ Ebola fund appeal
The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal for funding to stop the rapid outbreak of Ebola, warning the epidemic is no longer just a medical emergency but a humanitarian catastrophe.

29.10.2014 09:36

Pot of Gold: Alaskan marijuana sales set to generate $100mn in taxes
If voters decide to legalize marijuana in Alaska, annual sales could generate more than $100 million in tax revenue by the time 2020 rolls around, sales analysts believe.

28.10.2014 21:20

Google nanobots: Early warning system for cancer, heart disease inside the body
Google wants your body to host a search engine, using a pill to diagnose health issues like cancer or heart disease. The nanoparticles inside would travel through the bloodstream and send their findings back to an exterior sensor.

28.10.2014 20:12

Second Ebola-infected US nurse beats virus, leaves hospital
Amber Vinson, the second of two Dallas nurses who contracted the Ebola virus while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, was released Tuesday from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, officials said. Vinson was cleared of the virus last week.

28.10.2014 14:29

150 liters a day: ‘Water - critical part of Ebola patients’ treatment’
Water supply is an essential part of Ebola treatment, which is needed not only for drinking, but also to wash clothes and disinfect hands and bodies, Laurent Duvillier, Regional Communication Specialist at UNICEF, told RT.

27.10.2014 18:16

Scientists create litmus-like paper Ebola tests taking 30 minutes
US scientists have invented a paper-based test for Ebola which takes just 30 minutes. The test-papers can be freeze-dried and stored at room temperature for up to a year and rehydrated with water whenever they are needed.

27.10.2014 17:40

Soldiers returning from W. Africa to be quarantined in Italy for 21 days
Soldiers and health-care workers returning from West African countries ravaged by Ebola will have different quarantine and monitoring requirements. US military members will be quarantined for 21 days, while most health-care workers will only self-monitor.

27.10.2014 21:09 sold to medical pot company for $200,000
While scientists are trying to contain the outbreak of Ebola, some entrepreneurs are cashing in on the hysteria. One Internet domain name trader has sold to a medical marijuana company in a deal worth $200,000.

27.10.2014 01:42

​White House wants ‘draconian’ Ebola quarantine orders lifted as nurse threatens lawsuit
The White House is urging the NY and NJ governors to repeal the mandatory Ebola quarantine order for all medical staff returning from W. Africa, after the quarantined nurse threatened to sue authorities for treating her “like a criminal.”

27.10.2014 00:19

'Future of battle with cancer': Toxic stem cells to fight tumors
A team of Harvard scientists has successfully developed special stem cells that produce toxins which kill cancerous cells, causing no harm whatsoever to healthy ones.

26.10.2014 11:25

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