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​First European baby born using revolutionary genetic disease-screening technique
A “healthy” baby has been born in the UK, from an embryo screened for genetic diseases, using karyomapping, a breakthrough testing method that allows doctors to identify about 60 debilitating hereditary disorders.

29.03.2015 16:10

Europe’s first ‘dead' heart transplanted in UK
The first ‘dead' heart transplant in Europe has been carried out in the UK. The procedure involves taking a heart that had not been beating for some time, and making it work inside the body of a living recipient.

29.03.2015 07:20

Switzerland launches criminal probe into illegal, 'anti-aging' animal cell injections
Swiss health regulators have announced that they started a criminal investigation into clinics and people who offered illegal animal cell injection as an anti-aging treatment.

28.03.2015 11:49

$214bn Medicare reform bill passed by House
In an unusual bipartisan effort, House lawmakers approved a bill that makes sweeping changes to the Medicare program and extends a children’s health insurance program. Eyes are on the Senate to see whether it approves the bill before recess on Friday.

27.03.2015 02:36

Heartless: US denies young Mexican visa for urgent transplant
A 20-year-old Mexican-born man with a severe heart defect has twice been rejected for a US visa despite an urgent appointment at a Rochester clinic. Jose Chua Lopez needs a double-organ transplant, a procedure not performed in his home country.

26.03.2015 12:45

Texas gets supply of lethal injection drug for death row
Texas has received a new batch of lethal injection drug pentobarbital, allowing it to conduct four executions in April. The state accounts for 37 percent of all executions carried out in the US since 1976.

26.03.2015 09:40

New research reveals why animals don’t get schizophrenia and humans do
While many animal species suffer from psychiatric symptoms, schizophrenia is specifically human. A new study has revealed that human speech and language play a role in the disease.

25.03.2015 20:29

Obamacare drops number of uninsured to lowest level in 15 years – CDC
Four years after the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, the number of uninsured Americans fell by 11 million, according to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

25.03.2015 02:36

Bill approving nitrogen gas executions advances in Oklahoma Senate
Oklahoma lawmakers are pushing for the state to become the first to allow the use of nitrogen gas as a back-up method to execute death row prisoners. The bill passed the state Senate Judiciary Committee and will now head to the floor for a vote.

24.03.2015 23:53

‘Open-source your body’: Top researchers launch online platform to share health data
Online project “Open Humans” has been launched to make health-related data available for scientists to mine for discoveries and also help volunteers make that data more accessible to researchers. The data can be used to study genome, microbes and viruses.

24.03.2015 14:55

‘Farage talking bollocks’: Doctor who survived testicular cancer challenges UKIP leader to ‘one-ball to one-ball’ NHS debate
A doctor has attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage over claims the National Health Service (NHS) almost killed him when he developed testicular cancer. Calling the claim “bollocks,” he challenged Farage to a debate on the future of the health service.

24.03.2015 13:57

British girl among medical students ‘volunteering as medics in Syria’
A 19-year-old British girl is among nine young medical students feared to have traveled to Syria to volunteer as medics in Islamic State-controlled territory.

24.03.2015 13:34