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Britain among worst hospital bed supply in EU
Patient capacity at British hospitals has dropped to the second-worst level in Europe, maintains an international report. The maximum occupancy rate was exceeded last year, and waiting for a bed seems to have become commonplace.

16.04.2014 05:23

Colorado presents marijuana vending machine
Marijuana legalization in Colorado has already sparked innovation in the state – pot tours, anyone? – and now one company has even created a vending machine capable of dispensing the drug to legally verified users.

15.04.2014 16:21

UK wastes $900 mln on Tamiflu, other ineffective drugs on WHO recommendations
The British government wasted $896 million dollars on buying two ant-flu drugs, despite their not being proven to prevent infections spreading or stop serious illness, according to scientists who spent four years studying and analyzing the medications.

10.04.2014 09:55

Hundreds of doctors paid millions a year through Medicare
New federal data has revealed some Medicare doctors to be earning millions of dollars in a single year through the program, and healthcare advocates are hoping the new information can be used to help find and cut down on abuse in the future.

09.04.2014 15:58

'Most challenging' deadly disease outbreak: WHO speaks out on Ebola dangers
West Africa is seeing the “most challenging” outbreak of Ebola virus since the disease was discovered 40 years ago. It comes as the death toll reaches over 100, the World Health Organization reported.

09.04.2014 08:36

Jury orders pharma companies to pay $9 bln in diabetes drug case
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and Eli Lilly & Co. have been ordered to pay $9 billion total in punitive damages after a US jury found the two companies did not adequately inform people of the cancer risks connected to their Actos diabetes drug.

08.04.2014 14:19

Electric shocks help paralyzed patients move again – study
Researchers have helped four paralyzed men to regain movement in their legs and feet using electric shocks. The study has been hailed as a milestone and could pave the way for groundbreaking treatments for paralysis patients.

08.04.2014 05:26

Deadly Ebola virus spreads beyond Guinea borders, suspected in Mali
Mali authorities have reported of three suspected cases of fatal Ebola virus. Liberia is now also believed to have witnessed the outbreak, which has killed at least 84people in Guinea and alarmed the world.

04.04.2014 04:44

Wrongful death suits have cost Veterans Affairs over $200 million since 9/11 - report
The US Department of Veteran Affairs has paid out more than $200 million in wrongful death payments to military families who needlessly lost their loved ones in the years since 9/11, according to a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

03.04.2014 23:08

Teacher has to resign after taking sick student to the hospital and paying her bill
A former Red Bank, Tennessee teacher claims she was forced to resign from her position – all for taking a sick student to the doctor and paying the bill.

03.04.2014 18:11

Doctors share horrors of West African Ebola virus outbreak as death toll climbs 80 (PHOTOS)
Blood-chilling accounts of suffering and death have emerged from Guinea, where an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has claimed at least 80 lives. Although not yet the biggest outbreak in history, it has alarmed the world as the virus still has no cure.

02.04.2014 17:43

Afghan H-bomb: Record opium harvest, billions burn in 'war on drugs'
Finding a solution to the thriving heroin production in Afghanistan has been on the back burner ever since the Americans occupied the country. The new Afghan president who will be elected next weekend will have to battle record opium harvests.

02.04.2014 05:15

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