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Forensic investigations may be possible 10 days after death with new method – study
Forensic experts will soon be able to determine an exact time of death for victims even after a span of 10 days thanks to a new method developed by Austrian researchers.

03.07.2015 17:57

‘Parkinson’s-fighting drugs can make you more selfish’ – study
Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease and depression have been found to affect users’ morality, new research suggests.

03.07.2015 12:01

House GOP, White House spar in court over Obamacare overreach
House Republicans say a new Supreme Court decision helps bolster their case that a provision of Obamacare is unconstitutionally spending money Congress did not authorize. The provision alleviates out-of-pocket medical costs for people with lower incomes.

02.07.2015 23:47

Over 11k dental patients in Sydney at risk of HIV, hepatitis exposure over poor cleaning
More than 11,000 dental patients in Sydney are in danger of having contracted HIV or other blood-transmitted diseases due to improper equipment cleaning throughout the city.

02.07.2015 08:08

Leaked TPP document shows US favoring Big Pharma
US negotiators in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks fought on behalf of big drug-making companies, championing intellectual property laws that would protect their profits from competition by generic medications, leaked documents have revealed.

01.07.2015 18:16

Understaffing contributes to prison suicides – report
Staff shortages in British prisons are in part to blame for the high level of suicides, a new report has found. Vulnerable young people in custody are not receiving the support they require.

01.07.2015 12:43

Gauze found in 80yo Japanese man’s stomach – 30 yrs after doctors forgot it there
A piece of gauze has been taken out of an 80-year-old man’s stomach during an operation on in Japan – after the doctors at the same hospital forgot it there 30 years ago.

01.07.2015 13:24

California governor signs one of nation’s strictest vaccination laws
A controversial California law that requires all children to receive vaccinations prior to attending public school in the state, and does away with waivers for religious or personal reasons, was signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

30.06.2015 22:46

Suicide by soda: Sugary drinks kill 184,000 people a year, study says
If you love the taste of an ice cold soda, you may want to determine whether the flavor is actually worth the risk. Sugary drinks are killing around 184,000 people each year, according to a new study.

30.06.2015 13:08

​2-week inactivity may leave kids with pensioner’s muscle strength – study
Parents who allow their kids to ditch football practice for video games may want to re-think their strategy. A new study says it only takes two weeks for children to lose one-third of their muscle strength, putting them on par with someone 50 years older.

29.06.2015 13:21

​Alzheimer's symptoms could appear 18yrs before diagnosis – study
Alzheimer's disease is usually recognized in old age, but early symptoms could appear up to 18 years before it is officially diagnosed. A new study suggests that mistakes made during memory and thinking tests could be warning signs of the disease.

29.06.2015 10:48

Israel intercepts & escorts Gaza flotilla flagship, RT columnist aboard
Contact has been lost with the Swedish boat Marianne, which had been leading the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, after other boats turned back. The IDF announced that they intercepted and searched the vessel which had tried to "breach the maritime blockade."

29.06.2015 02:10