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'West wants to cut Ukraine’s historical ties with Russia quickly & cheaply, but that’s impossible'
​The West is eager to pull Ukraine away from its historical ties with its neighbors, but it can’t be done quickly and cheaply as it involves an enormous transformation, says Richard Wolff, economist and author of Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism.

27.04.2015 09:17

New round of Iran nuclear program talks: Russia's view
The next round of P5+1 talks with Iran on its nuclear program may be held next week. The details are being discussed at the meeting of political directors on April 24 in Vienna.

24.04.2015 16:41

Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow?
The Moscow Conference on International Security in April was used as a venue to give notice to the US and NATO that other world powers will not let it do as it pleases.

23.04.2015 15:29

​Scrap ‘irrelevant’ Trident nukes, Scottish trade unionists say
The UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent has been branded “irrelevant” by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), which says the weapon system no longer fulfills the needs of Britain’s security forces and faces a marked fall in public support.

22.04.2015 11:09

Rafale deal: The diplomatic deftness of India’s Modi
India's Rafale deal is not just purchasing fighter jets. It’s also about facing the challenge of national security, and balancing defense relationships as well as bilateral ties. A diplomatic deftness PM Narendra Modi seems to have lived up to.

20.04.2015 15:15

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal? That is the question
As neocons are working to destroy Iran's tentative nuclear deal, US President Obama will have to either reinvent America's policy or give in to Israel's lobby and Saudi Arabia's paranoiac fear of Shia Islam.

17.04.2015 12:07

‘Ulterior motives behind sanctions, Ukraine crisis’
President Putin’s statement that sanctions won’t be lifted soon is justified as they are just a manifestation of a Western desire to have a geopolitical conflict with Russia, said John Laughland from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation.

16.04.2015 13:44

Daze in the park: 420 cannabis festival returns to UK
A controversial pro-cannabis festival will return to the UK as part of a worldwide series of events campaigning for the legalization of marijuana.

16.04.2015 13:31

Saudi Arabia signs up Egypt for ‘major military maneuver’
Riyadh continues to strengthen ties with powerful regional armies amid an ongoing air campaign against Houthi fighters in Yemen. It has signed up Egypt for a joint planning of a “major military maneuver” with other Gulf states in Saudi Arabia.

14.04.2015 23:41

‘US can’t afford more war and aggression, people want peace with Iran’
Iranians and Americans want peace, but a small but very wealthy and powerful group of oil corporations and military contractors in alliance with Israel want further hostilities throughout the Middle East, claims Caleb Maupin, International Action Center.

14.04.2015 08:51

Normandy Four backs withdrawal of tanks, small artillery from Ukraine ceasefire line
The foreign ministers of the Normandy Four group have reaffirmed their commitment to the Ukraine peace accords and discussed both the existing progress and the further steps required to ensure a long-standing ceasefire.

13.04.2015 20:50

‘I respect you, but I don’t trust you’ – Maduro to Obama
The Venezuelan and US presidents, whose strained relations cast a shadow over the Summit of the Americas in Panama, held a private meeting for the first time in an attempt to alleviate tensions over US-imposed sanctions.

12.04.2015 05:36