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'Hypocritical' Aussie FM at UN Ebola meeting warns against discrimination
The Aussie FM has slammed discrimination against nationals of Ebola-hit W. African countries while chairing the UN Security Council. Her statement has prompted accusations of hypocrisy as Australia has imposed travel bans on these states.

22.11.2014 05:55

Top US, Iran diplomats brainstorming nuclear deal compromise – reports
Top US and Iranian diplomats have decided to stay in Vienna to continue tense negotiations on the nuclear issue until a consensus suitable to both states is reached. Russia sees it as a good sign with FM Lavrov reportedly considering joining the talks.

21.11.2014 21:57

‘OPEC can easily decide to do nothing about oil prices’
There are three possible outcomes to the OPEC meeting: either they leave the situation as it is, or stick to a 30 million barrel per day ceiling, or cut oil production, Stuart Elliott, Senior Managing Editor of Europe & Africa Oil News, told RT.

20.11.2014 13:10

‘RT will soon be banned in Germany too’: Russian FM jokes at media conference
Russia's foreign minister, known for his impeccable diplomatic skills, brightened the mood of the media conference held in Moscow after meeting with the German FM. Both diplomats chuckled at a joke directed at RT.

18.11.2014 20:56

‘Sanctions politically useless both for Russia and Europe’
The history of sanctions shows that they are useless and harm the economy, so there is no reason to put them on Russia and the other way around, Marcus Pretzell, a German MEP from the Alternative for Germany party, told RT.

17.11.2014 16:02

G20 in Australia: Buffoons v the Global South
Here’s the G20 in Australia in a one-liner: a tiny bunch of Anglo-Saxon political buffoons attempts to drown out the Global South.

17.11.2014 07:47

Beijing chides American spy flights during military talks - Pentagon
China criticized US military spy flights near their territory during military discussions this week between the two nuclear powers. However, US officials said their reconnaissance missions in international airspace would continue.

14.11.2014 06:20

Putin on G20: Russia sanctions contradict club principles
Sanctions introduced by members of the G20 against Russia contradict the very principles of the summit’s activities, as well as international law, Russian President Vladimir Putin told TASS ahead of the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia.

14.11.2014 08:08

​British-Iranian jailed for watching volleyball could face 6 yrs on spying charge
The British-Iranian woman arrested in July for attending a minor protest at a volleyball match is reportedly facing charges of spying, having been detained for nearly five months. Under Iranian law, spying carries a potential six year sentence.

13.11.2014 11:37

‘We crossed the line’: US mea culpa at UN panel on use of torture
A legal adviser to the US has conceded that her country has “crossed the line” since the September 11 attacks, assuring that Washington takes responsibility for its deeds.

13.11.2014 05:53

Action stars Arnold, Sly chip in for the IDF
Hollywood movie stars like to be associated with worthy causes. So with this in mind, what better cause than a fundraiser for the “brave warriors” of the IDF?

12.11.2014 15:51

Pax Pacificana? US, China agree to avoid military conflict
The US president has announced Washington’s and Beijing’s agreement to avoid military confrontation by reducing Air Force- and Navy-related incidents. Barack Obama secured the deal after long talks with his China’s Xi Jinping at the APEC summit.

12.11.2014 05:50