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Iran, P5+1 world powers extend nuclear talks deadline by a week
The six world powers and Iran have come to an agreement to extend the interim deal on Tehran’s nuclear program until July 7 to allow more time for talks to reach a final deal. The decision was made Tuesday, which had previously been set as a deadline.

30.06.2015 15:06

As Iran nuclear deadline passes, narrative battle heats up (Op-Ed)
It’s D-Day in Vienna, and the parties sitting across the negotiating table still haven’t ironed out terms to settle a 12-year standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. Expect this deadline to be missed. And prepare for a lot of hot air to fill its space.

30.06.2015 14:17

Ray of hope for Iran nuclear deal before June 30 deadline
There is still hope that a deal between Iran and the P5+1 on Tehran’s nuclear program can be reached before the June 30 deadline, but some gaps remain despite an effort by negotiators to smooth over disagreements at discussions in Vienna this weekend.

29.06.2015 03:34

​'Referendum a weapon for Greece in Eurozone debt talks'
The Greek people now have the right to decide whether or not they want to accept more austerity measures in return for loans that have thus far failed to help the Greek economy, experts on the crisis told RT.

28.06.2015 11:36

​Will 'interests outweigh obstacles' in US-China relationship?
Although there were quite a few feel-good announcements, the Strategic & Economic Dialogue clearly shows mutual trust in Sino-US relation remains a massive work to be done

27.06.2015 15:31

EU reforms won’t be ratified in time for Brexit referendum, Cameron told
Ministers have accused Prime Minister David Cameron of committing to a renegotiation of the UK’s relationship with Europe that will remain unratified when a referendum on EU membership takes place.

26.06.2015 08:44

‘Greece trying to negotiate from position of both weakness and strength’
Athens still has cards up its sleeve and some surprising ones are likely to be played in its negotiations with the EU before the debt deadline, John Butler, Chief Investment Officer at Amphora Capital, told RT.

25.06.2015 13:17

​Secret doc: US to give Tehran nuclear technology, refurbish reactor under deal
As negotiators are about to gather in Vienna for the final round of talks on Iran’s controversial nuclear program, the US is offering concessions to Tehran to sweeten the deal, a draft document detailing would-be deal’s term shows.

25.06.2015 13:37

​Israel suspends defense aid talks with US, awaits outcome of Iran nuclear deal
Israel has suspended talks with the US over defense aid to the Jewish state. The freeze will remain at least until nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group have ended. It comes amid increased tensions between the White House and Tel Aviv.

25.06.2015 11:02

Disability protesters clash with police in attempt to storm Parliament
Thirty disability protesters were escorted from Westminster Palace by police after trying to storm the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

24.06.2015 13:36

Debt crisis: Will Greece exit euro?
Greece and its lenders have been gridlocked in talks over its €240-billion debt for five months. Fears of Greece defaulting are causing a run on the banks, with people withdrawing record amounts of deposits. RT will report on the latest developments.

23.06.2015 08:18

Fidel Castro in rare meeting, Venezuela’s top official posts images (PHOTOS)
The President of Venezuela’s Assembly, Diosdado Cabello has shared a rare photograph of the iconic Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, while meeting him in Cuba.

21.06.2015 21:03