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Mergers and Acquisitions

Zuckerberg, Facebook look for relief after stock wipe-out
Tech companies are looking to recover this week as speculative tech stocks drove down the NASDAQ Index last week, causing investors like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to lose more than $3 billion.

31.03.2014 07:35

Apple and Tesla decline to comment on merger rumors
A meeting last year between top Apple brass and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sparked speculation that the hugely successful electronics maker is interested in purchasing the forward-thinking electric car company.

18.02.2014 16:41

Fiat shells out $4.35bn to gain full control of Chrysler
Italian carmaker Fiat has clinched a $4.35 billion deal to buy the rest of Chrysler it doesn’t already own, avoiding a planned IPO of the third-biggest American carmaker.

02.01.2014 15:43

Kremlin ‘diet’: Russian monopolies ordered to cut running costs by 10%
The Russian government is demanding state-owned monopolies cut their spending by 10 percent annually over the next five years, as part of a larger concentrated effort to make state-owned companies more competitive.

03.12.2013 08:14

Nokia shareholders approve $7.4 bn acquisition by Microsoft
In a historic vote, shareholders in Finland’s troubled high-tech firm, Nokia, have voted to accept a $7.4 billion takeover of its mobile division by Microsoft. The deal could boost the US software giant’s revenue by $20 billion.

19.11.2013 12:26

Flying high: US regulator Okays $17bn AA - US Airways merger
The US Department of Justice has given a green light to the merger of US Airways and American Airlines, creating the world’s largest air carrier. Experts fear the deal will mean higher prices as they have already increased 15% since the 2009 merger peak.

13.11.2013 08:25

BlackBerry shares nosedive 16.4%, as smartphone maker calls off sale
The struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry has abandoned its sale and announced it will replace chief executive officer, Thorsten Heins, after failing to turn around the company. The news dragged BlackBerry shares down 16.41 percent on the NASDAQ.

05.11.2013 06:35

Kalashnikov switches to private hands in $41mn deal
Russia’s largest weapons producer has struggled to be profitable in the post-Cold War years, and now 49 percent of the Kalashnikov Group will be sold to private buyers for nearly $41 million.

23.09.2013 10:39

World Trade Center name sold for $10 three decades ago
The iconic American World Trade Center name was sold in secret to a non-profit organization belonging to one of the original owner’s executives for $10 in 1986, with the former obliged to pay thousands of dollars every year just to keep the naming rights.

09.09.2013 07:27

Russia’s metal giant to leave US market
Russian steel and coal group Mechel is broadening its list of assets slated for sale, adding coal company Bluestone - its only US asset. Mechel, which is wrestling with a $9 billion debt burden, will begin looking for investors in the fall.

16.08.2013 08:43

Unfinished business: Russian billionaire sells Aeroflot shares, eyes rival bank
Aleksandr Lebedev, an outspoken Kremlin critic and media mogul with assets in Russia and Britain, plans to unload his remaining 4.5 percent stake in Russia’s national airline, Aeroflot, a Russian news source quoted the billionaire as saying.

13.06.2013 08:21

UAE creates world’s fifth largest aluminum company in $15 billion merger
The UAE is merging two state aluminum companies to create the world’s fifth largest, with an estimated value of $15 billion.

03.06.2013 11:17

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