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Germany to drop investigation into US spying on Merkel - report
Germany might decide to drop the investigation against the US tapping of Angela Merkel’s communications according to a German magazine report released Saturday.

22.11.2014 16:50

Putin: ‘Supporting Russophobia in Ukraine will result in catastrophe’
The West should not wait for Russia to solve the Ukraine crisis, but should instead try to influence the extreme policies of its “clients” in Kiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Hubert Seipel of the German channel ARD ahead of the G20 summit.

16.11.2014 21:29

Party frau: Merkel spotted mingling with pub drinker on first G20 night
German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a break from world politics and visited a pub on her first G20 night in Brisbane, snapping selfies with tourists and shaking hands with locals.

15.11.2014 01:27

Gorbachev gets hero’s welcome, leaves handprints at Checkpoint Charlie as Berlin celebrates fall of Wall (VIDEO)
Citizens of Berlin lit up 8,000 balloons along the length of the old Berlin Wall to mark its demise, while former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was feted for allowing the reunification of Germany happen without violence.

07.11.2014 17:29

Aussie koalas trained for cuddles with Putin, Obama & Merkel at G20
The world’s cutest marsupials are being specially prepared for cuddling sessions with world leaders during the G20 summit in Brisbane next week.

06.11.2014 15:09

Obama loses the respect of Russians – poll
The proportion of Russians who don’t like the policies of the US President’s has surged from 12% in 2009 to 76% this year according to new research.

06.11.2014 11:38

‘Point of no return’: Merkel warns UK could exit EU over immigration policy – report
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has signaled she would rather see the UK leave the EU than compromise the free movement of immigrants, German magazine Der Spiegel reported.

03.11.2014 04:16

Merkel's diamond: 'Chancellor's trademark' hand gesture gets its own emoticon
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's well-known hand gesture, which resembles a diamond or rhombus when clasping her hands together, has its own emoticon. The famous gesture now has a special place in social media.

01.11.2014 11:01

‘Difficult, full of disagreements’: No breakthrough in Milan talks on Ukraine crisis
The talks on the Ukrainian crisis, where the presidents of Russia and Ukraine have met with their European counterparts, have resulted in “no breakthrough,” according to Chancellor Merkel, but were still labeled “positive” by most participants.

17.10.2014 08:39

‘Germany loses its position as EU economic power house’
With current forecasts Germany can’t keep up the rates of economic bailout and credit support that it has previously given to South European countries, the director of the Freedom Association in the UK Rory Broomfield told RT.

09.10.2014 08:22

AfD: Is Germany witnessing a right turn?
People are sick of the status quo. But is the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) the alternative it claims to be, or just a German Tea Party movement?

26.09.2014 10:07

‘It’s funny that US is missing from Minsk – Washington is the real policymaker for Kiev’
It is funny that at the talks between the leaders of the Eurasian Customs Union and Ukraine the European troika will be in attendance, whereas the real policy for Kiev is being drawn up in Washington, foreign affairs analyst Srdja Trifkovic told RT.

26.08.2014 09:52