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Obama’s ratings tumble in Germany, Russia in wake of NSA spying, Ukraine crisis
Revelations of the National Security Agency’s global spy program, together with civil strife in Ukraine has severely damaged Barack Obama’s popularity among Brazilians, Germans and Russians, a major US polling agency reported.

18.07.2014 10:45

Merkel may leave Chancellor’s post early to head EU – report
Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to quit before the end of her term to chair the European Council, Der Spiegel reports. Merkel’s government remains under unprecedented pressure due to the long-running scandal over US surveillance in Germany.

14.07.2014 04:46

'Second CIA spy in Germany': Berlin raids Ministry of Defense
German authorities have carried out a raid on the residence of a defense ministry official suspected of passing secrets to the US, just one week after the arrest of a German intelligence officer who worked as a double agent.

09.07.2014 12:28

Merkel reportedly gets NSA-proof phone with chip costing 2.5k euros
German Chancellor Angela Merkel can finally hold phone talks with no fear of being tapped by foreign agents, as she now has a secure, German-upgraded Blackberry, Bild reports. Merkel’s contacts now need to install a 2,500 euro crypto-chip to talk to her.

26.06.2014 13:27

UK urged to give Germany access to RAF base that 'helped spy on Merkel'
The UK needs to grant Germany access to RAF Croughton military base which reportedly hosts a joint CIA/NSA unit, a Labor MP told British PM David Cameron, urging him to help the German federal investigation of the phone tapping of Angela Merkel.

19.06.2014 20:00

D-Day 70th anniversary
World leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, have flocked to France to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in WWII. Amid the celebrations, many of the official meetings have focused on the Ukrainian crisis.

05.06.2014 17:29

Germany to probe alleged NSA snooping of Chancellor Merkel's phone
The German Federal Prosecutor has opened an investigation into the alleged surveillance of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The tapping was revealed thanks to the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s leaks.

04.06.2014 11:30

​Germany likely to drop NSA snooping investigation due to ‘lack of evidence’
Germany's federal prosecutor general has reportedly decided not to launch a criminal investigation into alleged mass spying on the European country’s citizens and the hacking of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone by the US National Security Agency.

28.05.2014 22:14

Putin to meet Obama, Merkel at WWII Normandy landing anniversary in France
Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Barack Obama and other Western leaders for the first time since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis when he attends a World War II anniversary in Normandy, France.

08.05.2014 14:27

Germany not satisfied with US assurances over NSA spying
The chancellor of Germany spoke alongside United States President Barack Obama on Friday about the National Security Agency's surveillance practices for the first time in the US since she voiced concerns last year about leaked NSA operations.

02.05.2014 17:51

'For US, the only purpose of NATO is burden sharing'
The US needed to minimize military spending costs, so NATO’s purpose in Syria, Libya and Iraq was to get EU states to contribute to the US military program, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Michael Hudson, told RT.

02.05.2014 13:11

EU taking Putin’s letter on gas transit ‘seriously’ – Merkel
The EU is taking seriously President Vladimir Putin’s letter to 18 European countries, in which he warned that Ukraine’s debt crisis could affect gas transit from Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

11.04.2014 18:02

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