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Mexico’s missing students: New mass grave uncovered
A new mass grave was uncovered in the same Mexican state as the one found after the September 26 disappearance of 43 students at a protest. The police were led to the site by four arrested gang members.

28.10.2014 07:56

Mexico corruption: State mayor, wife issued warrants over kidnapped students
The mayor of the Mexican town where 43 students disappeared last month is a “possible mastermind” of the abduction, along with his wife, believes the attorney general.

23.10.2014 13:00

Soda addict? Camel brutally kills Chicago man in Mexico wildlife park
An owner of a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico came under fierce attack from his own camel and was mauled to death. Investigators wonder whether the animal became enraged because it did not get its daily dose of Coca Cola.

17.10.2014 14:00

WikiLeaks: US pushes to extend drug monopolies in secret proposed trade deal
Excerpts from a proposed international trade agreement leaked to the web this week suggest that the United States is pushing for changes that would make it more difficult to get life-saving drugs overseas.

16.10.2014 18:37

Furious students burn Mexican govt. building in protest over police corruption
Hundreds of residents in a southern-Mexican city smashed up the state capital building in a furious protest over the continued lack of information about 43 local college students, believed to have been abducted by corrupt police.

14.10.2014 08:34

Leader of infamous Juarez drug cartel arrested in Mexico
Mexican officials confirm arrest of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, leader of the Juarez cartel, following a multi-year search for the man known as “The Viceroy.” The operation concluded without any shots fired, the government said.

09.10.2014 20:29

California, New Mexico hold major political debates in Spanish
Ahead of November elections, two heavily-Spanish-speaking areas of the United States are holding political debates between candidates in Spanish language.

07.10.2014 15:39

Mexico mass grave discovered after student protesters go missing
A mass grave has been found on the outskirts of Iguala, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, where 43 students went missing on September 27 following a protest to support the rights of rural teachers.

05.10.2014 06:28

Largest known dinosaur graveyard discovered in Mexico
German and Mexican scientists have discovered world’s largest concentration of dinosaur remains in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, Der Spiegel reports. Palaeontologists found the remains of 14 dinosaurs on a plot size of 50 to 200 meters.

29.09.2014 23:18

​Mexican drug lord seeks new press strategy, pays journalists for PR
Two reporters from Mexico’s troubled Michoacan state have been caught accepting money from the leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel and discussing a “communication strategy” to improve the cartel’s image.

24.09.2014 00:29

Armed citizen militias build up along US-Mexico border
Armed militias continue to patrol the United States-Mexico border seeking to repel any migration north, but critics warn that these self-styled ‘freedom defenders’ lingering on private land represent a powder keg that could have “disastrous” consequences.

10.09.2014 14:12

Armed militia faces off with bat-counting biologists at US-Mexico border
Heavily armed members of an American militia patrolling the southwestern US border confronted a group of people in Arizona on Friday, believing them to be drug smugglers or illegal immigrants. They were, in fact, biologists researching bats.

05.09.2014 20:40

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