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‘Investigation lacks objectivity’: Lawyers slam report into Zambrano-Montes killing, shot 17-times by police
Lawyers representing Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who was shot by police in February, in Washington state, say a police investigation into his death was “disappointing,” while they have doubts whether it was carried out “impartially.”

01.07.2015 08:21

Paris-bound Aeromexico plane diverts to Ireland due to fire alert
An Aeromexico Boeing Dreamliner flying from Mexico City to Paris has reportedly declared an emergency due to a fire in the cargo hold, and is being diverted to Shannon Airport in southwest Ireland.

29.06.2015 13:40

US House passes standalone fast track bill giving president more authority in TPP talks
The US House has passed Trade Promotion Authority bill that boost presidential authority in negotiating trade deals. This version of the legislation is not linked to any other bill.

18.06.2015 16:36

Proton crash caused by 3rd stage engine design flaw – Russian space agency
The Proton-M failure this month was caused by a newly-found design flaw in the rotor of the rocket’s 3rd stage steering engine, rather than a manufacturing fault, the Russian Space Agency has announced, noting it will be easy to fix in future production.

29.05.2015 22:49

Mexican standoff: At least 39 dead in mass shootout with drug cartel (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A security raid in western Mexico turned into an all-out, three-hour gunbattle between police and army on one side and drug cartel thugs on the other. At least 37 armed civilians and two federal police officers have been shot dead.

23.05.2015 05:43

Holy sun! Solar halo in Mexico causes social media frenzy (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A perfectly round rainbow-like halo surrounded the sun in several Mexican cities, including the country's capital on Thursday. People spent the day with their heads looking up at the sky, trying to capture the phenomenon and share it on social media.

22.05.2015 13:02

Russia unimpressed with NATO’s ‘We are the War’ performance
Let’s consider for a moment what the response would be from Washington if Russia announced the start of international war games near American borders. Impossible you say? Yet that is almost exactly what the Pentagon has announced near Russia.

20.05.2015 13:43

Dozens of protesting Mexican farm workers injured in clashes with police amid violent crackdown
Hundreds of Mexican farm workers protesting low pay clashed with police in San Quintin, Baja California, resulting in 30 to 70 injuries, according to various reports. The workers accuse the state of “violent repression” after mass police raids.

11.05.2015 07:32

Mexican soldier 'gone with the wind' during flag-raising ceremony (VIDEO)
A powerful wind turned a routine raising-of-the-flag ceremony in Mexico into a tragicomic incident. A strong wind started turned a huge flag, measuring 50 by 28 meters, into a “sail”, lifting one of the soldiers standing nearby to a height of 14 meters.

06.05.2015 05:41

Quicksilver trail: Liquid mercury could lead to king’s tomb in mysterious pre-Aztec city
An archaeologist has made the startling discovery of liquid mercury beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico, which predates the Aztecs. This could mean the presence of a royal tomb right below one of the most cryptic cities in the Americas.

25.04.2015 08:03

Mexican police reportedly involved in January killings of unarmed civilians & protesters
Mexican federal police killed at least 16 unarmed people in two separate attacks in early January, local media reported, dismissing an official message by the government alleging the deaths were caused by a "friendly fire."

20.04.2015 08:24

Chemo treatments cause woman to lose fingerprints, banking ability
A 65-year-old breast cancer patient in Mexico has lost her fingerprints, perhaps permanently. The woman was diagnosed with “hand-foot syndrome” caused by her chemotherapy treatmens after being denied a bank transaction that needed her fingerprints.

16.04.2015 19:30