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EPA sued over shrinking monarch butterfly population
A leading environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, accusing regulators of dismissing dangers about a certain chemical used in herbicides, including Monsanto’s widely used Roundup.

28.02.2015 03:09

Piñata protest! Amnesty to bash Mexican torture in London embassy stunt
On the eve of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s state visit to Britain, Amnesty International will stage a 'hard-hitting' act of creative protest to highlight Mexican police and security officials’ complicity in organized crime and torture.

27.02.2015 17:04

​Hacker from Anonymous says he was charged after refusing to help FBI
A 28-year-old hacker currently serving a six-month prison sentence for computer crimes now says that authorities asked him to help the United States gather information on Mexican drug cartels, then charged him with dozens of counts after he refused.

19.02.2015 18:26

Mexico condemns shooting of man by Washington State cops for throwing rocks
Mexico is criticizing the shooting death of a man accused of hurling rocks at police officers, as the local coroner considers opening a rare inquest jury into the case. Protests have grown in the small Washington city since the incident.

13.02.2015 17:46

US & Russian balloonists end record-breaking flight with victorious splashdown off Mexico
The Two Eagles team successfully crossed the Pacific Ocean in their helium-filled balloon in 160 hours and 37 minutes. The American and Russian pilots victoriously splashed down off Mexico's Baja coast, setting two world records.

01.02.2015 22:17

Obama administration tells agents to find immigrants who should not be deported
The Obama administration has ordered Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to ask if the undocumented immigrants they come across might qualify for the president’s executive action program.

29.01.2015 23:10

Gas explosion at Mexico City children’s hospital kills 2, injures 53
A gas truck explosion outside a Mexico City maternity hospital has left at least two people dead and 53 others injured, including more than 20 children, according to city authorities.

29.01.2015 14:41

High crimes: Meth-carrying drone crashes near US-Mexican border
Nearly three kilograms of crystal meth fell from the sky in the Mexican city of Tijuana near the US border, when a drone used to smuggle the drugs ditched in a supermarket parking lot.

22.01.2015 09:11

Mexican volcano spews ash 29,000 ft in the air (VIDEO)
​A huge ash column exploded into the sky from one of Central America’s most dangerous volcanoes on Wednesday, reaching airplane-level heights of the atmosphere.

21.01.2015 22:40

Mexico’s disappeared students: Police arrest gang hit man
Police in gang-ravaged Mexico have arrested an alleged hit man for a local drug cartel in the case of the 43 abducted college students. The September disappearance and subsequent events saw the entire country erupt in protest over a corrupt government.

17.01.2015 10:25

Verdict due in Colombian farmers’ £18mn High Court lawsuit against BP
A British High Court will decide whether UK oil firm BP should pay £18 million to Colombian farmers, following allegations that a faulty pipeline caused environmental devastation in central Colombia and resulted in economic losses for regional farmers.

15.01.2015 15:29

Mexico says drug cartels made members eat human hearts
A Mexican federal security official said drug cartels forced gang members to eat the hearts of murder victims as part of an initiation rite. The hidden purpose behind the alleged cannibalism was to root out infiltrators.

06.01.2015 23:19