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Middle East

#JeSuisAbdullah? Critics slam glowing Western eulogies for ‘reformer’ Saudi king
Critics are taking Western leaders to task for singing the praises of King Abdullah, the recently deceased 90-year-old monarch of Saudi Arabia, whose regime they claim was marred by countless human rights abuses, warmongering and corruption.

23.01.2015 16:46

Muslim women, Israeli settlers and the struggle for Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli settlers come to Al-Aqsa every day, but Palestinians don’t like it. They think the Israelis want to take the mosque away from the Muslims, as they did with the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron. Crying ‘Allahu Akbar’ is their only weapon.

23.01.2015 08:19

London mayor brandishes AK-47 on Iraq frontline during trade talks
London Mayor Boris Johnson met British troops assisting Kurdistan against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on Thursday during a surprise visit to crisis-ridden northern Iraq.

23.01.2015 11:52

​Yemeni president resigns after standoff with Shia rebels
Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has submitted his resignation amid a standoff with Houthi rebels that has seen him surrounded in his own residence, Reuters reports citing a government source.

22.01.2015 18:04

‘Obama lying to the world about ISIS’
If President Obama was serious in his intention to destroy ISIS, he would cut the US funding for the terrorist group and get John McCain behind bars for his ugly role in the whole Middle East business, geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl told RT.

21.01.2015 13:07

Gulf states denounce rebel 'coup' in Yemen
The Gulf states have decried the seizure of Yemen’s presidential palace by a rebel Shia group as a coup d’etat. The Houthi rebels secured control of the palace in Sanaa, the country’s capital after two days of clashes with government forces.

21.01.2015 16:18

​Having fun in Saudi desert: Daredevils swinging from reversing tractor (VIDEO)
Two Saudi daredevils have taken ghost riding to a new level. A video showing them swinging from the bucket of an unmanned tractor in a desolate desert has amassed almost half a million views on YouTube.

21.01.2015 15:42

‘Respect, decency – basis for EU counterterrorism alliance with Muslim states’
A coalition between European and Muslim countries to jointly fight extreme Islamism is only possible based on mutual respect, humanity and absence of insults to anyone’s religion, Hani al-Basoos, professor at the Islamic University of Gaza, told RT.

20.01.2015 12:43

Counter-terrorism: EU may boost intelligence sharing with Muslim countries
Despite fears of classified information leaks in the wake of new anti-terror measures, the EU foreign policy chief has called for broader sharing of intelligence data – within its borders, as well as with Arab and Asian nations.

20.01.2015 06:57

​Middle East terror ‘bigger threat to Europeans than Cold War’ – ex-MI6 chief
Geopolitical tensions stemming from conflict and terrorism in the Middle East pose a bigger security threat to European states than the Soviet Union did at the height of the Cold War, Britain’s ex-MI6 chief warns.

19.01.2015 15:30

‘Tell us who pays you’: Tony Blair pressured over alleged paymasters
Conservative MPs will launch a campaign on Monday to force Tony Blair to reveal how much he earns and who pays him.

19.01.2015 13:24

Yemen rebels seize TV station, surround PM residence amid clashes in capital
As Yemeni Houthi fighters and army troops waged gun and mortar battles near the presidential palace in Sanaa, the rebels captured the country’s state news agency and TV station. Monday marked the country's most intensive clashes since September.

19.01.2015 10:12