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Middle East

​‘No helping hand from the West when ISIS killed only Syrians, Iraqis and Christians’
There is no talk about value of human lives in the war with ISIS, there is only geopolitics, and nobody in the West thinks about helping Christians or arming the Iraqi army, German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter told RT.

21.08.2014 14:21

Giant Palestinian flag unfurled over NYC bridge during protest
Hundreds of protesters flooded the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Wednesday, carrying signs and chanting in support of Palestinians as violence continues to rage in Gaza.

21.08.2014 01:49

US tried and failed to save Foley, other IS hostages in Syria
Earlier this summer, American Special Forces attempted to rescue photojournalist James Foley and other hostages held by Islamic State militants in Syria, but the mission failed because the prisoners were not at the suspected location.

20.08.2014 19:29

UKIP: Strip Islamic State militants of their British citizenship
Britain’s right-wing party UKIP have formally called for the British government to block the return of UK nationals who left British shores to fight alongside Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

20.08.2014 15:23

​‘ISIS might be strategically attempting a wider war against the US’
ISIS ought to be aware that the most likely outcome of the beheadings is increased bombing, and bombs are going to produce an additional violent blowback and counterproductive results on ISIS’ own terms, David Swanson, author of War Is A Lie, told RT.

20.08.2014 14:45

Islamic State militants behead missing American journalist
Islamic State militants have released a graphic video allegedly depicting the beheading of American photojournalist James Wright Foley, who has been missing since 2012 after being kidnapped in Syria.

19.08.2014 22:06

​Creative chaos redux: The Black Sea pivot and the evolving project for the Greater Middle East
The events of the past weeks and months show that the world is currently going through an intense and frightening time. War and armed strife bound about once more, threatening the global equilibrium, now moving towards the Black Sea.

19.08.2014 12:46

Israeli negotiators 'ordered back' from truce talks as IDF, Hamas resume fighting
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered his negotiators back from Egypt after new rocket strikes between Israel and Gaza took place on Tuesday.

19.08.2014 13:53

‘World’s most dangerous’: Iraq’s retaken Mosul Dam could cause 500,000 deaths in days
Reports indicate that Kurdish and Iraqi forces have all but taken back the key Mosul Dam from Islamic State militants. However it is rigged with explosives which, together with other issues, could lead to hundreds of thousands killed in just days.

19.08.2014 05:37

California picketers prevent Israeli cargo ship from docking
Picketers gathered at the Port of Oakland in California this weekend to prevent an Israeli shipping vessel from unloading its cargo in protest over the situation in Gaza, where the death toll has topped 2,000.

19.08.2014 11:52

Islamic State threatens to ‘drown’ American targets in blood in new video
As Iraqi forces retake control of the country’s largest dam, a video by Islamic State militants have vowed to “drown” American targets in blood if the United States continues to launch airstrikes against the group.

19.08.2014 01:15

Pope Francis says ‘unjust aggressor’ ISIS must be stopped, rejects new Iraq ‘conquest’
Pope Francis has acknowledged the possibility of military intervention in Iraq, where Islamists have terrorized Christians and other minorities. He stressed that any action must follow a consensus by multiple countries.

19.08.2014 00:24

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