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Middle East

‘Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar’ with US maneuvers – Chomsky to RT
Major American media organizations diligently parrot what US officials want the public to know about global affairs, historian Noam Chomsky told RT. To US leaders, any news outlet that “does not repeat the US propaganda system is intolerable,” he said.

17.04.2015 18:05

​Arab hackers using bait IDF pics to penetrate Israeli cyber-networks – security firm
Likely Arabic-speaking hackers have conducted a four-month long campaign to embed spyware in Israel Defense Forces terminals, US-based security company Blue Coat Systems has told Reuters.

17.04.2015 18:15

Imprisoned Syrian refugees held in Britain granted appeal
Three asylum seekers, who fled war-torn Syria, made their way to Britain without passports and were later arrested, have been told they were ill-advised when they arrived in the UK and so they can appeal their convictions.

16.04.2015 15:57

‘ISIS good at propaganda & marketing and youngsters buy into it’
Teenagers in Europe who have family problems often become victims of IS propaganda that gives the impression of providing youngsters with a life they aren’t able to achieve in their home countries, Nazir Afzal, former UK Chief Crown Prosecutor told RT.

15.04.2015 13:21

Sitting on the wrong side of history, Liberty's flame burns east
No longer a beacon of freedom and democracy, the United States has fallen from its pedestal. As America has devolved into a violent and oppressive police state, new powers are rising to challenge this toxic world order: Iran and Russia.

15.04.2015 12:18

IEDs severely impact humanitarian ops in warzones – UK report
Humanitarian operations in conflict zones such as Afghanistan are blighted by deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs), an international affairs NGO says. The crisis is heightened by increasingly militarized and politicized international aid programs.

14.04.2015 15:37

​Know your enemy: Aussie defense minister can’t name ISIS leader in interview
Shortly after committing Australian troops to fight against the jihadist radicals of the Islamic State in the Middle East, the Australian defense minister failed to name the leader of the group when challenged in an interview.

14.04.2015 14:25

UN sanctions Houthis in Yemen, ignores Russian calls for all-inclusive arms embargo
The UN Security Council has imposed an arms embargo against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and blacklisted the son of Yemen's former president and a Houthi leader.

14.04.2015 14:11

‘US can’t afford more war and aggression, people want peace with Iran’
Iranians and Americans want peace, but a small but very wealthy and powerful group of oil corporations and military contractors in alliance with Israel want further hostilities throughout the Middle East, claims Caleb Maupin, International Action Center.

14.04.2015 08:51

New ISIS video threatens 9/11-style attacks in US
The Islamic State militants (formerly ISIS) have released a gruesome new video in which they warn of an attack similar to 9/11, promise to “burn America” and threaten US nationals around the world.

13.04.2015 18:08

‘Yemen campaign may lead to bigger mess than Afghanistan’
While Saudi aims, except for sectarian warfare, remain uncertain, the Yemeni Houthis are fighting against al-Qaeda and IS, and if they suffer a defeat, the country will be controlled by extremist groups, said Firat Demir of the University of Oklahoma.

13.04.2015 14:00

​‘Pop star’ coverage and British foreign policy will ensure ISIS longevity
In recent days, we've seen further reports of young people being stopped by the authorities, suspected of attempting to carry out terrorist acts. What's really going on?

13.04.2015 10:50