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Egyptians back from Libya stuck in limbo: to stay or go back?
As more Egyptians have fled Libya’s violence in the past weeks, for some, returning to poverty in Egypt makes the option of going back to a war zone preferable to staying in their home country with no prospects.

06.03.2015 14:20

​#ISISmediaBlackout ‘won’t help to reduce number of jihadists’
​Fighting the Islamic State on social media by shutting down their accounts is useless, terrorism analyst Max Abrahms told RT. The group’s violent propaganda is counterproductive and will eventually turn people against them, he added.

06.03.2015 04:55

‘Budget optimization will not affect Russian defense order’ - Putin
Russian authorities have managed to preserve the important parts of the state’s defenses despite a current effort to cut all government expenses, President Vladimir Putin has said.

06.03.2015 14:10

‘Won’t back down’: Girlfriend of ex-Marine killed fighting ISIS defies abuse
​The partner of a former Royal Marine Commando killed fighting the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claims she has suffered online abuse after speaking publicly about him.

06.03.2015 10:55

IRA or NATO? Somerset teenagers go magnet fishing and open a can of worms
When teenage boys went magnet fishing at Greylake nature reserve in the flood plains of the Somerset levels two weeks ago little did they know the dark secrets they would be dragging from a drainage ditch.

06.03.2015 11:31

​Deal or no deal? SNP leader hints at Trident volte-face, Labour pact possible
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon has dropped her deal-breaker demand for Labour to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons system, saying the party would support a Labour government on a case-by-case basis.

06.03.2015 09:07

Battle lines: Defense spending cuts could break the Tories
Up to 30 rebel Tory MPs may try to force a vote on military cuts at a parliamentary debate next week, amid allegations that Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said there were “no votes in defense.”

06.03.2015 09:58

RT’s special report on the Islamic State: Newly formed, newly armed, newly funded
The Islamic State (formerly ISIS) seems to have swept into Iraq and Syria out of nowhere, leaving death, destruction and fear in its wake. RT takes an in-depth look at where it came from, its financing and weaponry, and whether US involvement is needed.

05.03.2015 23:40

Army court orders military to stop calling Chelsea Manning a man
The Army Court of Criminal Appeals has ordered the military to stop referring to jailed WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning as a man in court papers and orders.

06.03.2015 02:42

What do we know about the Long Range Strike Bomber?
The Pentagon will soon award a lucrative contract for its Long Range Stealth Bomber, billed as able to fly undetected at "any point on the globe." Yet the plane remains a mystery, leading some to believe it will be the war industry’s next boondoggle.

05.03.2015 15:10

‘68 killed, kids among them’: Boko Haram attacks, burns Nigeria village
At least 68 people have been killed by Boko Haram militants in north-eastern Nigeria close to Maiduguri, the capital of the Borno state, witnesses said. Many kids are reported to be among those killed, as a village was stormed and then put on fire.

05.03.2015 19:19

​‘Military pressure’ may be needed to oust Syrian President – John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that military pressure may be needed to oust Syria’s President Bashar Assad. It comes as knowledge has emerged that the US, along with Turkey, has started training Syrian rebels.

05.03.2015 18:33