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Israel test-fires ‘David’s Sling’ missile defense system
In an ongoing effort to boost its missile defenses, Israel has recently been testing its David’s Sling anti-ballistic missile system. The latest test coincided with positive developments in Iran nuclear talks currently just meters from the finishing line.

01.04.2015 23:37

‘Army go, home!’: US military convoy confronted by more protests returning to German base
A US military convoy has completed its grand tour across Eastern Europe with over a hundred armored vehicles greeted by anti-war protesters at the gates of their base in the German city of Vilseck.

01.04.2015 20:21

Boko Haram uses children as human bombs, ‘expendable cannon fodder’ – UN chief
Boko Haram has been using children as “human bombs” and “expendable cannon fodder” in its heinous terrorist activities as well as enslaving girls and women, a UN official has reported to the UNHRC.

01.04.2015 19:49

Will ISIS’s foothold in Libya stay a ‘transit station’ or expand?
As the Islamic State is using the chaos in Libya to set up local bases and hit the country’s crucial oil revenue since the takeover of Sirte, it is yet unclear whether that may help the group to extend its foothold.

01.04.2015 14:42

​Conservatives will ‘rip up’ human rights laws, halt war crime claims, say Tory ministers
Soldiers will be safe from the “persistent human rights claims” that have dogged the British military for years because the Conservatives will “rip up” human rights legislation if they win the general election, two top Tories have pledged.

01.04.2015 11:07

Palestine gets ICC membership, opening door to Israel war crimes prosecution
Palestine is soon to have its day in court, after securing long-awaited membership at The Hague. Plagued by constant setbacks to a peace deal with Israel, the ICC newcomer wants to see Tel Aviv on the stand for alleged war crimes in Gaza.

01.04.2015 05:21

​BBC arms trade ties troubling, BAE boss must resign from Trust – campaigners
The BBC must not be used as a vehicle to legitimize the arms trade, a charity warns. It is calling for newly-appointed Vice Chairman Roger Carr to resign, citing conflict of interest with his role as chairman of Europe’s largest arms firm BAE Systems.

01.04.2015 08:28

‘Iran could constrain reckless impulses of US Mideast allies’
A deal with Iran over its nuclear program would benefit the US as it needs to change its policy in the Middle East, and even build a constructive relationship with critical regional powers, said Hillary Mann Leverett, a former US negotiator with Iran.

01.04.2015 10:53

​Remove US military bases from Latin America - UNASUR chief
Latin American countries should discuss removing all US military bases from their soil, a top official of integration organization UNASUR suggested. The issue may be discussed next month at the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Panama.

01.04.2015 07:07

US military ‘antagonistic spectacles’ put ordinary Europeans’ lives on the line
Increased US military posturing, troop buildup in Eastern Europe and a continued effort to show strength destabilizes the region and creates a scenario where one wrong move could spark a global conflict, journalist Marcus Papadopoulos told RT.

01.04.2015 04:25

DARPA to test 'submarine' drone that takes off from the ocean
This year, the Pentagon’s advanced research projects department will start testing their new “submarine” drone, which can lie in wait on the ocean floor for years before ever being launched into the skies.

01.04.2015 03:04

Carter: ‘Too early to say’ US is winning against ISIS as Iraqis liberate Tikrit
The campaign against the so-called Islamic State is going well, but it is too soon to declare victory, the Pentagon chief said in an interview as Iraqi forces said they had successfully liberated Tikrit with the help of US airstrikes.

31.03.2015 17:07