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Missile defense

Pantsir-S1 missiles fired at Russia’s air defense competition (VIDEO)
Missiles from Russia’s international bestselling Pantsir-S1 system were fired during a large-scale contest that saw the country’s various air defense forces competing against each other.

04.07.2015 13:54

Britain a magnet for cyber-attacks, intl espionage, says MoD chief
Britain’s military must grapple with “hundreds if not thousands” of attempted cyber-attacks each day and is a magnet for international espionage, a Ministry of Defence (MoD) chief says.

26.06.2015 11:10

​‘We always knew missile defense shield was against Russia & China’ – top Moscow security official
The head of Russia’s Security Council says the West’s recent actions prove the NATO anti-missile defense system was always aimed at hemming in Moscow and Beijing, and promises the Kremlin will “react” to the alliance’s expansion in Europe.

25.06.2015 14:55

Sirens in S. Israel as IDF reports rocket launch from Gaza Strip
A rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip to southern Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces said on Tuesday. Sirens were heard in the kibbutzes of Zikim, Yad Mordechai and Karmia as well as the settlement of Netiv Haasara.

23.06.2015 19:28

Raytheon wins DARPA ‘science fiction’ contract for hypersonic missile
US weapons researchers are looking to develop missiles moving more than five times the speed of sound, with arms giant Raytheon getting the initial $20 million development contract. The first flight tests are expected within two to four years.

22.06.2015 17:31

‘US bipartisan war party expanding to Russia's border’
NATO policy makers are seeking to expand the alliance to Russia’s border, but an accident during war games might lead to a shooting war, James Carden, executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord, told RT’s In the Now.

18.06.2015 11:53

Moscow will respond to NATO approaching Russian borders ‘accordingly’ – Putin
If NATO threatens Russia’s territories Moscow will respond to the threat accordingly, said President Vladimir Putin. This comes after he announced Russia's strategic forces will be getting over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2015.

16.06.2015 20:57

Russia to kill drones, missiles with 10km-range super-high frequency cannon
Russia’s Rostec Corporation is to unveil a super-high frequency weapon capable of taking down all kinds of drones, missiles and other high precision weapons. The presentation will be made at the Army-2015 military expo.

15.06.2015 07:35

China confirms test of new hypersonic strike vehicle 'Wu-14'
The Chinese Defense Ministry confirmed the fourth test of a hypersonic nuclear delivery vehicle, which the US called an “extreme maneuver,” amid rising tensions between the two powers in the South China Sea.

14.06.2015 13:41

'Are you crazy?' People in Moscow widely oppose fake petition to nuke America (VIDEO)
While a majority of Americans asked by a US journalist to support President Obama's "plan" to nuke Russia signed a fake petition to do so, RT decided to conduct its own poll on the streets of Moscow. Most people said no to striking America.

12.06.2015 16:15

US and Russia ‘playing nuclear chicken with each other’
Current US and Russian war games at a time of serious international tension are very dangerous and someone’s mistake or a computer error could push the world over the brink into a nuclear war, claimed Dr. Helen Caldicott to RT.

10.06.2015 12:57

UK could host US nukes to counter increased 'Russian activity' - Hammond
UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said in an interview that placing American nuclear warheads on British territory is not ruled out - but it would have to be "a very delicate act."

07.06.2015 13:14