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Missile defense

Pentagon launching missile defense blimps to patrol East Coast
The US Army is set to begin testing its blimp-like surveillance airships, designed to help the military detect and destroy cruise missiles from attacking the nation’s capital and other East Coast cities.

18.12.2014 02:15

Not Sci-Fi anymore: Navy’s 'fully operational' laser gun blows up boats, drones (VIDEO)
The US Navy continues to tout its sophisticated warship laser system, saying it has performed above expectations for the last four months of operational testing aboard the USS Ponce during its deployment in the Persian Gulf.

11.12.2014 15:06

​‘Not practical’: US shrugs off calls to immediately eliminate all nukes
At a major international conference aimed at ending dependence on some 16,300 nuclear weapons, the US representative rejected the motion, declaring the United States prefers to take a gradual approach.

10.12.2014 13:40

Ready-to-fire nuclear weapons pose ‘accidental launch’ risk – former defense chiefs
Cross-border action to lower the risks posed by an intentional or accidental nuclear attack is “insufficient,” international military, political and diplomatic officials have warned.

08.12.2014 09:21

America tuned out as Congress bangs war drum against Russia
On December 4, as America was tuned into Thursday night football, or staring into the cold depths of the refrigerator at commercial time, House members brought the nation one step closer to all-out war with Russia.

07.12.2014 13:50

‘Every F-35 a country buys from Lockheed Martin damages its defense’
The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a poorly designed warplane that the company manages to sell through brilliant marketing and political clout, says defense analyst Pierre Sprey. Each one bought is a strike to a nation’s airpower.

06.12.2014 13:35

​China’s hypersonic strike vehicle ‘in 3d test flight’
China has reportedly conducted a third flight test for its new ultra-high speed strike vehicle – capable of travelling at up to eight times the speed of sound, in what experts suspect is part of the development of its strategic nuclear program.

04.12.2014 20:19

Putin: Talking to Russia from position of strength is meaningless
Russia is open to the rest of the world and ready for developing equal partnership with other countries, said Vladimir Putin He dismissed treatment Russia through strength and sanctions as ineffective and warned against scheming.

04.12.2014 10:07

How Russia and Germany may save Europe from war
Are the US, NATO and Russia on a mad spiral leading to war in Europe? Is it inevitable? Far from it.

28.11.2014 10:51

US responsible for two-thirds of all military conflicts – Russia’s top brass
US interference in the internal affairs of countries around the world has brought neither peace, nor democracy, said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister. America’s double standard experiments in supporting terrorists are provoking further destabilization.

27.11.2014 11:45

Sky Wars: German Air Force buys Israeli laser defense system to protect planes
Israeli defense company Elbit Systems has announced it will provide an anti-missile laser protection system for the German Air Force. It will be used to protect transport planes from surface to air and portable heat seeking missiles.

17.11.2014 13:05

​Global warming will drag Britain into more wars – senior military officer
The impact of climate change will inevitably drive the British armed forces into violent conflicts in the future, a senior military figure has said.

11.11.2014 10:50