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​Ukraine ‘modernization agency’ to seek revival of war-torn economy
Over 250 influential business people and politicians from Ukraine and the EU gathered in Vienna to discuss ways of salvaging Ukraine’s devastated economy and reforms needed to bring back investments to the country.

04.03.2015 03:55

Apple looks to take bite out of car market by 2020
Apple is reportedly rushing to grab its share of a promising electric car market with an army of poached auto engineers eagerly working to make the company’s first generation vehicle of the future hit the roads by 2020.

21.02.2015 03:32

Russia deploying next-gen Nebo-M radar complexes to counter NATO threat
Russia has begun deploying the next generation of Nebo-M anti-missile radar facility systems as part of a responsive measure to a threat stemming from NATO anti-ballistic missile systems in Eastern Europe.

20.02.2015 04:24

Social media legislation ‘woefully out of date,’ watchdog warns
Following a sharp rise in the number of prosecutions for online offences, a civil liberties group has warned legislation surrounding Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites is “woefully out of date” and in need of “serious reform.”

19.02.2015 14:24

12 likely causes of the Apocalypse, as seen by scientists
Filmmakers, authors, and media have widely speculated about how human life on Earth will end. Now scientists have come up with the first serious assessment, presenting 12 possible causes of the Apocalypse.

15.02.2015 20:49

US ranks 12th in economic freedom – report
The United States has ranked 12th in the world in economic freedom, according to an annual report compiled by the Heritage Foundation. The country remained out of the top 10, despite small improvements to its score.

29.01.2015 00:26

7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of King Abdullah
Taken aback by the fulsome praise the recently deceased King Abdullah has garnered from world leaders, RT has decided to assess whether his record stands up to scrutiny.

26.01.2015 01:26

Clock’s ticking: Humanity ‘2 minutes’ closer to its doomsday
Three minutes to midnight – with midnight being the figurative end of humanity – are left before apocalypse descends upon the planet, scientists announced on Thursday, as the minute hand of the iconic ‘Doomsday Clock’ was adjusted two minutes forward.

22.01.2015 20:00

Big Pharma 'overcharging' poor countries for child vaccines - report
Doctors Without Borders has released a new report blasting two top pharmaceutical companies for inflated costs of vital vaccines that have proved too steep for poor nations, recommending they adjust prices in order to save lives.

21.01.2015 15:20

Planes carrying VIP passengers may get priority landing at UK airports
Technological advances in air traffic control may soon allow airlines to request preferential landing for their aircraft in the UK, based on the number of high-paying customers on board or those who need to make a connecting flight.

19.01.2015 00:16

Russia to boost military capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic
In 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to focus on boosting military capabilities in Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, and the Arctic, while carrying out other planned modernizations of the armed forces and drafting a new long-term defense plan.

14.01.2015 01:02

Obama’s free community college plan has $60 billion price tag
President Barack Obama proposed offering two years of community college free of charge to Americans “willing to work for it,” and the White House announced Friday the plan would cost $60 billion over 10 years.

10.01.2015 00:26