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Russian bases to span entire Arctic border by end of 2014
Russia will have military control of the entirety of its 6,200 km Arctic coastal zone by the end of 2014, just a year after Moscow announced its ambitious plan to build military presence in the region, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced.

21.10.2014 16:42

​Paralyzed man walks again thanks to UK-funded tech
A man whose lower body was completely paralyzed has been given the chance to walk again, thanks to pioneering surgical therapy developed by scientists in the UK and Poland.

21.10.2014 08:52

Cyber security units to protect Russia’s nuclear weapons stockpiles
The IT systems of all Russian nuclear weapons stockpiles will be protected by a new team of anti-hackers, the Defense Ministry said after a year-long “hunting season” for programmers.

17.10.2014 06:09

Ultra-fast new batteries can recharge 70 percent in two minutes
Scientists in Singapore have designed a highly durable battery that can also be recharged 20 times faster than current models. The development is expected to be the next big advance in energy – and could be a boon for electric car users.

13.10.2014 23:48

Russia to introduce Army Reserve force – report
Russia's Ministry of Defense is planning to form Army Reserve units comprised of experienced volunteers, who will regularly undergo military training and at any moment will be ready to take arms to defend their country, Izvestia reports.

13.10.2014 02:50

Russian parliament to consider 4-day workweek
The Russian Lower House committee for labor plans to discuss the International Labor Organization’s suggestion to switch to a 4-day working week without cutting workers’ salaries, the head of the body has told the press.

07.10.2014 07:52

Louisiana restaurant becomes a hit after offering gun owners a discount
The restaurateur responsible for a Cajun eatery in Louisiana hoped law enforcement would take advantage of an unusual discount offered during lunchtime, but says his eatery has since become a hot destination for gun enthusiasts.

30.09.2014 03:48

California drought may leave entire communities with no water in 2 months
A growing number of communities in central and northern California could end up without water in 60 days due to the Golden state’s prolonged drought.

30.09.2014 01:50

Tesla can sell cars directly to customers – Mass. high court
Tesla Motors earned a significant victory over traditional automakers and their system of franchise dealerships on Monday. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that the electric car company can sell its products directly to consumers.

15.09.2014 21:40

Putin takes control of national Military-Industrial Commission
The Russian President has taken personal control of the body that assures cooperation between the military and the defense industry, days after ordering a major reform of the sector.

10.09.2014 13:13

Putin, Medvedev agree to abolish state defense order agency
Russian President has given an order to abolish two key agencies responsible for placing and executing weapons orders for the military and hand over their functions to the Defense Ministry, Finance Ministry and Audit Chamber.

08.09.2014 10:27

Google, Asian companies to build $300 mn super-high-speed Trans-Pacific underwater cable system
Google has joined five Asian companies to build and operate a new $300 million Trans-Pacific submarine cable system, called FASTER, which will connect the US and two locations in Japan, providing a service 10 million times faster than a cable modem.

12.08.2014 18:44

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