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Germany’s secret service moves to new Berlin HQ (PHOTOS)
The new German intelligence headquarters in the country’s capital, occupy space equivalent to the area of 35 football fields. The concrete and steel 9-storey offices, which cost almost 1 billion euros to build, have sparked controversy.

01.04.2014 11:19

Sochi 2014: Invisible security is the best security, says Putin’s chief of staff
Making the Sochi Olympics safe for visitors but not intrusive was a major achievement for Russian security officials, Sergey Ivanov, President Putin’s chief of staff and a veteran security professional, told RT.

15.02.2014 20:54

Google glucose-monitoring contact lens project unveiled
Google has revealed the project of a contact lens that measures glucose levels in tears, giving 382 million diabetics all over the globe the smallest glucose sensor – and an alternative to pricking their fingers and drawing blood up to 10 times daily.

17.01.2014 05:55

Pope Francis shakes up Vatican Bank supervisory board
In a move to restore the reputation of the Vatican Bank, Pope Francis has reshuffled most of the cardinals from the oversight body of the institution, replacing all but one of predecessor Pope Benedict XVI's appointments.

16.01.2014 01:51

​Missile defense buster: China tests new hypersonic glide vehicle
China has successfully tested its first hypersonic missile delivery vehicle capable of penetrating US missile defense system and delivering nuclear warheads with record breaking speeds, Pentagon officials have confirmed.

14.01.2014 03:26

Sound wave 3Dvolution: Japanese scientists move objects using acoustic levitation
Japanese scientists have been successful in moving an object in a three-dimensional space through a complex system of acoustic levitation, surpassing previous research endeavors that lifted the objects in two dimensions.

02.01.2014 23:45

Amazon plans drone delivery to US customers
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced his company plans to use ‘octocopter’ mini-drones to deliver goods for US customers – in just 30 minutes.

02.12.2013 07:31

133 countries walk out of UN climate meeting over global warming compensation row
The G77+ China group of 133 countries walked out of the United Nations climate change conference in Warsaw on the Loss and Damage mechanism after developed nations refused to agree to terms.

21.11.2013 00:07

Euro-UAVs: Europe opens ‘drone club’ to compete with US, Israel
France, Germany and other European countries on Tuesday announced the creation of a "drone users club" to go head-to-head against US- and Israeli-made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that now dominate the skies.

20.11.2013 07:55

Israeli, Saudi talk of military strike on Iran doesn’t mean attack is ‘being planned’
One should be worried when Israel and Saudi Arabia suddenly stop openly lobbying in US Congress and become silent on the issue of striking Iran, Jamal Abdi, policy director of the National Iranian American Council told RT.

19.11.2013 03:36

Russia will never fully abandon military draft – defense minister
Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said that for various reasons Russia will not switch to a fully professional armed forces in the foreseeable future, but soon conscripts will no longer be used in combat missions.

11.11.2013 07:55

France stalls deal on Iran nuclear program, talks to resume shortly
No result has been reached during the latest round of talks between Iran and six world powers. A widely predicted breakthrough was apparently blocked by doubts from the French delegation over Iran’s true intentions.

09.11.2013 20:41

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