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Raytheon wins DARPA ‘science fiction’ contract for hypersonic missile
US weapons researchers are looking to develop missiles moving more than five times the speed of sound, with arms giant Raytheon getting the initial $20 million development contract. The first flight tests are expected within two to four years.

22.06.2015 17:31

Bigger and faster: Russia unveils designs to replace marooned Mistrals
A St. Petersburg navy design bureau says it is ready to build a Russian-made alternative to the troubled Mistral carriers, which remain moored in France. The intended new ship dubbed Lavina (‘Avalanche’) promises to be bigger and faster than the Mistrals.

20.06.2015 04:11

Roll on, 18-wheeler: US gov't proposes new fuel, emissions standards for big rigs
Obama administration officials proposed tougher fuel efficiency and emissions limits for trucks and buses, responsible for almost a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions on US roads. Compliance costs will be offset by better fuel economy, officials said.

19.06.2015 19:05

McDonald’s to close 700 locations as global sales slide
McDonald’s will close 700 restaurants worldwide this year for the first time in four decades. Faced with declining sales and increased market competition, the company says it also intends to streamline management positions.

18.06.2015 21:55

E-Rifle: New device connects Kalashnikov rifle to internet, GPS, GLONASS
The legendary Russian Kalashnikov rifles can now be now equipped with a special module to monitor the status and movement of military personnel or receive useful information during training and transmit the encrypted data via internet.

17.06.2015 18:36

Putin: 40+ ICBMs targeted for 2015 nuclear force boost
Over 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles will be delivered to Russia’s strategic forces in 2015, President Vladimir Putin announced at the opening ceremony of the Army-2015 Expo, an international military forum held near Moscow.

16.06.2015 10:52

Egypt plans to open New Suez Canal on August 6
Egypt will inaugurate the New Suez Canal on August 6, which will massively increase the capacity of the existing canal and offer an important chance to boost the country’s struggling economy.

13.06.2015 16:49

NY housing authority employees to wear orange vests - so they don’t get shot
The New York Housing Authority is so worried about their workers being targeted by the police that they want them to wear bright orange vests. They say it will make them more visible, but others say it’s to stop them being shot by “trigger-happy” cops.

06.06.2015 03:58

Fastest way to kilo a candidacy: Chafee calls for switch to metric in presidential bid
The Democratic presidential race got more crowded when Lincoln Chafee threw his hat in the ring... by calling for the US to go metric. The switch would be part of his plan for the US to become more of an international player, rather than a global bully.

04.06.2015 19:08

Engineers envisioned T-14 tank ‘robotization’ as they created Armata platform
The Russian military marvel of ingenuity, the T–14 tank based on an Armata armored platform, was from the outset designed to become a remote-controlled land-drone capable of confronting any challenges posed by the 21st century, manufacturers say.

31.05.2015 23:49

​Russian army to have 50% more intensive ‘training season’ in summer 2015
The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it will intensify combat training in the armed forces 1.5 times during the summer months, in comparison to the war games that were held during the winter season.

01.06.2015 02:23

20% of US school children living below poverty line, report says
About one in five children are living in poverty in the United States, the US Education Department found in its annual report. However, more children are graduating high school, math scores are higher and dropout rates have declined.

28.05.2015 22:34