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Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept millions of citizens’ data?
Russia has “no mass surveillance in our country,” according to President Vladimir Putin, after he was asked a surprise question by whistleblower Edward Snowden at his Q&A session, adding “our surveillance activities are strictly controlled by the law.”

17.04.2014 11:00

Thousands of Russians stage rally in support of Crimea residents
Over 65,000 people gathered on Friday for a demonstration in central Moscow to support residents of Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The mostly Russian-speaking region has become a major stumbling block in Moscow-Kiev relations.

07.03.2014 16:09

Thousands in Moscow, St Petersburg rally in support of Russian speakers in Ukraine
Rallies and other actions in support of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine have attracted thousands in Moscow, St Petersburg and other cities across Russia.

02.03.2014 11:55

7 Prison terms, 1 suspended sentence for Bolotnaya rioters
Eight people have been sentenced for attacking police officers and instigating riots during a peaceful march before President Putin’s inauguration of 2012.

24.02.2014 06:55

8 people found guilty in Bolotnaya Square trial
A court in Moscow has found eight people guilty of mass riots and attacks on police officers during street violence in the Russian capital in May 2012. The sentence is expected to be announced on Monday.

21.02.2014 06:26

Calls for Moscow legislature dissolution over parking fines
Activists from a popular motorists’ group have asked the Moscow mayor to dissolve the city Duma after the Russian Supreme Court recognized as invalid the recently approved bill on increased fines for illegal parking.

16.01.2014 08:08

Case closed: Giant trunk ousted from Red Square following public outrage
A controversial temporary exhibition hall decorated as a luxury Louis Vuitton trunk is being removed from Moscow’s Red Square. It follows a string of angry comments that filled Russian media after the installation was revealed to the public.

27.11.2013 12:37

Only migrant workers need new mosques – Moscow mayor
Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin says he has no plans to sanction the construction of new mosques. The majority of worshipers there are not permanent residents of the city, but migrants who should go home once their working contracts expire, he stated.

20.11.2013 07:32

Moscow invites Syrian opposition, govt to hold informal talks
Moscow is ready to offer a platform for a meeting between the Syrian government and the opposition, Russia’s senior diplomat has said, adding that some opponents of President Bashar Assad have already agreed to participate in such a gathering.

06.11.2013 16:27

5,000 march in support of ‘political prisoners’ in Moscow
Around 5,000 people took the streets of Moscow on Sunday to participate in an opposition rally, demanding the release of activists jailed after the May 2012 Bolotnaya demonstration and other people they described as “political prisoners.”

27.10.2013 13:41

Moscow authorities license 20,000-strong opposition rally
The Moscow city directorate for security has agreed to a request by opposition groups to hold a 20,000-strong rally in support of the so-called ‘Bolotnaya prisoners’ on October 27.

24.10.2013 08:44

Facebook wonder: Scorpions sing to Russian hospice patient after FB post
The lead-singer of the Scorpions rock band called a young Russian man with incurable cancer and sang to him after 5,000 Facebook users joined together to help the hospice patient’s most cherished dream become reality.

22.10.2013 17:14

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