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Death-defying escape for Moscow residents as truck crashes into them (VIDEO)
A horrific crash has taken place on a main highway in Moscow as a truck ploughed into over a dozen pedestrians. The vast majority miraculously managed to walk away unscathed, however, two people were taken to hospital.

30.06.2015 08:58

Putin: Russia is not aspiring to superpower status, just wants to be respected
Russia is not acting aggressively and doesn’t aspire for hegemony or superpower status, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said during a business forum in St. Petersburg, stressing that it just wants to be respected by its international partners.

19.06.2015 14:06

MP urges investigation after supermarket guard reportedly tases 7yo boy
The security committee chief of the Russian parliament’s lower house has asked the Prosecutor General to investigate a Moscow supermarket guard for allegedly tasing a small boy suspected of stealing an ice cream.

09.06.2015 11:54

Moscow security guard under investigation over stun-gunning 7yo boy ‘for stealing ice cream’
A security guard at a Moscow supermarket has been accused of using an electric shock device against a seven-year-old boy who he suspected of stealing ice cream. The boy was hospitalized, and the police are now questioning the guard.

08.06.2015 13:06

Airport owners face criminal charges over 2011 Domodedovo bombing
Russia’s top law enforcement agency has started a criminal case against top managers and owners of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport over suspicions that lax security measures made possible a deadly terrorist attack in 2011.

08.06.2015 08:26

Going green: Formula E drivers power around Kremlin at 250km/h (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Kremlin and Red Square are more used to attracting tourists than racecars. However, 20 lucky racing drivers had the ultimate experience of being able to race at speeds of up to 250km/h in electric cars around the very heart of Moscow.

07.06.2015 10:55

Apocalyptic rainstorm floods Moscow streets, lightning blasts gas station (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A heavy rainstorm washed over the Russian capital on Friday, prompting an extreme weather warning, sending torrents of water rushing down the city’s streets, and blowing up a gas station with lightning.

22.05.2015 17:52

Europe’s largest helicopter exhibition lifts off in Moscow (VIDEO)
The 8th annual HeliRussia exhibition, according to organizers the largest of its kind in Europe and the second-largest in the world, has kicked off in Moscow to show off new “copters built by companies all over the world.”

21.05.2015 15:11

New Russian T-14 Armata tank grinds to a halt on Red Square
Russia’s military will be glad it was only a dress rehearsal, as its new state-of-the-art tank broke down in the Red Square. One of the T-14 Armata tanks ground to a halt, before finally rumbling away after the Victory Day parade rehearsal was over.

07.05.2015 09:40

No selfie sticks, comrades! Leftists ask Moscow authorities to ban handheld devices on V-Day parade
A representative of the minor leftist party has asked Moscow security officials to include handheld monopods, AKA “selfie sticks,” in the list of objects banned at forthcoming street celebrations on Victory Day, quoting safety concerns.

17.04.2015 09:41

Snowden's security tip: ‘Shift your thinking from passwords to passphrases’
It takes a computer less than a second to crack any eight-character password, according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

09.04.2015 20:35

Facebook power: Russian babushka to meet French chanson idol after viral video
A Moscow journalist's Facebook post has motivated the public to secure a Charles Aznavour concert ticket for a 73-year-old fan. The singer himself, moved by the story, wants to meet his Russian admirer.

19.03.2015 11:55