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‘American Sniper’ sparks anti-Muslim hatred online – civil rights group
A US-based civil rights group has raised the alarm over a surge in hateful anti-Muslim messages, triggered by the release of‘American Sniper’, a new box office hit that shattered records and made over $180 million in four weeks.

25.01.2015 01:33

Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth
The moral depravity into which the US is sinking is shown by American Sniper glorifying the exploits of a racist killer receiving six Oscar nominations, whereas ‘Selma’ depicting Martin Luther King’s struggle against racism has been largely ignored.

20.01.2015 15:12

Hollywood split on 'American Sniper' despite record-breaking weekend
‘American Sniper’ shattered box-office records over the weekend, earning at least $90.2 million between Friday and Sunday. However, in Hollywood, not everyone is hailing the biographical war drama based on real life events.

19.01.2015 17:02

Snowden documentary 'Citizenfour' nominated for Oscar
​'Citizenfour,' the Laura Poitras-directed documentary about former United States government contractor Edward Snowden, is officially in the running for an Oscar.

15.01.2015 18:45

'Hollywood, Orthodox-style': Church activists want Golden Globe-winning film ‘Leviathan’ banned
Russian Orthodox activists are pressing the Culture Ministry in Moscow to create an “Orthodox Hollywood” and ban the distribution of the Golden Globe-winning “Leviathan.”

15.01.2015 14:24

Russian ‘Leviathan’ wins Golden Globe for best foreign language film
A Russian film, ‘Leviathan’, by renowned director Andrey Zvyagintsev has won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, for the first time in almost 50 years.

12.01.2015 07:22

'The Interview' to hit UK cinemas amid N. Korea tensions
The controversial movie 'The Interview,' which depicts the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, will be released in UK cinemas on February 6, Sony Pictures has announced.

07.01.2015 15:27

Pakistan angered at 'hellhole' depiction in 'Homeland' – report
The Emmy-winning ‘Homeland’ series portrays Pakistan as an ugly, ignorant, terror-plagued “hellhole,” the country’s officials have complained to the New York Post, stressing “nothing is further from the truth.”

27.12.2014 10:52

N. Korea accuses US of shutting down its internet, blasts Obama
Pyongyang has blamed the US for intermittent outages of internet in the country this week, and also blasted President Barack Obama over his support of US screenings of ‘The Interview’ movie, featuring a murder plot against Kim Jong-un.

27.12.2014 10:23

Stupid, hilarious, revolutionary? World reacts to ‘The Interview’ release
In the wake of a massive cyberattack and diplomatic furor, Sony Pictures has released ‘The Interview’ online after many cinema’s opted not to show the film. The reaction to the irreverent flick has been equal parts critical, funny and even patriotic.

25.12.2014 09:39

Sony will let ‘The Interview’ play at 200 select theaters despite threats
Some two hundred theaters will screen “The Interview” starting Christmas Day, Sony announced Tuesday, notwithstanding threats of terrorism and murmurings of an international cyberwar spawned by the controversial movie before it could even be released.

23.12.2014 18:15

Senator urges Obama to host White House screening of ‘The Interview’
​American audiences likely won’t be able to see “The Interview” anytime soon after Sony’s decision to pull the film from theaters last week over concerns, but congressional lawmakers may luck out if one politician has his way.

22.12.2014 15:52