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India to shoot Game of Thrones-inspired series – report
India will reportedly be filming a series inspired by the hit fantasy show Game of Thrones. While reports initially indicated a remake, it is unlikely the Starks and Lannisters will be transformed into singing and dancing Bollywood-style performers.

27.03.2015 19:45

​‘Stay magical, not cruel!’ Harry Potter owls mistreated at Warner studio tour, PETA says
Animal rights activists have accused the London-based Harry Potter studio tour of subjecting live owls, used as “animal entertainers,” to cruel and demeaning conditions.

24.03.2015 16:38

Dark Knight falls: Welsh waterfall ‘Batcave’ made accessible to film buffs
Batman fans can now safely visit the actual waterfall that concealed the DC Comic hero’s secret ‘Batcave’ headquarters.

20.03.2015 09:24

Real-life superhero: ‘Iron Man’ presents kid with new bionic arm
Born with a partially developed right arm, seven-year-old Alex knew he’d be getting a robotic helper soon. What he didn’t know was that it would be fit for a superhero and presented by none other than Tony Stark himself.

13.03.2015 00:19

Delhi rape documentary being removed from YouTube, at India govt request
After banning the broadcast of a controversial film about the gang rape and murder of a woman in Delhi in 2012, India has asked YouTube to remove all the video site’s links on the subject. It objects to the rapist’s revelations, which blame the woman.

05.03.2015 13:41

Anglo-Russian business and the ‘Cervix of Hamon effect’
Syntax matters. In these “sanctioned times” it is doubly vital that the nuances of meaning originating in Russian or in English be as fully congruent, tuned and replicated with cultural and contextual relevance when reborn into the other language.

04.03.2015 13:54

Snowden documentary CitizenFour grabs Oscar
A Laura Poitras’ film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has won Hollywood’s highest accolade by snatching the Oscar for Best Documentary.

23.02.2015 03:53

‘Viagra ice cream’ & bondage emergencies: Kinky UK braces for 50 Shades of Valentine’s Day
With the cinema release of “Fifty Shades of Grey” planned for Valentine’s Day, UK firms are cashing in on the nation’s newfound sexual deviance. Meanwhile, emergency services are on standby for a spate of “bedroom antics-gone-wrong.”

12.02.2015 12:05

Fifty Shades of… DIY: B&Q to stock more kinky restraints for ‘mummy porn’ film release
Staff at hardware store B&Q have been urged to brush up on their intimate knowledge of “mummy porn” novel Fifty Shades of Grey and prepare for a heightened demand for cable ties, tape and rope as the BDSM film adaption hits the big screen.

10.02.2015 14:55

Snowden documentary CitizenFour wins DGA award for director Laura Poitras
A documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has won the prestigious Directors Guild Award as best movie in the category. Laura Poitras, the director of Citizenfour, received her award at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday.

08.02.2015 08:38

​Boycott 50 Shades of Grey for ‘glamorizing’ domestic violence, say activists
Online activists have launched a campaign against the controversial release of Fifty Shades of Grey. The movement claims the film glamorizes domestic violence, and urges fans to boycott the cinema release.

06.02.2015 14:21

Paris tightens regulations for filming actions scenes in wake of terrorist attacks
Parisian authorities have restricted filming certain action movie scenes in the French capital, fearing that actors could be mistaken for police amid heightened tensions following January’s devastating terrorist attacks.

05.02.2015 14:13