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Massive privacy breach? Dozens of celebrities’ nude pics leaked online (NO PHOTOS)
​Dozens of celebrities could be affected by what appears to be the largest privacy breach in history in which the anonymous perpetrator released a handful of stars’ nude photos and shared a list of the alleged victims of the hack.

01.09.2014 01:46

Immediate and indefinite moratorium: Porn shoots on hold after performer tests positive for HIV
Pornography production in the United States has effectively been put on hold this week after one of the largest trade groups in the industry called for a voluntary moratorium on filming because an adult performer tested positive for HIV.

29.08.2014 19:18

Bergdahl platoon mates plan book, movie about his ‘premeditated’ desertion
A half-dozen American troops who served alongside Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the United States Army soldier who spent nearly six years in Taliban custody before being released in June, are planning a book about the ordeal.

13.08.2014 19:24

Hollywood execs may blacklist Cruz, Bardem for accusing Israel of 'genocide'
Hollywood producers have signaled a potential blackballing of actress Penelope Cruz and her husband, actor Javier Bardem, after the Spanish couple criticized Israel for its offensive on Gaza.

11.08.2014 16:14

‘Merciless response sent…to UN’: N. Korea complains over Rogen’s Kim Jong-un assassination movie
North Korean authorities lodged a complaint with the UN demanding the banning of the upcoming Hollywood film ‘The Interview’ for featuring a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Pyongyang accuses the US of sponsoring terrorism and committing an act of war.

10.07.2014 08:00

Nyet to Netflix: Russia ‘vetoes’ House of Cards filming at UN
In a real-life power play worthy of the drama itself, Russia is said to have vetoed Kevin Spacey’s megahit show House of Cards from filming in the UN chamber, saying the room should be free at all times to deal with global crises, not for TV shows.

02.07.2014 19:46

​‘Boom’-erang at point of no return? Australian economic boom ending
A common misconception about lemmings is that they commit collective suicide during migration. Fuelled by a 1958 Disney film called White Wilderness, stage-trickery gave the impression that the rodents jumped to their deaths off cliffs.

02.07.2014 11:03

​Google Glass to be banned in UK cinemas amid fears of film theft
Google Glass headsets are to be banned in UK cinemas. Piracy fears have erupted since the gadgets became commercially available, and the crackdown will alleviate fears that Hollywood blockbusters will be illegally copied.

30.06.2014 18:36

‘Merciless response’: N. Korea vows revenge over Seth Rogen film plotting Kim Jong-un assassination
Serial bromance actor Seth Rogen might never have imagined he’d end up sparking an international incident. But his latest flick, which depicts an assassination bid on Dear Leader Kim Jong-un, has been decried by Pyongyang as "a wanton act of terror."

25.06.2014 07:18

George Clooney plans to become governor of California before fighting for presidency
Hollywood actor George Clooney is reportedly planning to run for governor of California within the next four years – an event that, if successful, could ultimately launch a campaign for the presidency.

17.06.2014 14:49

Austin Powers’ Mini-Me gets special attention from the TSA
Even Hollywood stars have a hard time escaping the wrath of the Transportation Security Administration. This time “Austin Powers” actor Verne Troyer was the latest to endure a humiliating TSA pat-down.

16.06.2014 16:01

Oliver Stone buys film rights to novel by Snowden's Russian lawyer
American film director Oliver Stone has made another acquisition in order to bring the story of Edward Snowden to the big screen by buying the movie rights to a book written by the former intelligence contractor’s Russian lawyer.

10.06.2014 21:22

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