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Snoop Dogg wants to put the ‘hash’ in hashtag campaigns as Twitter's top exec
With Twitter facing a management shakeup, rapper Snoop Dogg has started a hashtag campaign on the social media site to lead the company. He tossed his braids in the ring after the current CEO, himself a former comedian, said he’s stepping down.

12.06.2015 19:25

​BB King's daughters allege singer was murdered, autopsy performed
An autopsy has been performed on legendary blues singer and guitarist BB King, following accusations from his daughters that he was poisoned by his own staff. King died earlier this month at the age of 89.

26.05.2015 16:11

How Europe changed its tune- 60 years of Eurovision
On Saturday night in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna the grand final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place. Twenty-seven countries, not all of European, will compete for the prize, won last year by the Austrian ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst.

22.05.2015 10:22

'We Are the World'.... order? Social media slams NATO’s charity song performance
NATO foreign ministers got their rocks off and sang karaoke at the end of a meeting in Antalya, Turkey. Perhaps the song choice - “We Are The World” – was poor though. They got roasted on social media for their perceived peace-promoting hypocrisy.

14.05.2015 14:19

Vienna installs gay-themed traffic lights ahead of Eurovision 2015
Vienna has introduced gay-themed traffic lights in preparation for this month's Eurovision contest, aiming to present the city as open-minded. Supporters also say the changes could improve road safety, attracting the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

12.05.2015 15:52

‘Just chillax and think’: Dancing Michael Jackson impersonator to Baltimore protesters
Amid the chaos that gripped Baltimore this week, music has brought some peace onto the streets. “We’ve had enough violence,” Michael Jackson impersonator Dmitri Reeves told RT about his viral performances during the protests.

29.04.2015 22:21

​Stage collapse at high school sends students to hospital (VIDEO)
More than a dozen people were injured at a high school in Indiana when a stage collapsed in the middle of a musical performance.

24.04.2015 13:45

Argentine tango has therapeutic effects on Parkinson’s disease sufferers – study
Sufferers of Parkinson’s disease may have found a potential and unexpected remedy – dancing the Argentine tango. Researchers insist dancing could have therapeutic and physical value for those suffering from rigidity as well as depression and fatigue.

13.04.2015 20:27

New institute in Washington helps nurture US-Russian relations
Russia and the US were once staunch allies in the struggle against the Axis, scholars and diplomats reminded the academic community at a symposium introducing a new institute for Russian culture and history.

13.04.2015 19:54

‘I was to play Rachmaninoff, not preach politics’ – fired pianist Valentina Lisitsa to RT
The Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa has become even more famous than she's already been among the online community, after her political views cost her a job with a Canadian orchestra. And she doesn't plan on being silenced, she told RT.

07.04.2015 20:41

Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa over anti-Kiev posts
A Ukrainian-born pianist was barred from playing at Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter, according to the soloist herself. The move led to a social media storm tagged #LetValentinaPlay.

06.04.2015 23:29

​Sarah Brightman to RT: ‘I want to sing beautifully on ISS – despite space mucus’
Singing sensation Sarah Brightman, who will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) in September, discusses rumors that her trip is a marketing stunt, talks about the pitfalls of singing in space, and gives an update on her Russian lessons.

15.03.2015 20:04