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Miley Cyrus delivers ‘The Boss’ a Wrecking Ball
Behind every political and economic struggle there is at least one great song that inspires the movement. Perhaps that explains the apathy among today’s younger generation, as the music needed to fuel a social movement has gone missing in action.

17.11.2014 13:28

YouTube unveils paid, ad-free music subscription service
YouTube has officially entered the music business upon announcement this week that the Google-owned video sharing site will soon launch a paid service that will offer customers the offer to stream high-quality versions of millions of songs.

12.11.2014 19:15

Macaulay Culkin death hoax: I’m alive, spending Weekend at Bernie’s
After the internet became hyper-excited over the hoax report claiming Macaulay Culkin was dead, the actor and musician took to social media to demonstrate he is very much alive and spending his time 'Weekend at Bernie’s'-style.

10.11.2014 03:06

Europe’s last Dogg-tatorship? US rapper Snoop plugs his new line of…Belarus embroidery prints
Rapper Snoop Dogg has teamed up with a group of Belarusian artists on a new line of clothing and accessories featuring traditional patterns and ornaments.

09.11.2014 11:33

Bong brothers? Obama, pot enthusiast Willy Nelson sing ‘On the Road Again’
President Barack Obama joined country music legend Willie Nelson and Creedence frontman John Fogerty onstage to perform the classic tune "On The Road Again" during an event to recognize US servicemen in the run up to Veterans Day.

08.11.2014 11:46

‘Thank you, Aussies!’ gaffe & Wurst serenades: Ban Ki-moon in Austria
The UN Secretary General’s visit to Vienna was marked with a spectacular faux pas: Ban Ki-moon mistook Austria for Australia, leading some reporters to wonder if his gaffe was due to being serenaded by cross-dressing star Conchita Wurst.

04.11.2014 02:05

VIDEO: Polyphonic German soprano does the impossible – sings 2 notes at once!
A German singer has wowed the Internet by sharing a video of her incredible alien-like talent – singing multiple notes at once, changing the fundamental note and overtones and moving them in opposite directions.

07.10.2014 10:06

​Jokermen: Swedish scientists sneak Bob Dylan lyrics into articles in 17yr bet
Five Swedish academics have disclosed a 17-year-long bet: the person who writes the most articles to include Bob Dylan song lyrics wins lunch at a local restaurant.

30.09.2014 11:27

Military bands kick off Spasskaya Tower festival on Red Square (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The best military orchestras from around the world have invaded Russia's iconic Red Square in the heart of Moscow to take part in Spasskaya Tower international military music festival. This year the theme of the annual show is the First World War.

30.08.2014 22:10

Russian fireworks show tops Cannes intl pyrotechnics competition (FULL VIDEO)
With their unique and breathtaking pyro-music performance a Russian fireworks company from Kaliningrad has won the “Olympic prize in pyrotechnics” at an international fireworks festival in Cannes.

27.08.2014 00:03

Snoop Dogg claims he smoked marijuana in the White House bathroom (VIDEO)
Rapper Snoop Dogg is claiming that he turned the White House green during a past visit to the presidential mansion. According to the artist, he lit up a marijuana joint in the White House bathroom.

23.07.2014 17:32

Central American radio stations are playing anti-immigration songs paid for by the US government
The commissioner of the United States Customs and Border Protection says his agency’s new million-dollar multimedia campaign has “a very clear, simple and direct message.” The way that message is being conveyed, however, isn’t as transparent.

14.07.2014 14:38