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Watch this space: NASA space students' song goes viral at warp speed
A group of NASA interns are on their way to becoming internet sensations after releasing a video called ‘All About that Space.’ The song is a parody of Meghan Trainor’s smash hit ‘All About that Bass.’

13.12.2014 11:02

Our rapper in Havana: USAID hijacked Cuban hip-hop scene trying to undermine govt
Young Cuban hip-hop musicians have been sucked into a USAID secret operation aiming at regime change in Havana. Rappers from underground circles were unwittingly supposed to promote anti-government sentiments, but the operation was haplessly executed.

11.12.2014 06:23

Twitter-storm over opera diva Netrebko's Donetsk donation
World-renowned opera singer Anna Netrebko has angered the public and the Austrian government after donating $18,000 to artists in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, and unwittingly getting into a picture with a rebel flag of the region.

10.12.2014 09:09

British rock guitarist jailed in US after joining Anonymous hack attack
British rock scene old-timer Geoffrey “Jake” Commander, who has played for the likes of Elton John and ELO, has been sentenced to ten days in a US jail after taking part in a mass online hack with protest group Anonymous.

09.12.2014 15:39

‘Band Aid 30’ Christmas song ‘cringeworthy’ – Ebola survivor
A British nurse who survived Ebola said the lyrics of the Band Aid 30 single to raise money for anti-Ebola charities are embarrassing and ignorant.

09.12.2014 09:24

Voice from beyond: Steve Jobs testifies in court 3 years after death
The legendary Apple CEO has become a star witness in a US antitrust trial, having come before the courtroom in a video played by the company’s attorneys.

06.12.2014 09:37

Toronto’s New Dance: a cultural hat trick as nimble as Nijinsky
Oh Toronto, city of 5 million that can contain dozens of cultures, have you become a device for projecting the holograms of other places?

01.12.2014 11:08

Old man giver: Paul Robeson’s altruism shouldn’t be forgotten
British Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen is to make a biopic of Paul Robeson, the black American entertainer whose commitment to the common man’s plight, regardless of race, creed or nationality, left behind a legacy that will never be surpassed.

26.11.2014 13:44

Miley Cyrus delivers ‘The Boss’ a Wrecking Ball
Behind every political and economic struggle there is at least one great song that inspires the movement. Perhaps that explains the apathy among today’s younger generation, as the music needed to fuel a social movement has gone missing in action.

17.11.2014 13:28

YouTube unveils paid, ad-free music subscription service
YouTube has officially entered the music business upon announcement this week that the Google-owned video sharing site will soon launch a paid service that will offer customers the offer to stream high-quality versions of millions of songs.

12.11.2014 19:15

Macaulay Culkin death hoax: I’m alive, spending Weekend at Bernie’s
After the internet became hyper-excited over the hoax report claiming Macaulay Culkin was dead, the actor and musician took to social media to demonstrate he is very much alive and spending his time 'Weekend at Bernie’s'-style.

10.11.2014 03:06

Europe’s last Dogg-tatorship? US rapper Snoop plugs his new line of…Belarus embroidery prints
Rapper Snoop Dogg has teamed up with a group of Belarusian artists on a new line of clothing and accessories featuring traditional patterns and ornaments.

09.11.2014 11:33