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Lowest US science spending since WWII 'threatens America's future' – MIT
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have warned of an “innovation deficit” stemming from a decline in federal government spending on basic scientific research in areas such as cybersecurity, space exploration, and infectious diseases.

27.04.2015 16:34

Feces to fortune: US sewage may contain billions in precious metals
Scientists are perusing poop at America’s wastewater treatment facilities for gold, silver, copper and other useful metals. The sewage from one million people could net $13 million in metals each year, all while making fertilizer more efficient.

23.03.2015 20:35

Nano 'drones' could help prevent certain type of heart attack - study
Targeted nanomedicines 1000 times smaller than the tip of a human hair may be able to deliver anti-inflammatory drugs to arterial fat deposits in order to combat atherosclerotic plaque buildup, thus preventing heart attack risk, according to a new study.

19.02.2015 18:14

Phoning-in lung cancer: SNIFFPHONE to give diagnosis from single breath
An Israeli-led consortium has received a €6 million grant from the European Commission to develop a phone attachment that can tell if you have cancer just from your breath, often months before any other scan or test.

04.02.2015 13:59

Elon Musk donates $10mn to stop AI from turning against humans
Just days after joining hundreds of scientists in an open letter warning about the potential dangers of sophisticated artificial intelligence, Elon Musk donated $10 million towards a global research program to ensure AI remains beneficial to humanity.

16.01.2015 03:16

6 months of Earth in 6 mins: Astronaut shares ISS voyage in stunning time-lapse video
A German astronaut has made a Christmas gift for all space lovers by combining thousands of photos he took during his ISS mission into one 4K-quality video. The six-minute clip captures the drama and beauty of planet Earth viewed from orbit.

27.12.2014 03:50

New biomarker detects & treats cancer tumors at same time
Scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University have created a new biological marker for cancer patients that lights up tumor cells and treats disease with drugs at the same time.

20.11.2014 04:05

​Solution for the absentminded? Swede gets microchip key implanted in hand
After getting a rice grain sized microchip inserted into her hand for unlocking her office door, a Swedish woman can stop worrying about losing her work keys.

19.11.2014 17:42

​Cure for migraines and epilepsy? Humans control genes in mice with power of thought
Scientists have constructed a device which enables human brainwaves to turn genes in mice on and off, suggesting potential ways of treating epilepsy, migraines, and pain management according to new research.

12.11.2014 12:42

​Microsoft goes for smartwatch, launches new cross-platform band
Microsoft’s cross-platform wristband launched this week, catapults the company into the world of wearable fitness trackers, and beyond.

02.11.2014 13:45

The Queen’s tweets: HRH Queen Elizabeth II joins Twitterati
Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first tweet through the @BritishMonarchy account – to open a new technology exhibition at London’s Science Museum on Friday.

24.10.2014 15:02

3D printing drugs – New technology to revolutionize medical industry
Scientists believe they have come up with a way to print drugs, using a 3D printer. They say they can create a capsule, which can be swallowed, and it will also allow doctors to alter a dosage according to the specific requirements.

22.08.2014 10:39