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3D printing drugs – New technology to revolutionize medical industry
Scientists believe they have come up with a way to print drugs, using a 3D printer. They say they can create a capsule, which can be swallowed, and it will also allow doctors to alter a dosage according to the specific requirements.

22.08.2014 10:39

Data on the brain: ‘Wet computing’ liquid implants could boost intelligence
American scientists believe they have found a way that could one day make people more intelligent. This could be done by implanting data stored in liquid, enabling things like photos and documents to be stored in one’s brain.

31.07.2014 10:52

Privacy concerns? UK police test 'faster-than-ever' facial recognition software
Facial recognition surveillance software being tested by British cops that allows “faster than ever” data searching and tracking of subjects is raising concerns among privacy activists.

16.07.2014 14:40

Google smartphones become brains of hovering robots at ISS
NASA will employ Google smartphones with advanced 3D sensing and vision technology to control Star Wars-inspired small, round hovering robots on the International Space Station.

07.07.2014 16:16

Scientists create ‘self-healing’ plastic inspired by human vascular system
A new breakthrough in “self-healing” plastics has scientists looking forward to a future in which broken smartphones, utility pipes, and even satellites can repair themselves.

09.05.2014 17:55

Elusive superheavy ‘Element 117’ exists, independent test proves
The periodic table could be getting a little bit bigger very soon. Scientists in Germany say they have managed to create several atoms of element 117, which is currently dubbed Ununseptium until it is given an official name.

04.05.2014 07:34

Breakthrough: First chromosome designed from scratch
For the first time ever, scientists have constructed a complex chromosome from scratch, a breakthrough they hope will lead to further progress in the development of new medicine and biofuels.

28.03.2014 20:01

​‘Living materials’ could revolutionize solar panels and biosensors
Researchers are working to create “living materials” that are a combination of bacterial cells and nonliving materials that conduct electricity, which could create more efficient solar panels or biosensors.

25.03.2014 21:24

Scientists work on backing up human brain with computers
A new state-of-the-art headband is being developed by Tufts University scientists that could help facilitate communication between the human brain and computers.

04.03.2014 20:21

Hi-tech gamechanger: Newly-discovered ‘3D graphene’ may lead to electronics revolution
Berkeley Lab researchers have found a 3D analogue of the cutting-edge 2D material graphene. It could revolutionize the high tech industry, bringing things like much faster, far more compact hard drives, and paving way for new electronic technologies.

17.01.2014 18:40

240" TV in a contact lens: Revolutionary eyewear rivaling Google Glass to be unveiled
Google Glass has a rival: Nano-tech contact lenses that work with a pair of glasses and provide wearers with a virtual canvas on which any media can be viewed or application run, projected onto human eyes, are set to be unveiled in the US.

05.01.2014 12:29

Crawling gecko robot may help tend spacecraft one day (VIDEO)
Canadian researchers have built a gecko-like robot, which is able to stick to vertical surfaces by means of dry microscopic toe hair. European scientists say it could one day be deployed in space to help tend the hulls of spacecraft.

02.01.2014 18:49

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