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Almost one-third of Brits, Germans and French want EU army instead of NATO forces
A new poll shows almost one in three citizens of the UK, Germany and France want the EU to have its own armed forces which would replace its reliance on NATO troops.

30.06.2015 12:27

Blast targets NATO convoy near Kabul Airport, US Embassy
A suicide bomber has attacked a convoy of foreign troops serving with NATO on the road near Kabul International Airport, close to the US Embassy and Supreme Court, police and security officials said.

30.06.2015 09:19

ISIS barbarians at the gates, while NATO busy hyping ‘Russia threat’
As ISIS and ISIS-style terror erupts across the globe, Western governments are busy making plans to establish a rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe to ‘contain Russia’, thus qualifying them for an annual ‘you couldn’t make it up’ award.

29.06.2015 13:26

'Nonsense': Norway PM lashes out at NATO spending goals
The prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg has described NATO’s defense spending plans as “nonsense.” The alliance wants members to spend two percent of their GDP on defense, but Oslo, one of the world’s richest countries, says it won’t meet the target.

29.06.2015 10:36

Russia says NATO build-up on its borders is to achieve ‘dominance in Europe’
The Russian Foreign ministry has criticized the outcome of NATO 's ministerial summit in Brussels this week, claiming the alliance's adopted course of action to increase troop presence at Russian borders is being done to achieve “dominance in Europe.”

27.06.2015 04:32

​‘We always knew missile defense shield was against Russia & China’ – top Moscow security official
The head of Russia’s Security Council says the West’s recent actions prove the NATO anti-missile defense system was always aimed at hemming in Moscow and Beijing, and promises the Kremlin will “react” to the alliance’s expansion in Europe.

25.06.2015 14:55

Despite NATO propaganda, Russia not planning to invade Baltic States
The latest US narrative on Russia is straight from the plot of a Hollywood fantasy: US superheroes versus a Russian villain. Sadly for the Baltic States, they are being used by Uncle Sam as bait.

25.06.2015 14:46

​‘Strategic nuclear weapons have no military use’ – British general
Nuclear weapons are outdated and the British government only wants to replace Trident to keep up with other nuclear powers, according to a former Gulf War commander.

24.06.2015 09:31

NATO to boost special defense forces to 40,000 - Stoltenberg
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has announced that the alliance plans to extend its Response Force to 40,000 troops from current 13,000.

24.06.2015 11:12

Libya warns EU on migrant operation – ‘sign of frustration by West-installed forces’
Libya hasn’t got the aid promised by the West in 2011, today it’s against the potential EU naval operation in the Mediterranean saying Western countries can’t create a greater crisis, says Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire website.

24.06.2015 10:28

The Pentagon goes nuclear on Russia
We all remember how, in early June, President Putin announced that Russia would deploy more than 40 new ICBMs “able to overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems.”

23.06.2015 16:05

US deploying 250 military vehicles 'incl. Abrams tanks' near Russian border
Washington plans to station hardware, including tanks and armored vehicles, in a number of European countries, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Tuesday. Nukes withdrawn in the 1980s will not return to Europe.

23.06.2015 09:54