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Natural disasters

Hurricanes, quakes, tornadoes displace 22mn people in 2013, 3 times more than wars
Some 22 million people were displaced by natural disasters in 2013 - three times more than from conflicts and wars. Asia became the displacement ‘hotspot’, accounting for over 80 percent of those affected.

17.09.2014 09:17

Hole in ozone layer starts patching up, UN says
The Earth’s fragile ozone layer has started to show “signs of recovery,” according to a new UN study, and a hole in the ozone found over Antarctica every year has stopped increasing in size.

10.09.2014 18:41

Monster floods kill over 400 in India, Pakistan (PHOTOS)
The heaviest rainfall in 50 years has resulted in more than 400 deaths in the Kashmir region – with thousands still trapped on rooftops – as residents in both India and Pakistan are criticizing their governments for not doing enough to help them.

09.09.2014 22:15

Level of greenhouse gases in atmosphere reaches record high in 2013 – UN agency
Greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere reached a record high in 2013, largely due to a massive increase in carbon dioxide emissions. There has also been a surge in levels of other greenhouse gases, as well as enhanced ocean acidification.

09.09.2014 18:10

Hikers airlifted from massive wildfire in Yosemite National Park (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Helicopters rescued around 100 hikers and backpackers from some of Yosemite National Park’s best-known trails ‒ as well as 85 hikers and climbers on the iconic Half Dome peak ‒ after a wildfire rapidly grew to 2,500 acres.

08.09.2014 20:39

Large space object slams Nicaragua’s capital as asteroid passes Earth
A blast that filled Nicaragua's 1.2 million capital Managua with dismay on Sunday night is most probably a meteorite that left a 12-meter crater near the city’s airport. The space rock might be a fragment of a larger space object that passed near Earth.

08.09.2014 04:32

Bardarbunga volcano fly-over for sale (AMAZING AERIAL VIEWS)
An erupting volcano in Iceland has been providing the world with some stunning views, and now a travel company is cashing in on its popularity. The firm is offering the public the chance to fly over the site and get a bird’s eye view of the scenery.

06.09.2014 16:41

‘Window into hell’: Death-defying journey into lava filled volcano (VIDEO)
Two Americans are among the first explorers to have stepped inside one of the world’s most dangerous and inaccessible volcanoes. They described the volcano in Vanuatu in the South Pacific as being like a “window into hell.”

06.09.2014 15:36

Southwest could face decades-long megadrought – study
Areas in the southwestern United States face an 80 to 90 percent chance of a decade-long drought by the year 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current levels, according to a new study.

04.09.2014 17:23

Stunning Icelandic lava flows illuminate desolate landscape (VIDEO)
A volcanic eruption has created an almost post-apocalyptic landscape in Iceland. Streams of lava are spewing out, reminiscent of Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings. And there is still a significant risk to air traffic, with the current ‘Orange’ warning.

03.09.2014 11:21

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would be disastrous for entire US – study
If the massive supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park erupted again, scientists believe it would blanket much of the United States in ash and potentially sever communication as well as travel between the country’s coasts.

02.09.2014 19:13

Fukushima: TEPCO sued for $868,000 in unpaid ‘danger money’
Four subcontractors, working to decommission the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Company, in the first-ever such case, saying they were never compensated for working in the radioactive area.

02.09.2014 13:33

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