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Natural disasters

Palestine accuses Israel of opening dams, flooding Gaza, forcing evacuations
Palestinian officials say hundreds of Gazans were forced to evacuate after Israel opened the gates of several dams on the border with the Gaza Strip, and flooded at least 80 households. Israel has denied the claim as “entirely false.”

23.02.2015 00:01

Climate regime change? CIA may fund weather research for new weapon, scientist fears
A US scientist spoke to RT saying he is worried intelligence bodies could try to use the weather as a weapon. He called on the CIA to open up and be more transparent, and wants research to be conducted globally to limit the possibility of hostile use.

16.02.2015 09:16

Deadly beauty: Lava flow at Italy’s Etna volcano (PHOTOS)
The continuing eruption of Europe’s most active volcano, Etna, on the Italian island of Sicily has provided for some breathtaking night images of smoke clouds and flowing lava.

02.02.2015 15:44

Dinosaurs wiped out by ‘nuclear winter’ effect, not firestorm after asteroid – study
New research has cast doubt on the theory that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago after an asteroid caused a global firestorm. Instead, scientists think that freezing temperatures prompted by blocked-off sunlight wiped the giant reptiles out.

24.01.2015 02:17

15-min delay in calling 911 ‘big contributor’ to Edgewater, NJ fire disaster
Workers that caused the massive fire at a New Jersey apartment complex waited 15 minutes to call the fire department, having first phoned their supervisor. The devastating inferno that displaced over a thousand people was ruled accidental.

23.01.2015 22:32

Fukushima operator to miss toxic water clean-up deadline, suspends till May
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said it won’t be able to process the radioactive water stored at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant by March, as the operator had promised earlier. The company’s president said the delay is due to technical problems.

23.01.2015 15:25

Clock’s ticking: Humanity ‘2 minutes’ closer to its doomsday
Three minutes to midnight – with midnight being the figurative end of humanity – are left before apocalypse descends upon the planet, scientists announced on Thursday, as the minute hand of the iconic ‘Doomsday Clock’ was adjusted two minutes forward.

22.01.2015 20:00

Mexican volcano spews ash 29,000 ft in the air (VIDEO)
​A huge ash column exploded into the sky from one of Central America’s most dangerous volcanoes on Wednesday, reaching airplane-level heights of the atmosphere.

21.01.2015 22:40

New island created in Tonga volcanic eruption
A volcanic eruption taking place in the Pacific archipelago of Tonga has created a new island, though scientists say it could soon sink back into the ocean.

21.01.2015 17:16

UK ‘likely to survive’ catastrophic climate change – experts
A solar panels company has published maps suggesting the UK is “most likely” to survive the environmental consequences of climate change.

16.01.2015 15:38

Fire 'n' Iceland: Volcanic Holuhraun lava field bigger than Manhattan (VIDEO)
Fire and ice have crashed together at the edge of the world for a stunning performance, captured by RT’s Ruptly agency. The Holuhraun lava field has spread across an area greater than the island of Manhattan in the largest eruption since the 18th century.

14.01.2015 06:39

NASA to drop new robot into volcano to study eruptions
NASA will plunge a small robot into a volcano in Hawaii in order to map data and geographical features of its insides, such as fissures and volcanic vents. A similar robot is already exploring the volcano.

08.01.2015 15:51