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Natural disasters

Biblical scenes: Billions of locusts descend onto Madagascar capital (PHOTOS)
Madagascar has been taken over by uncountable numbers of locusts. This year, the leaf munchers' invasion has not only brought fears of food shortages - the country's capital city residents are also at risk, as some catch the toxic insects for food.

01.09.2014 17:32

Fukushima okays nuke waste storages in return for almost $3bn in subsidies
Fukushima’s governor has officially agreed to allow the country’s authorities to store radioactive waste for 30 years in two municipalities in exchange for 300 billion yen ($2.89 billion) in subsidies.

31.08.2014 13:36

Bardarbunga: Iceland cuts aviation alert level to orange from red
Icelandic authorities have reduced ash alert level for aviation to orange from red, after raising it to the maximum level earlier in the day due to a fissure eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano – accompanied by a series of small earthquakes.

31.08.2014 09:29

​Russia to develop system to filter radioactive Fukushima water
RosRAO, a subsidiary of Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, is among the three companies selected to build a system to filter radioactive tritium out of the contaminated water collected at the stricken power plant – a task that has so far defied engineers.

28.08.2014 22:56

Sub-glacial eruption of Iceland’s volcano forms row of ‘cauldrons’
Icelandic volcano activity increased on Wednesday, with scientists detecting 10-15 meters deep cauldrons of melted ice at the Vatnajökull glacier, prompting fears of an imminent eruption.

28.08.2014 02:48

California plans to build quake early-warning system after Napa Valley shaken
California is seeking funding for a statewide earthquake early-warning system to give residents some prior notice in the case of future temblors. The effort has new urgency following the magnitude-6.0 quake in Napa Valley on Sunday.

26.08.2014 14:08

California shaken by aftershocks while earthquake recovery ongoing
At least two people are still in critical or serious condition following an earthquake that struck California’s Napa Valley. Power has been restored to much of the world-famous wine country, though work on damaged gas and water lines is ongoing.

25.08.2014 14:14

California earthquake losses could reach $1bn
The estimated economic losses from the earthquake in Napa Valley in northern California could top $1 billion- the “red alert” level, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

25.08.2014 11:33

120 injured, state of emergency as California hit by largest quake in 25 years
At least 120 people were treated at hospital and a state of emergency was declared in the city of Napa, after California was shaken by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

24.08.2014 11:11

Two quakes shake Icelandic volcano's area, govt restricts airspace
Two small earthquakes shook ground around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano Sunday. Earlier, the country's government closed the airspace around the area triggering fears of air chaos.

24.08.2014 02:43

Iceland evacuates area near volcano amid eruption fears
Tourists were evacuated from around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano, as seismic activity has increased in the area. The possibility of the volcano waking up has evoked memories of the 2010 aviation chaos, caused by another eruption in Iceland.

21.08.2014 08:45

Ebola crisis: Air France crews call for flight cancellations
The union behind Air France has launched a petition to immediately stop flights to Ebola-hit countries until the virus is under control, as fears flare up over the largest epidemic the world has ever seen.

20.08.2014 06:57

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