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Natural disasters

7 weeks of eruption: Stunning aerial video of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano
A breathtaking video filmed by an Icelandic helicopter pilot has documented the continuous eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano in northeast Iceland. Enormous fiery bubbles of lava and steam can be seen bursting from the ridges in the ground.

20.10.2014 17:52

Active volcanoes near Japan nuclear reactor are safety threat – panel
A Japanese volcanologist has refuted early claims that two nuclear reactors stationed near a hotbed of volcanic activity were safe, stating that it is impossible to predict an eruption accurately outside the time span of a few days.

17.10.2014 11:14

Facebook launches ‘I’m safe’ notification tool for disasters
Facebook is to launch a “safety check” tool which will allow users to notify their family and friends that they're safe following a natural disaster or emergency. The feature will be available to the site's 1.32 billion users.

16.10.2014 18:55

Radiation levels at Fukushima rise to record highs after typhoon
The amount of radioactive water near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has risen to record levels after a typhoon passed through Japan last week, state media outlet NHK reported on Wednesday.

16.10.2014 03:51

‘Widely exaggerated’: Climate skeptic MP blasts UK emissions target
Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will claim in a speech on Wednesday that maintaining the current climate goals for 2050 will “fail to keep the lights on” in Britain.

15.10.2014 15:06

Puerto Rico braces for hurricane as Gonzalo hits Antigua
​Tropical Storm Gonzalo is making its way through the eastern Caribbean, spinning through Antigua on its way toward Puerto Rico and the US and British Virgin Islands. Authorities say Gonzalo could potentially form into a Category 1 hurricane.

13.10.2014 16:37

Global-scale enormous: #Vongfong Typhoon startles even from orbit
The powerful Typhoon Vongfong has injured over 40 people on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and is now downgrading from a super-typhoon to a mere tropical storm. But at the peak of its strength it was a startling sight to see from the Earth’s orbit.

12.10.2014 12:55

6.3 quake off northern Japanese coast as Typhoon Vongfong hits Okinawa
A 6.3 earthquake has been registered early Saturday off Japan’s northern coast by the US Geological Survey. The quake comes as the world’s biggest super-typhoon this year, Vongfong, is striking the south of the country.

11.10.2014 05:31

​Skiing over cold lava: Italian thrill seekers zoom down Mt Etna (VIDEO)
Italian skier Marco Tomasello and his group of daredevils have taken to speedily descending the solidified volcanic lava slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily on skis, rather than waiting for winter to come.

10.10.2014 11:31

Typhoon hits Japan: 50 injured, 4 swept out to sea, Tokyo drenched (VIDEO)
At least one person died and five remain missing after powerful Typhoon Phanfone struck Japan, bringing rough seas heavy rain and strong winds. About 50 people have been injured throughout the islands.

06.10.2014 10:17

Extremely loud & incredibly close: Drone captures Iceland volcanic eruption (VIDEOS)
Volcanoes from tiny Iceland never fail to stun people across the globe. A quadcopter with a camera was lucky enough to get extremely close to the erupting Bardarbunga – so close that its front melted.

02.10.2014 17:09

US cameraman tests positive for Ebola in Liberia
An NBC cameraman has tested positive for Ebola in Liberia, and is being flown home to the US for treatment. It marks the fourth time a US citizen has been diagnosed with the virus in the West African country.

03.10.2014 02:25

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