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Natural disasters

Texas dam on Padera Lake ‘breaches’ following massive floods
A Texas dam on Padera Lake has fractured as a result of unprecedented flooding, local media report. Authorities are issuing warnings, as the dam may break in the coming hours, placing anyone in its path in peril.

27.05.2015 12:34

Unique pink iguanas endangered by Galapagos Wolf Volcano eruption (VIDEO)
The world’s only population of a unique species of pink iguanas could be at risk after the Wolf Volcano, located on Ecuador’s Isabela Island, began erupting in the early hours of Monday morning after 33 years of inactivity.

26.05.2015 04:14

State of disaster declared in Texas due to severe weather conditions
The governor of Texas declared a state of emergency in 2 dozen counties, as more severe weather conditions are in store for the region, where storms have already killed at least 3 people. Across the border in Mexico, 13 people were killed by a tornado.

25.05.2015 18:01

Homes washed away as rainfall inundates south-central US (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Heavy rainfall, floods and tornadoes have devastated southern-central US, killing several people, washing away houses and forcing thousands to flee. Rivers rose so fast that entire communities woke on Sunday surrounded by water.

25.05.2015 05:34

5.6 Tokyo tremor shakes buildings in Japanese capital, halts subway
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck Tokyo and nearby areas, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, setting off alarms and halting the city's subway system.

25.05.2015 05:44

Bark to life: Colombian cops rescue dog from mudslide, perform mouth-to-mouth (VIDEO)
A dramatic rescue has been caught on camera as Colombian police officers risked their lives to save a dog that fell into the flash-flood swollen river, performing a CPR on the animal to make it breathe again.

22.05.2015 13:11

Martian monster? ESA may have found supervolcano on Red Planet
The European Space Agency believes it may have found a supervolcano on Mars that could have been the Red Planet’s equivalent of Yellowstone. The massive Siloe Patera crater is 40km x 30km and drops as low as 1,750 meters.

22.05.2015 07:32

Fukushima pressure relief system failed at Reactor-2 after disaster, TEPCO reveals
The latest report by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has shed more light on the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, revealing a failure in one of the reactors' pressure relief systems.

21.05.2015 11:11

​‘Drumbeat’ volcano earthquakes triggered by external noise – study
Just a small variation in external noise can produce the earthquakes that accompany volcanic eruptions, such as those seen at Calbuco in Chile last month, Russian scientists have discovered.

18.05.2015 17:20

Twisted weather: 19 tornadoes wreak havoc, down power in central US states (IMAGES)
At least 19 tornadoes have struck the mid-US this weekend damaging homes and causing blackouts, according to weather channels. The worst affected states are Oklahoma and Texas, which were hit by hail and destructive storms.

17.05.2015 12:46

Water-less Washington: State declares drought emergency
Washington Governor Jay Inslee declared a statewide drought emergency, citing historic low levels of snow, shrinking rivers and water restrictions to farmers already in place. Authorities are expecting a $1.2 billion crop loss this year.

15.05.2015 22:09

10,000yo Antarctic ice shelf will disintegrate in just ‘few years’ – NASA study
One of Antarctica’s ice shelves, or rather its remaining section, is showing unprecedented levels of meltdown and will inescapably collapse in just a few years, further impacting the ocean levels on the planet, a new NASA study has warned.

15.05.2015 04:11